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Richard | 758 comments Travelling this weekend for the holiday took me to Augusta, Georgia. There were several bookstores, but I couldn't get by to them while they were open. Although, Augusta does boast a 2nd & Charles! And they are open until 10p.m.

My haul is like my last, a mixed lot, but most titles are twenty years old or older. And boy, oh boy, were they on sale. The store employee told me that they were overstocked and trying to cull the Science Fiction/Fantasy section. Most titles were a dollar or less...

Aldair in Albion
The Sorcerer's Ship
A Hostage for Hinterland
The Siege of Faltara
The Jewels of Aptor
The Bone Palace
Kingdoms of Dust
The Warlock of Rhada
East of Midnight
Creation Descending
The Brotherhood of Diablo
Purple Pirate
Shadow Hawk
The Passing of the Gods

I even had a coupon for $5 off.

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