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The Orenda (Bird Family Trilogy, #3)
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Tracey (traceyrb) | 237 comments Mod
I have read Three Day Road by this author and really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to this one.

Tara Million I have actually never read anything by Joseph Boyden! I keep on meaning to and then never getting around to it. I'm really looking forward to reading The Orenda once I finish Vikram Lal - only 25 more pages to go with Vikram so I think I'll be done tonight.

Tara Million I'm woefully behind in my reading! I'm just about to start The Orenda. Oh well, life happens...:)

Tara Million I can't believe that I'm still working on The Orenda! I'm about 3/4 of the way through it and I'm finding that, although the writing is really easy to read and the story moves along at a quick pace, the novel as a whole is dragging along. Maybe it's the unrelenting violence or maybe it's that the plot is pretty monotonous? I'm just not seeing much of a story arc in this book and I really wonder where the novel is going?! After all the hype, I thought I would like this book and author alot more than I am.

Tara Million I finally finished The Orenda yesterday and gave it 3 stars. I was really surprised at how long it took me to read it - normally I get through a book of this length in 7 or 8 days. I thought Joseph Boyden's writing was great and the three narrator's were interesting, but the violence and lack of a plot arc really made it a tough go for me. Despite that, I am glad that I read it because it's on a number of lists and is a very Canadian book and I would still like to try some of his other books, especially Three Day Road because friends have recommended that to me.

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