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Arbella: England's Lost Queen
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Susanna - Censored by GoodReads (susannag) | 1982 comments July's Group Read is Arbella: England's Lost Queen, by Sarah Gristwood. Gristwood's biography of Arbella Stuart was published about 15 years ago, and should be available in most libraries and bookstores in most formats (didn't see audio).

Arbella Stuart was Mary Queen of Scots' niece and James I/VI's first cousin; she was also the granddaughter of Bess of Hardwick. This story promises us espionage, a clandestine marriage, and the Tower of London.

Christine Cazeneuve | 23 comments I finished this book yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had never heard of Arbella Stuart and what an interesting read it was. I thought the book was well written and I loved the illustrations and pictures throughout. I thought the author did a great job of outlining her story and felt Arbella's frustrations right along with her. Between the isolation of her childhood/teenage years, which continued with the threat Elizabeth I felt by her so she was limited to being able to visit court. I personally believe that she suffered from some kind of depression, I mean who wouldn't with that kind of life, but we can never know for sure. It was a sad ending to what might have been. I don't believe that she would have made a great Queen, let alone a good one, but I blame that on her upbringing. She certainly was well educated, and it makes for one of those "what if" moments to think about. I was glad to read about someone I didn't know about and a fresh break from the becoming all to familiar well known people of the age.

Destiny | 47 comments I read this book awhile ago and loved it. I had been on a Bess of Hardwick and previously Mary Queen of Scots so I enjoyed how it tied them together while giving me perspective on a new person.

Destiny | 47 comments I also agree that she would not have made a good Queen.

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