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message 1: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (Spiderg1rl) (spiderg1rl) | 735 comments Is it just me who has major issues with this carrier?

I've placed an order today for a Kobo cover (I had hoped to get it for my birthday). I ordered next day delivery as I'm off tomorrow and nearly cried when I saw the carrier would be Amazon Logistics.

Although I live on a major road the excuses for non delivery have been quite funny.

"We can't find your road".... I live on a road that leads them to their dropbox's for crying out loud

"You weren't in." Yes I was but I live in flats so you didn't even try the bell

"There was no letterbox" Yep you just need to get through the door, so ring the bell!!

I hate them and why on earth do they turn up so late? Out for dinner on Friday and get a call from my best friend. Amazon are trying to get in with a teeny tiny gift voucher. It's nearly 8pm. What was wrong with Royal Mail or even the slightly less useless than Amazon Logistics TNT mail?

I've had to have them redirect to work once before and I have no doubt before they have heard enough of my complaints and switch off Amazon Logistics I will have to have them redelivered there plenty of times as my days off are spent waiting on people who don't bother to turn up and ring the bell or find my road apparently.

message 2: by David (new)

David Staniforth (davidstaniforth) | 7939 comments Never had anything delivered my them, fortunately, it would seem.

message 3: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (Spiderg1rl) (spiderg1rl) | 735 comments If my experience is anything to go by I'd say yes.

It's possible all my problems are because I'm in a flat and to get to my door/postbox you have to get through the security door. But they don't always seem to bother with this trivial matter from what I've seen.

It could be very different if delivered to a house

Patti (baconater) (goldengreene) | 61757 comments Never had them either.

We're in flats with a security door as well. Our amazon stuff is always delivered by Royal Mail by our regular postie.

I think his name is Dave.

message 5: by David (new)

David Hadley | 4873 comments Nope, never had any trouble with them.

They are supposedly delivering a new lawn mower today, though and the email from Amazon does say:

"Flymo Easiglide 300 1300W 30cm Electric Hover Lawnmower"

If there’s nobody in when we arrive we’ll post through your letter box if possible

So, I'm tempted to pretend to be out, just to see them try to get a lawnmower through a letterbox.

message 6: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (Spiderg1rl) (spiderg1rl) | 735 comments Well I phoned up and went mad yesterday at the fact it was being sent through them and said I'd like it here before 11 am due to their shocking tries at delivery before.

It's 11:08 and there's no parcel so I'm guessing he's ignoring my request which probably means the ring the bell request shall also be ignored.

I'll probably get the damned thing at 9pm which is a waste of a day for me as I need to get out and go to the library and do some wedding stuff.

I'll give them till 1pm as that's what I thought I ticked for delivery options but with Amazon choosing what they want to do who knows.

message 7: by Katy (new)

Katy | 3414 comments I'd not even heard of them before this post, Michelle. My deliveries always come through Royal Mail or Yodel!

Sorry to hear that you've had such trouble with them!

message 8: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (Spiderg1rl) (spiderg1rl) | 735 comments Well it's just arrived so I can give them the credit today but it was a different guy to previously and I saw him walking around outside looking like he was lost... there is only one path on the property.

Oh well its here. Now I need to get ready and go to the library to be back in two hours to go out and deliver all my menus

Happy days :D

I shouldn't complain I'm back at work tomorrow

Patti (baconater) (goldengreene) | 61757 comments I've heard Yodel is shockingly bad.

I'm pleased it arrived for Michelle.

Get me something nice while you're out.

message 10: by Jim (new)

Jim | 21876 comments I've heard bad things about Yodel as well, they've only been here once and were on time and everything but others rant about them!

message 11: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (Spiderg1rl) (spiderg1rl) | 735 comments Yodel aren't anywhere near as bad to the customers as thier clients. Alhough I don't mean to say they are good to customers. At my old job the company used them for store to store deliveries. If they turned up you weren't gauranteed they would take the parcel unless it was tiny as thier vans were always full, even late in the day.

When I helped them close up one of the shops we had to fight them to take the mass amount of boxes we were paying them to ship for us. We had to get the companies head office involved after requesting pick up a couple of times and even though we told them what to expect the driver either wouldn't or couldn't take it.

message 12: by ✿Claire✿ (new)

✿Claire✿ (clairelm) | 3055 comments I've never used Amazon Logistics but I've never had a good experience with myHermes. The latest one decided that the recycling bin was a good place to put my package... Which is possibly marginally better than attempting to deliver twice to a school at 6 pm during the summer holidays.

Glad you got your parcel Michelle :)

message 13: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (Spiderg1rl) (spiderg1rl) | 735 comments Oh I've had that. A card left for all in my block to see saying it was left in the bin bay. There are 37 flats here, anyone could take it. I think that was myHermes and was the fellas birthday present ordered from America. He had no idea what was inside but he was not amused as he had been in all day and would have heard them had they bothered to ring the bell.

Thank heavens they didn't leave my wedding dress there, they rang the bell that day

message 14: by David (new)

David Staniforth (davidstaniforth) | 7939 comments David wrote: "Nope, never had any trouble with them.

They are supposedly delivering a new lawn mower today, though and the email from Amazon does say:

"Flymo Easiglide 300 1300W 30cm Electric Hover Lawnmower"..."

Did the lawnmower fit through the letterbox?

message 15: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (Spiderg1rl) (spiderg1rl) | 735 comments Good question, I forgot about the lawnmower postbox fun :-)

message 16: by David (new)

David Hadley | 4873 comments David wrote: "Did the lawnmower fit through the letterbox? "

I refer the honourable member to my reply in another place.

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