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message 1: by Kate (new)

Kate (kgskocelas) | 581 comments Mod
What did you think of My Hero Academia, Vol. 1? If you're an experienced manga reader, how did it compare to other manga that you've read? If you're new to manga, what was your experience reading it like? Do you think you'll continue reading the series?

Reminder: This discussion thread is FULL SPOILERS for volume 1! If you have read farther in the series, please be careful not to share spoilers for anything that happens after vol. 1.

message 2: by Mike, Host & Producer of IRCB! (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mike Rapin (mikerapin) | 641 comments Mod

kaitlphere | 236 comments Mod
I read this in one sitting! I suppose that isn't rare for me, but I didn't want to put this down at all.

This is an adorable story! I was worried it would end up like any other "chosen one" story, where the hero is handed the power and then has to decide if they want to rise to the occasion immediately for waffle around for awhile and eventually be a hero anyway. That's not what this turned out to be at all, though.

I think there's a lot of commentary about success and our idols in this story. On one hand, I don't want to over analyze this book because it's so enjoyable at a surface level. However, the points this book makes are very real and need to be more common in media.

Early on, Izuku talks about the American Dream, which is basically just "hard work leads to success," which is not accurate. Instead, the entire book is about how Izuku gains his power from good timing, help, and being a good person. Then the hard work starts, and it's clearly not easy. By the end of the book, he's only just stepped onto the path of being a hero someday, but there's a whole journey to take that going to be full of effort and error and pain before he gets there.

I also really enjoyed All Might's alter ego. The way he was drawn was super creepy, but it highlighted how he can't be a hero all the time, and how under the costume, he's just some guy. That is not only commentary about celebrities in our society, but also about ourselves. Even if we do succeed through hard work, we still need to be ourselves.

I also liked the side characters in this book. The mom is adorable. I'm worried that Katsuki is going to turn into a villain out of jealousy or a need for power, or something cliche like that. Right now, I think he has some depth that could make him a great complex character.

message 4: by Daniel (new) - added it

Daniel | 265 comments A bit of a Disclaimer - I had watched the Anime before i read this.
I love the Anime and I enjoyed this book overall.

The problem I mainly had was that knowing already what is going on and where the story is going takes a bit out of the excitement out of this experience. That small issue aside i really enjoyed this experience.
First the story, it starts off as a very typical Shonen and i really enjoyed the rapid world building and explanation of how we are in this stage. Setting up the main character and his foil immediately is also really cool because now i know who to root for, the problem i had was that alot of these characters are so cool it's hard to not root for all of them. Izuku is a bit annoying at times but what good shonen protagonist isn't (looking at you Naruto)

I also love the bits in between chapters about character designs and the small bio for each of them.
The book has some pretty funny jokes and its even a bit Meta for example when they address how All Might is "drawn" differently, which makes him look so much cooler in his Muscle form.

My favorite character hands down is definitely Mr. Aizawa aka Eraser Head, I love the trope of the character that is very capable yet seems reluctant to be bothered to do things, especially as the teacher for class 1A

I would definitely recommend this and find it very enjoyable. I am going to try to keep reading but idk that i will have the time and idk how long it will take to catch up to the anime.

message 5: by Rix501 (new)

Rix501 Disclaimer: I'm up to date with this series.

Oh my! X-men in manga!

Horikoshi is a self processed comic book geek, and you can see it on full display with all the superheroes, but more prominently with All Might, who is very much looks like a typical western super hero. But other than the great world building (even though it follows a bit of the shounen formula, a world of: pirates, ninjas, wizards, or superheroes) it's the characters that make this series unique. Our protagonist isn't all powerful, he's the complete opposite! No powers, cries all the time, a nerd and sadly is bullied. He get's presented with the opportunity to gain great power but it isn't just handed to him, he has to work and prepare to be able to receive it. In this way, Izuku is very unlike other modern shounen protagonists: he's smart, hard working, unpopular. And very much like other shounen protagonists he is quick to make friends and sacrifice himself for others.

And Horikoshi also gives us Izuku's foil: Bakugou. Rash, mean, self-centered, smart and hardworking, a bully, extremely angry and violent, but... wants to be a superhero who saves lives? Bakugo starts off as an easy character to dislike but he's a great contrast to Izuku and later in the series the author keeps playing them off each other with great mastery.

My Hero Academia has it's flaws with some plot pacing, under represents female characters and sometimes it's unclear what is the overarching plot, but the art is dynamic, vivid and just amazing, there's great characters and you can see them grow, and who doesn't love seeing superheroes saving the day?

Francis | 134 comments I first became aware of Manga in the 1990's, when there was a lot of coverage of Manga and Anime in the U.K., mainly as a result of the movie Akira. After watching that and being blown away by it, I read a magazine for a while, I think it was simply called Manga Magazine, which serialised the Akira Manga, as well as others. In particular Appleseed has stuck in my mind after all these years. The television broadcaster Channel 4 also ran various Anime late a night, which I watched, but I cannot remember any titles. I also realised in retrospect that growing up I had watched Anime which had been dubbed in English on Saturday morning kids tv, but at that age I had not realised it was Japanese in origin.

So coming into reading this I had some experience, but I would never claim to be even a casual reader of Manga. I read this book fairly quickly once I got into it, and thought it was okay. I had started watching the anime on Crunchyroll after it was recommended in the IRCB Zine, so I was really familiar with the first two parts of the story. I chose to read the volume before I watched any more episodes, and I enjoyed reading the parts I had not already viewed better as a result.

It was interesting to read this in the original format as opposed to the Manga I had read previously, which had been reformatted to be read as if published in the American or European style. I read a digital copy, and I liked that I had to tap on the left of my screen to progress the story, I'll confess that although I was aware Manga is published in this way, I still did not realise the speech bubbles should be read from right to left, and I had read the first page before realising I didn't understand what was going on!

As far as the story goes, I thought it could have been a very interesting concept, and would have been really interested to read about the lives of people having to live without powers in a society full of super powered beings, and perhaps it could have been analogous to the lives of people with disabilities, and provided an interesting incite of how it feels to live in a world which is not designed to make life easier for you. Consequently I was a little disappointed that the story was a bit more shallow than I expected.

That said it was fun enough to keep reading, but felt very much like a book more suited to a much younger reader than myself. I think I will persevere with the Anime a little longer to see if the story develops further, as I feel bad that I did not enjoy it more, and perhaps I've missed out on something deeper, but at the moment I'm not intending to continue reading the Manga.

Ok to air.

kaitlphere | 236 comments Mod
Francis, I love that you mentioned the zine--it's so nice to hear when people have read it! I am glad you found a good recommendation!

message 8: by Mike, Host & Producer of IRCB! (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mike Rapin (mikerapin) | 641 comments Mod
The thing I really enjoy about this series is how detailed it is. Every millimeter of paper is used to the fullest. Horikoshi's art only gets better as the series goes on, but from the get go it is stupendous.

All Might as a character / trope might be my favorite "thing" in a comic I've read in a while. His over-the-top-everything is such a well crafted joke and idea, and it works so well in the story. As things progress, the establishment of this ultimate, super-powered hero who saves everyone in Japan works super well as the basis for Deku's character progression, especially as we find out All-Might's secret (not being able to hold his form forever).

I know my commentary is about the story very early on, but if you continue reading on (AND I SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO), you'll see how the first few chapters of this series really unfold more and more as this series goes on (even by volume 13, things are still playing off of the ideas from this first volume--lots of open questions start to get answered and more questions evolve out of them).

Love this volume, love this series. I definitely think this is the best ongoing shonen manga out in the US right now.

Chad | 825 comments FYI www.riptapparel.com has two My Hero Academia shirts. Today only.

message 10: by Chad (new) - rated it 3 stars

Chad | 825 comments I've never been able to get into Manga due to the whole reading backwards thing. I still don't get why with today's technology they don't just flip the art around and present this as a normal graphic novel for Western audiences, but I digress.

The story is about one of a very few young people who are born without "quirks" or superpowers. All he desires is to help people. Along comes the most famous super hero in the city "All Might" who turns out can pass his power onto someone else. But their body must be trained to control the power or it could kill them. Eventually, our young hero gets into superhero school where the book instantly becomes derivative of the X-Men or Sky High.

The art is very good except I have a hard time getting past the over expressive faces Manga is known for. It drives me batty, especially when mixed in with an otherwise serious comic. Some of the hair styles are just ridiculous, "Yes, I'm talking to you All Might".

The book was good enough that I'd consider reading another volume just because of how obsessed other readers I know are with this. But I wouldn't say I've been converted over into a fan of Manga yet.

Robert | 46 comments Uggh. Hated it. 😵
After this and Sailor Moon, I guess manga just isn't for me. Can't stand the art. Annoyed by the constant shouting and exclamation points. Can't make sense of the frequent non sequiturs, panel to panel. Sorry. Please, no more manga.

message 12: by Mike, Host & Producer of IRCB! (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mike Rapin (mikerapin) | 641 comments Mod
Chad wrote: "I've never been able to get into Manga due to the whole reading backwards thing. I still don't get why with today's technology they don't just flip the art around and present this as a normal graph..."

Robert wrote: "Uggh. Hated it. 😵
After this and Sailor Moon, I guess manga just isn't for me. Can't stand the art. Annoyed by the constant shouting and exclamation points. Can't make sense of the frequent non seq..."

Even if you both weren't big fans, I appreciate you checking it out at least to be able to articulate why you didn't like it rather than, "I don't like Manga!!" which is how (unfortunately) a lot of people react. :D

Robert | 46 comments Mike wrote: " I appreciate you checking it out at least to be able to articulate why you didn't like it ..."

I don't like being so negative. Thanks for understanding. I really tried to appreciate it, even if it's not my thing.

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