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An abandoned golf course.

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Admosas was making a round by himself. Heavy steps flattened overgrown grasses under his feet before he trotted down into a sand pit and then back up to the next ridge. He marked one of the border markers and then stopped and sniffed the air. His heavy muscles tightened at the smell that flowed around him and he turned his head to follow the smell. The scent was mixed with so many others it was hard for him to make out with the breeze blowing it in his face and because of where he stood beside a larger stink weed bush. Despite not knowing if it was friend or foe he let out a low growl and lifted his tail higher.

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KT (queenlykt) "Calm yourself, Admosas. You're as jumpy as a jackrabbit." Scythe berated him. She may have been younger, but it was hard to tell with her numerous battle scars. Not because she sucked at fighting, but when you did it as much as she dis, you were bound to get a scratch here and there. She was still technically on her own side of the border as the large she-wolf stepped out from around a bush. The Dark Moon Alpha didn't seem unhappy with him though- she just seemed mostly indifferent, faintly amused.

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Admosas shook out his fur and stayed standing on his side of the border, his tail and head still held high, unflinching in the presence of the other Alpha. "Nice to see you too Scythe," he said and spoke with a smooth tone that was unaffected by her banter. He yawned, a slightly relaxed gesture as he glanced at her with a tired look in his eyes. "And why might you be out her for?" he said rather bitterly as he started to walk the border between the territories slowly, muscles flexing under his fur. His fur had barely any scars on his old pelt. Typically he was always unchallenged and the only scares he bared where a few across his muzzle and one on his flank that looked like it had never healed right and gave him a slight awkward gait because of it. All together his grey pelt looked absolutely flawless for his age, giving him a mysterious, wise, and commanding air about him.

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KT (queenlykt) "What, am I not allowed to be on my own territory?" Scythe smiled slowly and rather unnervingly as she watched him. Toned muscles moved smoothly under her thick, clean night-black pelt as she fell into step beside him, just on her side of the scent line. "Besides, when did I say that it was nice to see you?" she smirked slightly. Whereas the older wolf was all wise seeming, the vicious she-wolf just seemed dangerous. And her and her pack had a reputation, so adding them together, you ended up with one Alpha it would spell death to screw with.

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He lifted his fur covered brow at her comment and chuckled. "It was a sarcastic greeting, or are you to narrow minded to understand that?" he fired back rather politely though. He walked along the scent border, not even letting a claw pass over the border as he walked beside her. "I've heard some rumors of you scouts crossing the border. Those aren't true are they?" he asked her slyly as he glanced at her. His tone was surprisingly even, making his words seem only to have sharp bared points as he smiled, his teeth showing just a bit before the sarcastic smile faded. "It would be a shame if you pets got hurt," he added.

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KT (queenlykt) "I've caught your scouts and spies in our lands, so don't even try to make me out to be the bad guy and you the angel here." Scythe sighed, seeming as though this was all just a big irritation to her. She stopped walking and turned to face him over the border, "If you think that I really care a whole lot about them, you are the fool, you dull creature. I destroyed my entire birth pack, including family. You think I give a crap whether they're ok or not?" she laughed lightly as she shook her head. "Oh Admosas, you said it yourself. Pets. I do not wish my wolves dead, but you won't ever catch me sad about it at all. They are simply my, as you so eloquently said, pets."

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Admosas stopped when she did and turned his hind end so he was facing her. "Still, if all you little pets die, who would help you achieve your skeeming. And you can't very well have a pack if you have no subjects to follow in your paw prints. I know you don't care about what happens to them. I'm telling you now that that will be your strength and your weakness," he pointed out rather gracefully. "I may not be as quick and agile on my feet as you youngins but I have no need to be," he said and then chuckled again. He took a deep breath as he glanced at the scent barrier, staying on his side of course, and then looked over her. "You have your cold charms and cold heart working for you, but every wolf has that special flame. Maybe one day you'll find the one that will thaw that cold unyielding heart of yours," he said with a slightly unfriendly smile. He yawned and then backed up a few spaces before starting to turn away from her.

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