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message 1: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Here we go!

message 2: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Awesome! So whatcha in the mood for??)

message 3: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Hmmm Villian/ hero? Villian kidnaps hero to "convince them" to join their side but the catch is the hero becomes their pet?

message 4: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Hmm sounds interesting! I'm down :) Who do you want to play and what kind of pairing do you want to do??)

message 5: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Idlike to play the heroine and a MxF parring?

message 6: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Sounds good to me! I'll get to work on a skelly for my villain guy then)

message 7: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Okay! I'll work on my girl!

message 8: by Gemma (last edited Jul 06, 2018 11:50AM) (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Name: Ryan Anders

Villain Name Pitch

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Power: Darkness




Name: Alison Kittredge "Kit"

Anit Hero Name The Knockout Kid

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Power: Age Manipulation (Can make herself look younger or older)



message 9: by Bamma (last edited Jul 01, 2018 09:44PM) (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Queenie Auriga
Queen Red

message 10: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments (0.0 Anti senpi....)

message 11: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Lol you did say villain XD So how do you want to kick this thing off??)

message 12: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments (hmmm epic battle or goons carrying Queenie into Pitch's lair thinking they've done good butjustend up pissing him off? :)

message 13: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Hmm probably goons one. That way he kind of already has her captured. Also could you set it up?? I'm about to crash for the night.)

message 14: by Bamma (last edited Jul 01, 2018 11:53PM) (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Sure!
We were quite proud of ourselves we had managed to catch Queen Red for our leader and she had putup quite fight. The dim lights shrouded us as we opened the door to the large meeting room. "My liege we come barring gifts." The goon on her right crowed proudly as they dropped her at his feet making her grunted she was blind folded bound and gagged.
Thinking they were doing a good thing bringing their leaders arch rival, they expected to be rewarded greatly. Maybe some play time them selves with the rosey heroine. They did not however expect the violent reaction. Pitch had in response to anyone touching what he thought as his. He had always thought that was clear. Now these two fools dare even attack her? Lay hands on her?
They soon realized praise was not being showered down upon them and the anger and tension in the room becoming opressive.

message 15: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pitch

My florescent purple eyes surround by inky darkness flicker up as my goons enter my meeting area. They say they come being gifts and I watch as they drop Queen Red to the floor blind folded and gagged. A muscle in my jaw twitched as I look at the idiots to busy grinning away like they had done a job well done.

I get up from my sit walking over to them. A inky black hand shoots out from me and grips one of the goons necks tightly as I lift him off the floor.

"What did I tell you two about causing trouble? You bring her here and every other superhero near by is going to notice she is missing and come searching. I told you idiots I don't need trouble right now." I growl at them. The goon just looks at me afraid while the other tries to choke out words.

"B-but... boss... we... thought..." My eyes flare as I look at him with a hard look.

"You thought nothing." I snap and drop him to the floor as he gasps for air. I snap my fingers and stand them both out. I sigh and look at Queen Red. Great this should be fun. I lean down and peel away the tape over her mouth, leaving the blind fold on for now.

message 16: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Queenie
I stayed perfectly still as he spoke and dealt with the goons. I still couldn't see but I could recognize that voice anywhere. The tape was peeled off my mouth and I sighed.
"Since when do you not want trouble, Pitch?" I asked him sarcastically. Twisting my wrists behind my back.

message 17: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pitch

She sighs and sarcastically asks since when do I not want trouble. She squirms a little trying to get free. I chuckle a little and plop back down in my chair as I look at her.

"Since I have things in the works I don't want any heroes knowing about. Having a rescue squad come looking for you would meddle with those plans." I tell her.

message 18: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Queenie
"Because your so called plans worked so famously in the past, right?" I smirked I struggled managing to sit up with a sigh. The rope that tied my ankles looped between my wrists. Securing them and making me sit in a compromising position.
"Goddamn goons...didn't even let me get my coffee first...when I get my hands on them." I muttered under my breathe as I tried to tug a wrist free. I wasn't exactly dressed for company. I had just gotten out of the shower and dressed in a pair of chort shorts and a bikini to enjoy a day at the beach when they jumped me.

message 19: by Gemma (last edited Jul 02, 2018 11:46AM) (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pitche

She smirks smugly as she says because my so called plans worked so famously in the past. I roll my eyes and watch her struggle to sit up. Her body in a compromising pose with how the ropes were tied.

"You know I don't think you are one to talk since you are all tied up right now." I tease and one of my inky hands springs out to stroke along her bare skin.

"Aww poor little Queen didn't get her coffee. Such a shame."

message 20: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Queenie
I jerked away from the cool touch of his shadow. I knew the feel. I huffed at him. "Not for long." I said huffing at him. "I wasn't even on duty today. I finally had a day off I was going to relax at the beach catch up on some reading..." I lamented. "Even when your not directly involved your still a pain." I griped at him as I tried to bring in a thorned vine but...stone floors no plants.
"So what exactly is your plan by keeping me here?" I drawled

message 21: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pitch

She jerks away from my shadow and huffs not for long. She whines that she finally had a day off and was going to go to the beach and read. That even when I'm not directly involved, I'm still a pain.

She asks me what I plan on doing by keeping her hear. "Mmm maybe I'll just ruin you day and keep you here. I quite like the idea of you are my mercy for a day." I say with a smirk she can't see.

message 22: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Queenie
"You just like being a bastard don't have?" I muttered. I picked at the knot. "Once I get untied I am so gonna kick your ass. I hope you know that." I threatened as I pulled twisted my wrist.

message 23: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pitch

She mutters I just like being a bastard don't I. She threatens to kick my ass once she gets untied. I roll my eyes and chuckle before I have my shadow reinforce the rope so she can't get free.

"You can try but I doubt you will be able to." I say getting up. "After all I'm not one for plants." I walk over and puck off her blindfold leaning down with a smug grin. "Shame you won't get to have your beach day."

message 24: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Queenie
I glared at him heatedly. "Oh I will get free Pitch." I said even if I had to trick him into it. I wasn't all good and pure after all. I just ignored the darker part of myself.
I rolled my eyes at his smug grin his shadows reinforcing the rope soothed the rope burns I was getting. I felt for the rope through the shadow smirking. Organic...my eyes started to glow as I pumped my power into the ropes reviving the dead plant matter.

message 25: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pitch

She glares at me, saying she would get free and then rolls her eyes. She smirks a little and I see her eyes start to glow as well as the ropes. I chuckle and tilt her chin up a little.

"Ah, no you don't. Can't have you breaking out yet." I tease and have my shadows strip the ropes and get rid of them. In barely a blink of a second they replace the ropes as well as adding a bit of a 'flare' to it. Like black silk ropes my shadows entangle her in almost a bondage type of hold.

"Now that's better." I say with a snicker looking at the little heroine all caught up in my shadows.

message 26: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Queenie
I made a sound of protest as the ropes we're stripped and replaced with his shadows. My temper flared as he put me in a more bondage style hold.
"Your death will be slow and painful." I growled lowly as he snickered at me.
"Pervert." I grumbled. I did enjoy bondage, but this tthis was just wrong! I scowled at him.

message 27: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pitch

She glares at me and growls my death will be slow and painful. "Please like I haven't hear that one before." I say with a laugh and she grumbles I'm a pervert.

"Me? I'm not the one turning bright red, miss rosy cheeks." I tease and lean down with a grin. "What's a matter? Got a kinky side, miss hero?" I purr.

message 28: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Queenie
"You're mistaking embarrassment for anger." I scoffed at him. I smirked at him full of bravodo. "What I enjoy in the bedroom is none of your business Shadow man." I told him with a sniff neither confirming or denying my kinky side. "Obviously you do though." I scoffed.

message 29: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pitch

She scoffs telling me I am mistaking embarrassment for anger. She smirks and tells me what she enjoys in the bedroom is none of my business. Not confirming or denying anything. I chuckle as she says obviously I do though.

"Mmm maybe but I am a villain after all." I say with a smug grin. "I'm shocked that the goody two shoes hero likes kinky sex." I lean down to whisper in her ear. "Mmm how kinky are you? Bondage, clamps, spankings? Could be fun to tease you all day."

message 30: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Queenie
I smirked. "I'm not all squeaky clean you know." I muttered. I tried not to react to his words my cheeks going redder. Fucking hell damn traitorus body. I hadn't don't clamps in a while.
"Oh and what about your kink preference?" I scoffed at him shuffling a little away from him. I glared at him.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pitch

She smirks saying she isn't all squeaky clean and her cheeks grow redder. She scoffs about what is my kink preference. She shuffles a little trying to get away from me as she glares.

"Well that is for me to know and you to never find out. Of course unless you want to find out." I tease with a grin, wrapping a strand of her hair around my finger.

message 32: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Queenie
"No thank you." I scoffed. I nipped at his hand as it played with my hair. "Stop it." I growled feeling conflicting feelings of hating him and being bound up helpless like it was a play session with a Dom looking over me. So I felt a little rebellious and frazzled.

message 33: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pitch

She scoffs saying no thanks and tries to nip at my hand that was playing with her hair. She growls to stop it. "I don't think I will." I growl wrapping a good portion of her hair around my head, tipping her head back. I lean down and nip at her neck.

"I think I am going to mess with you a little longer. So how frazzled the goody goody with a secret kinky side can handle."

message 34: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Queenie
I sucked in a breath with a hiss as he tipped my head back after wrapping my hair around his hand. I growled as he nipped my neck. I glared furious as my blush traveled down my neck.
"Do yoyr worse it won't matter." I bluffed. Which was probably a mistake but to late now.

message 35: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pitch

She sucks in a breath with a hiss and growls a little. she glare but her neck turns red with a blush. She tells me to do my worse and it wouldn't matter.

"Oh really?" I say with a chuckle, my tongue slipping out to run over her pulse before I suck on it a little. One of my shadows slipping under her bikini top to pinch one of her nipples a little.

message 36: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Queenie
I clenched my teeth jumping as he sucked on my neck and his shadow pinched my nipples. Fuck! This was not a session I was not gonna fall for it!
"Yes really." I hissed at him glaring as I squirmed trying to back away.

message 37: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pitch

She jumps a little and hisses yes really as she glares at me. She squirms trying to back away and I nip at her neck some more. "You know you are getting awfully red, your skin is hot too." I chuckle, sucking and nipping on her neck fully intending to leave a hickey on her.

message 38: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Queenie
"So what?" I scoffed completely at his mercy with his hand fistng my hair and bound by his shadows. I bit my cheek hard as he went back to sucking on my pulse. I knew he could feel my pulse thumping under his lips.
I knew there would be a hicky as well. A small shiver of delight at the thought that made me scowl at myself and my gut coil in guilty delight.

message 39: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pitch

Her pulse thumps away rapidly under my lips and she shivers a little before she scowls. "So I think you are enjoying my teasing." I say with a smirk I lean up and whisper in her ear. "If I were to stroke your core. Would I find it wet, miss goody goody?"

message 40: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Queenie
I glared at him from the corner of my eye. "I am not." I protested refusing to aknowledge that I was. I was not gonna give him the satisfaction. My breathe caught slightly as he whispered in my ear. I turned my face away grumbling darkly.

message 41: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pitch

She glares at me and protests she is not. Her breath catches slightly as I whisper to her and she turns away, grumbling under her breath. I let go of her hair as I lean back.

"Well then I guess I'll just leave you here to suffer alone then for a while. I'll tell my goons to take you home in a couple of hours." I say getting up to leave her tied up here.

message 42: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Queenie
I huffed at him as he stood up to leave me. I squirmed in the shadow binding. "And where would you be going?" I asked him not exactly trusting his shadows. I had seen them in action so no thank you I wasnt sure they would be controlled or if they had a life of their own no matter the part of my brain that wanted to plead to be fucked hard planked and punished before being called a good girl.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pitch

She huffs and squirms, asking where I would be going. "Places. No where you need to know about." I say causally and head to the door. "Have fun sitting her by yourself for a while. Try not to tear. I just had the floors cleaned."

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Bamma | 5135 comments Queenie
"Heaven forbid I ruin your precious floor." I snarked at him. I planned on ruining it now! Out of spite of course. I squirmed in the shadows trying to get free. I glared as he walked out the door leaving me alone. I let out a gust of air getting myself back under control slowly.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pitch

She snarks at me about heaven forbid she ruins my precious floor. She glares as I walk out and I snap my fingers to have my shadows tighten around her a little more. Letting them move and squirm along her skin a little.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Queenie
"Bastard." I hissed under my breathe as they squirmed I tried to twist and turn to escape his shadows pushing my limbs out in different directions but they were firm. I panted softly and stopped glaring down at the shadows.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pitch

I decide to let my shadows have a little free rein and do as they please as I go make myself some lunch. I make a second plate to bring to her as well but I would wait a little longer before giving it to her. After all she wasn't a guest here and she would be gone soon enough.

message 48: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Queenie
"Get off of me." I growled at them trying to squirm free as they grew more adventurous. I started to wiggle my way to the door squealing as I was drug back by the shadows. I swallowed hard.

message 49: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Pitch

I lean against the doorway eating my sandwich watching as she wiggles and squeals. I chuckle quietly under my breath not wanting to alert her I was here. I give it a few more minutes before I snap my fingers and my shadows fade away completely.

"Here." I say and plop down the other plate with the sandwich down for her. "Eat and then you can leave."

message 50: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments Queenie
I pet out a breathe of relief as the shadows went away. I looked between him and the sandwich. I raised an eyebrow and picked it up suspiciously. Checking what was inside it before taking a small bite.
"Just like that? Your letting me go?" I said suspicious after swallowing.

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