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Gypsypatti Friday I challenged myself to finish Kay Hooper's Haven trilogy and Dark trilogy by midnight Sunday. 4 books in 3 days is doable for me. I didn't make it. :(

SassafrasfromAmazon Hey Gypsypatti. I've read the entire series. Sorry you did not finish, but actually you are missing a huge chunk of the continuing saga of Bishop and the origin of the Special Crimes Unit (SCU). You started at book 13 and, the "Bishop SCU: Dark series actually comprises 6 books so far. The last book published in the "Dark" trilogy, "Hold back the Dark," was horrible. [See my review]. My ratings for all of the other books have been 5 stars. Also, these books have some extremely complex psychic/paranormal stuff that takes time to digest. Also, intense and violent events unfold that I had to take a few minutes to compose myself, my emotions. Therefore, it's really hard to devour 4 of her Bishop SCU books in 3 days, especially starting at Book 13. I read extremely fast (over 300 pp. per day), but I couldn't do it with this series.

I do hope you will consider starting with the "Shadows Trilogy." It is so very worth it and you will gain valuable insight into what makes Bishop tick as well as help you familiarize yourself with each member of the SCU, the dynamics between them and their unique abilities.

Gypsypatti I have read all the trilogies SHADOWS, EVIL, FEAR, BLOOD HAVEN and now DARK I have read that number before. I would rather read than eat or sleep.

SassafrasfromAmazon OK. Sorry, it wasn’t clear that you’d read the previous trilogies. My apology. I actually do read rather than sleep. 😳

Have you read Shiloh Walker’s series? Her series also deals with people who have various paranormal gifts. I love this theme.

Gypsypatti NO WORRIES.... SASSAFRAS FROM AMAZON.... that is a great name. I sent you a friend request so you can see the books I like. I dodn't bother posting the ones I did not or had to give away before I bought the KINDLE VERSION

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