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KDT Book 4: Totally Guessing! (or maybe not!)

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message 1: by April (new)

April | 192 comments Mod
So... with the cover released for Book 4 (see News or KK's site)... Someone seems to be fighting a big tentacled monster...

Does this really tell us much about what's in book 4? (I kind of don't think so, but who knows?)

What do you think will happen in Book 4?

Is Rez still in the doghouse with his girlfriend? (and others)
Is he staying on the mysterious Island or going on the seas to look for a monster? And why?

Do you think we'll get to hear about things going on elsewhere? Other countries or back at home with the imperiled noble families?

Any speculations welcome! After all, we really don't have much of a clue about what will happen next! (I certainly didn't guess anything about book 3!).

message 2: by Rick (new)

Rick Dickenson | 60 comments I think the obvious evolution is for Rez and his companions to build a naval force. Certainly Gendeshen (sp?) is on the agenda as least Tam is tasked to set up some sort of monitoring station - maybe even one involving a mage relay as Rez did have those thoughts.

All in all, I think we all can agree we want more of the books 1 and 2, and less of the neurotic Rezkin of book 3. I will happily deal with all my unanswered questions for that...

message 3: by April (last edited Jul 02, 2018 02:23PM) (new)

April | 192 comments Mod
Yeah... I prefer old Rez over neurotic Rez...

However... Old Rez was a guy who was reeling (as much as a super-trained assassin can) from suddenly being thrust into the world. Aside from the skills and rules and all--he was pretty much a baby thrown into the pond and asked to swim. He could swim well enough, but... mentally and emotionally... his training only could go so far.

I think he was more assured in the first books because he didn't have time to think/feel and wasn't trained to think/feel, and was going on pure training--with stuff not covered by training making him just wing it or ignore it or try to categorize it under his training even when it didn't fit so well (hence all the Friends business and all the uncertainty when it came to personal relations and emotions! Don't even talk about emotions--those were totally foreign to him).

So... "neurotic" Rez... I think it had to happen. He has emotions that he's not dealing with. And is in a role that he was never really trained for... I think that he can't really stay being "old" Rez because he's too intelligent for that, and he's experiencing the complexities of the world outside his fortress, that HAS to change him...

I do think he'll fall back on his training when he can. And he isn't all the way to where he should be (as a whole person) yet. Hopefully that will change and he'll soon settle into some better mental state!

message 4: by Aaron (last edited Jul 08, 2018 04:54PM) (new)

Aaron | 8 comments Looking forward to book 4 as book 3 ended quite suddenly.

The best thing that can happen for Rez's mental state is to have it out with Farson. Not fight but more of a father/son heated discussion because thats how it should be. Farson would both hate and love Rez and Rez doesnt understand his emotions towards his trainer.
Farson's hatred to Rez was a little strange to me in Book 3 as he should be smart enough to understand that 1. Rez didnt have a choice in his orders to kill the Strikers & 2. Farson was part of the reason for that!
If Rez has to kill Farson in book 4, it would break any chance for Rez to become whole in my opinion.

message 5: by Critter (new)

Critter | 11 comments I agree on Farson. Seems to me that he is so consumed by guilt in his training Rez and whatever he believes Rez was raised to be, that he is not even seeing Rez right now.

message 6: by April (new)

April | 192 comments Mod
I do hope Farson comes around rather than get killed, too. Rez had a weird relationship with his trainers, and visa versa... but they were still the people he grew up with and interacted with... and he does have feelings about them...

I agree that fixing up the relationship with Farson and Rez would help them both.

message 7: by Tanya (new)

Tanya | 54 comments I think in the next book Rez will go, and visit the other kingdom that thinks the island they are on is theirs. Personally I think that's a waste of time since they wont be able to enter the Island anyway so they are safe.

I wouldn't mind if Rez goes back to General Markim, as well as the street gangs and focus on killing of Caden. But I have a feeling none of that will happen for a couple more books.

message 8: by April (new)

April | 192 comments Mod
I certainly hope we'll get to see what's happening with Markim and the gangs...

With Rez being able to travel so quickly by himself, I'd really like it if he'd go about and see a bit of everything...!

And wouldn't mind starting to follow some other characters around for brief periods. (not too much fracturing of the plots--that could be a bit crazy, but some!)

message 9: by Aaron (new)

Aaron | 8 comments i didnt mind the character/plots shifts, i especially laughed at Hespion's bitching and calling Malcius a cheat because he didn't stay poisoned. Ah the irony was good. However the jumps in the book felt like it should/could have been an new chapter. I listened to it and thought i missed something but no it just jumped from one location to another in the same chapter, which didn;t flow as well as it could have.

That said I think they should follow Tam and his adventure to the City that Rez is sending him too. It would be good for him and maybe another character like Kia to get into some troubles and that Tam's new skills come into focus like they suggested in the third book.

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