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Feel free to post any characters you hope to get publicity. We're all friends here, so go right ahead.

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Name: Lillia Stonewell
Age: 17
Myers/Briggs personality type: ISFP – The Adventurer / Artist
Appearance (Tags): Deep brown curls, chocolate brown eyes
Famous counterpart: Liv Tyler (Arwen – The Lord of the Rings)
One-word descriptor: Gentle
Love language: Words of Affrimation, Quality Time

Happiest moment: the memory of her mother smiling down at her
Dark moment: a fire in her memory
Lie they believe: that she can find her parents
Mantra they live by: When you really believe, there’s will always be a tomorrow.
Wound they suffered: being alone
Resulting flaw: distrust
Resulting fear: being alone, losing friends or family

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Name: Captain Clint Wood
Age: 24
Myers/Briggs personality type: ISTJ – The Inspector
Appearance (Tags): Dark brown shoulder length wavy hair, stubble, a goatee and brown eyes
Famous counterpart: Ben Gates
One-word descriptor: Bold, Stiff
Love language: Quality Time, Acts of Service

Happiest moment: when his family was together
Dark moment: all is lost, mother is gone
Lie they believe: he can find the legend
Mantra they live by: just get through today
Wound the suffered: enslavement (being told what to do; having to follow the rules of the day)
Resulting Flaw: negativity
Resulting Fear: enslavement, being out of control

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Name: AsgrimMagorion Thangurdir
Age: 23
Personality Type: ISFJ
Appearance (Tags): shoulder length, curly, brown hair, mustache, stubble on the chin, brown eyes, angular chin, defined cheekbones, and arched eyebrows. Dark, tall, broad and muscular.
Famous Counterpart: (In appearance) Luke Evans, (In personality) Friedrich Bhaer
One-Word Descriptor: Calm but fiercely devoted
Love Languages: Physical touch, acts of service
Titles: Friend, brother, guardian, protector, leader, fighter and teacher.
Day-to-day goal: protect loved ones.
Story Goal (external): protect his friends in their journey to peace amongst the kingdoms.
Story goal threatened by: the road to peace is dangerous even for a skilled fighter like him.
Push/pull that makes him act: his dream for unity.
Second goal: get Julia.
How it conflicts w/first goal: if he wants to protect everyone there’s a possibility of his death.
Goal he lives by (internal): selflessly loving everyone whether he wants to protect them or not.
Emotional life goal: he’s not sure how his brother is going to react when he finds his brother associating with the reunited group.
How emotional goal shows in behavior: he’s somewhat hesitant in conversation due to planning action and doesn’t speak his opinion openly.
They most value? (take it away): home/family and the ability to trust.
Willing to die for: anything or anyone.
Greatest dream: to love.
Noble cause: to protect people, especially Julia.
Greatest fear (make it happen): harm to loved ones.
Personality descriptors: brave, protective, calm, loving, caring, quiet, patient, reliable, imaginative and hardworking.
Skills: supportive, reliable, patient, imaginative, observant, enthusiastic (when they believe in something), loyal, hardworking and practical.
Flaws: humble, shy, takes things personally, repress their feelings, overload themselves, reluctant to change and too altruistic.
Traits/quirks: brave, strong, devoted, generous, patient, persistent, tolerant, altruistic, shy, humble, leader, reliable and affectionate.
Hobbies: walking in nature, spending time with his loved ones, training.
Extra Conflict and Growth:
Story change he must face: they’re up for a war.
How can I make life worse?: We’ll take him away to the half-human king.
What can I threaten?: We’ll hurt Julia if you can’t change her mind.
What else can I take away?: We’ll take away your weapons.
6 Things that need fixing:
1. He wants to save everyone’s lives
2. Fears death of loved ones
3. Too humble to stand up for himself
4. Can’t express his feelings (He only misses an aim or shot when he’s angry or emotional)
5. Passive aggressive (He’s altruistic, so he’s learnt to lie about how he feels when he wants to make someone else happy even though he wants something else.)
6. Spends too much time alone
Character Interactions:
(He’s a protagonist too)
Protagonist: Maenithiel - ENFP
Guardian: Ithron (half-human) - INFJ
Reason: Faron (dwarf) - ISTJ
Skeptic: Tangryn - ISTP
Emotion: Flambard (centaur) - ENFJ
Contagonist: Gweririel (elf) - ENTP
Happiest moment: As a young boy, Asgrim loved to impress his parents and protect his loved ones no matter how dangerous it was or whatever his age. When he was seven, he and his brother went hunting with their father. Their father went to set a trap not far off, when a wild boar leapt up at them and Asgrim pulled his bow string just in time to injure it. Then the two of them ran off into the woods, after their father. When they were safe with their father, they went back to find the wild boar seriously injured. Asgrim was very happy that he had saved both his and his brother’s life. This created his ambition to be in the army. As his ritual of apprenticeship came, he trained hard to be a page in the castle, so that one day he might become a knight, and was chosen as the king’s page the very next year.
Dark moment: After he became a page, he began to find trouble believing in the things that the rest of the half-human’s did. A few years later he was knighted and began to take liberties with his job. Whenever he had breaks he would sneak into the library to find historical records. He wanted to know why the kingdoms had divided so long ago and never came back together to be reunited. When he was caught, his knighthood was taken away and his parents turned their backs on him, disappointed with his behavior. This causes him to hope and believe the lie he believes.
Lie he believes: If he works hard enough his parents will recognize him and love him again. If he can just prove that his intentions were noble.
Cue for the lie to be reinforced: His brother is even more saddened when he sees his brother with the band of reunited kinds. His parents are caught with him and they tell him how disappointed they are in him. His father tells him after his mother walks off crying, that they just can’t accept someone like him into their family. “Especially as you associate with that … that alien.” This only makes him more determined to believe that he can prove it to them.
Mantra he lives by: He’ll make his actions matter, and he won’t lie about his intentions whether it makes anyone happy about it or not. But whatever he does, he won’t let anyone be hurt by his words or actions.
(He believes this too) No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar. - Abraham Lincoln

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