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Fantasybooks&scarves | 7 comments Hey all,

I currently have a YA Dystopian Fantasy, titled ESPERANCE, complete at 109,000 words. I would love to have teen / young adult feedback. I can send first few chapters, first act, entire manuscript, whatever works best - just let me know! Hearing what a young adult has to say about my book would be so invaluable to me.

Please see below for description. Thank you! - J


The year is 4998. A pair of teens are raised on opposite sides of Esperance, a dystopian empire where free minds are enslaved, and children are commodities more prized than gold.

Sixteen-year-old Aleida, born in the free lands, is a master of two things: avoiding confrontations and purging undesirable emotions with mass doses of sugar. But then, on the eve of war, her brother is murdered. Meek obedience—the kind her father so values in his daughter—is a dead option. Because of the file. Her brother has entrusted her with encrypted data that may be key to shutting down Esperance forever. But unlocking it will take the unthinkable: gunning past her father, a resistance leader with an arms megacorporation backing him. It will take deserting the free lands and seeking the rebels whom Esperance dubs “terrorists.”

It is in Esperance that Aleida crosses paths with Tristian, a high-school dropout stamped for execution. In order to keep his family off the streets, Tristian himself has committed the black crime: seeking a fugitive terrorist for help. By escaping capital punishment, Tristian is effectively a terrorist himself.

Both teens become threats to Esperance’s existence. Suddenly, they ensnare the enmity of Aleida’s father and political luminaries like the Black Star, a powerful celebrity with a dangerous secret of his own. As Aleida and Tristian’s lives merge, their decisions—duty versus humanity—will determine the fate of the free world…and perhaps, Esperance’s destruction.

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Avreigh Noelle Watson | 12 comments Hey! I’m a teen reader and I would love to help you out! Im wondering what format you send betas your material in (word doc, google doc, paper copy, etc.) and if there’s a specific questionnaire that you would want filled out? I love and am familiar with the YA genre and if you’re interested I’d be happy to read your story!

Fantasybooks&scarves | 7 comments Hey Avreigh! I would love to have your feedback! My manuscript is formatted in PDF and I have a questionnaire of 5-7 questions. What's your email? PM me and I'll send it over - thank you so much!

- J

message 4: by James (new)

James | 29 comments Hi, Jasmine.

I'm 26yrs old. Am I a young adult?

Anyway, I also wrote a dystopian and can give you a beta swap.

Email me if you're interested.

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Lilith Alexandria | 11 comments Hi! I'm a teenager and I'd love to help! The book sounds great, and YA novels usually seem cheesy to me. Message me!

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Random Person | 11 comments I am a teen reader and I usually read YA. Can you possibly send me the first couple of chapters? Thanks!

My email:

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Abby | 3 comments Hey! I love reading YA novels and your book sounds cool. If you’re still looking for betas, shoot me an email!

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