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The song “White Moon” echoed through Sam’s head as he scrubbed the dishes, barely noticing that the carefully painted china was flaking gold into the sink.

“Sam? You givin that plate to me or what?” Dean’s voice cut through his thoughts, leaving Sam to stare at the nearly destroyed china in his hands

“Uhh...Yeah.” Sam nearly threw the plate to Dean, who caught it...for a moment. It fell to the ground, the remains of the gold leafing shattering into fragments that scattered over the floor

“Dude! Talk about bull in a china shop!” Dean glared at him, flashing a quick smile to the shop owner. “He’s new to washing...dishes.” He said unconvincingly

“Yeah right.” Sam muttered under his breath. The lie was so stupid it was unreal.

“Well get that kid working, Mr. Schieder. Don’t want any slackers in my restaurant.” The owner glared at Sam “You better clean up this mess, boy.”

“Yes Mr. Knudson.” He knew better than to argue with his boss, especially when that boss had control of whether or not he was undercover. Mr. Knudson walked away, leaving the foul stench of dictator in his wake

“Seriously Sam, what’s with you?!” Dean growled “You’ve been like this for the past few days, and you’ve been screwing things up because of it. What the hell?!”
Not responding, Sam let the question hang in the air without an answer. An answer to that question would be merely to complex for Dean to grasp, much less, understand or accept. That was partly the reason for his discontent anyhow

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He ignored the eyeroll this ignorance brought from his brother, and continued to wash, more carefully now, to ease Dean’s mind. Dean didn’t need to know why he was unhappy. The plate seemed to suddenly turn into a metaphor of his heart. Scrubbed of any beauty to be left exposed, ugly...and, well, broken. Shattered, more like. Kind of like glass. Porcelain.

The bell sounded for break, and Dean shoved him.

“Get it together. We need to find out how to kill this sonuvabitch. Mr-whatever-his-name-is-boss seems to fit the description. If we don’t gank him soon, we might end up being his...Sam?” Dean waved a hand in front of Sam’s blank stare at another plate in the soapy tub.


Dean sighed “If you’re gonna be so spacey, just go. Bitch.”

“Jerk.” He replied, taking off his apron and setting it on the counter thankfully. Time away from Dean might help. More importantly, time away from Dean and Cas might help.

Their relationship had been...rough on his side. Awkward approaches and advances done by Castiel had been disregarded immediately by him, because things just seemed normal. For the angel to be awkward was anything but weird.

But slowly, things had grown...closer between Dean and Cas. Nothing special, just weird disappearances with Dean for apparently things “only Dean could help with”. He denied it constantly. Cas was his. Dean treated Cas like crap anyhow. Their staring was nothing but plutonic, Dean had said so himself

Of course he had felt left out. Not only because his potential love interest would leave him for so long, but Dean was with him.

Then the whole thing about the profound bound. That one hit him hard. Night after night alone in a cramped hotel room, the questions welling up in his stomach-lead weighted and pestering in his mind. Dean and Cas could never be together. Dean was straight. So, completely straight. And he had already told Dean he was bi, to which he responded with an uncaring shrug. Dean had his chance to simply burst forth with that statement then too, but he didn’t, so he was straight. Obviously.

When Dean had finally told him, seated him down on a rickety old bed and laced his hand with Cas’s with an innocent, uncharacteristic smile...well...Sam was happy. Happy that Dean was finally less of a jerk than usual, happy that he had found some sort of stable relationship. But betrayal still ran through his mind in hot rage. How could Dean do this, when his caring for the angel was obviously shown through the rare prolonged hugs, the time they spent alone and researching, talking about life. What sort of things could Dean have that were so desirable, when he had messed up in so many ways, wronged Cas so many times?

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((I'm liking how this is going!!))

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