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Legend (Legend, #1)
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Jesica and Becka August Buddy Read

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Becca (becca16) | 198 comments Here you go ladies! Enjoy the book! It was really good and I look forward to seeing what you think!

Jesica | 39 comments Thank you. So becka when would you like to start the book.

Becka (becka_anne) I have just bought the Kindle version so I am ready to go whenever. Do you have a copy already?

Jesica | 39 comments Yes

Becka (becka_anne) Excellent. I am happy to start tomorrow if you want?

Jesica | 39 comments Yes. I am so excited to read this book!! :)

Becca (becca16) | 198 comments It was sooooo good! I'm excited for you!

Jesica | 39 comments Becka, how many chapters would you like to read in a day?

Becka (becka_anne) Sorry Jesica - I missed your message. I am currently about 50% of the way through...

Where are you up to?

Jesica | 39 comments Im 40% through the book. So far im really enjoying the book! What do you think about the book?

Becca (becca16) | 198 comments How are you ladies enjoying this so far?

Becca (becca16) | 198 comments Did you like it? :)

Becka (becka_anne) I loved this book! I actually read it really fast in the end. I haven't started the sequal yet but will do soon I think.

What was your favourite part? I LOVED that it was a dystopian book as much about a boy as a girl. It made it seem less same old.

Becka (becka_anne) I'm also enjoying the lack of love triangle. Love triangles annoy be a bit... This book seems very realistic in this sense.

Jesica | 39 comments I loved this book!! I'm definitely will be reading the rest of the series.

Becka (becka_anne) I think we have been paired again for september - did you want to read the second book in the series together?

Jesica | 39 comments yeah, I would love to read the second book. if you don't mind.

Becka (becka_anne) No, that would be great! :)

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Savannah (vannah09) Just double checking... you guys are done with this book right? I'm gonna get this closed up and this month's opened up for you! :D

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