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lethe | 15242 comments Correct quote (text and punctuation): (37 likes)

Variations: (2874 likes) (262 likes) (59 likes)

Thanks in advance!

(One of the quotes mentions Winnie the Pooh as source, but I have looked through that book and also The House at Pooh Corner and haven't been able to find it.

Googling "my favourite day pooh" I do find several images with that text, but only in American spelling, which is strange, considering Milne and Shepard were English. So maybe it stems from Disney and was only attributed to Milne?)

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Arenda | 22537 comments Merged these, and another one.
Merge went into most liked one, corrected that one to the one you linked first as the correct one:

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lethe | 15242 comments Thanks, Arenda :))

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