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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult Fiction College friends at graduation dinner, accident happens. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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message 1: by Derek (last edited Jul 02, 2018 07:25AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Derek (rockoder10) | 17 comments I don’t remember much and I am sure what I do remember is out of order, and fragmented but here goes.

These four college graduates are at a restaurant when a car flies through the windows MC named Sam (?) I think, wakes up and she has to go home and finds she is engaged or with (?) one of the two main love interests even though the other one who had a crush on her saved her. I remember her dad getting cancer and dying at some point, and something with one of the love interests being a detective of sorts? Plot twist is (view spoiler)

I remember loving this and I want to reread it. It came out in like 2016-2017.

Derek (rockoder10) | 17 comments Bump. Re-edited the description as more info came to my memory.

Kristin | 45 comments This one has been driving me nuts! I found your post because I was searching for the title.

I also remember that the accident drove the group of friends apart and she goes home for the first time in a while.

I got it out of the library so I can’t find it on the list

Derek (rockoder10) | 17 comments YES!!! I am not the only one who's read it!! WOOHOO!! It's fairly recent book too. Do you remember her waking up at a church cemetery? And isn't one of the love interests like a detective or something?

Kristin | 45 comments Yes - I loved it and I cried at the end. I read it before I started tracking everything on goodreads and it has been driving me nuts all weekend trying to remember it.

Derek (rockoder10) | 17 comments Me too. The weird thing is I was always tracked stuff on GR, but for some reason forgot to track this book. Does your library allow you to see the books you've checked out? If I saw the title/cover I'd remember it.

Kristin | 45 comments They just started at the beginning of this year, and I know I read it last year.

It had a blue cover. This is driving me crazy

Derek (rockoder10) | 17 comments I didn't remember the blue cover. My brain keeps going to the word Shatter, but I honestly don't think that's it.

Derek (rockoder10) | 17 comments BUMP!! Still can’t remember.

Kristin | 45 comments More fuzzy details...

I remember a scene at a train or subway station when the MC comes home. She is mugged and bumps her head.

It takes place either on the East Coast or in the UK.

Kristin | 45 comments SOLVED

Then and Always by Dani Atkins

Kristin | 45 comments It has two titles: Fractured or Then and Always. The cover of Then and Always is blue but Fractured is green.

I am so happy

Derek (rockoder10) | 17 comments Yay!!! Did it just come to you? How’d you remember?

Derek (rockoder10) | 17 comments Now I know why I didn’t find it in my ebooks. I own a physical copy!!

Kristin | 45 comments I knew that I had ready about it on Maryse’s Book Blog. I just kept looking through old posts until I found it. I was obsessed and had the day off.

Derek (rockoder10) | 17 comments The things we do for the books we love. :-) Hope you have a great 4th and thanks for being such a super sleuth!!!

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