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message 1: by Rock (new)

Rock I want to know if both my new charries accepted. They both crush the thirteen year old and I want to rp wit him.

message 2: by Rock (new)

Rock Yaaay. So can I rp with the s class kid :3 he's yours right?

message 3: by Rock (new)

Rock Yaaaay, yes him. Ok so should I bring Slime girl or Drusilla? Drusilla needs to join ft.

message 4: by Rock (new)

Rock Drusilla it is! I have no idea where... You pick.

message 5: by Rock (new)

Rock K

message 6: by Rock (new)

Rock Either or

message 7: by Rock (new)

Rock Ok! :D

message 8: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) Anyone??

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