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Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)
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Maria (mariahkeepscool) | 1011 comments Mod
Won August SOTM on the poll. Talk about it here. Please don't forget to add <.spoiler.><./.spoiler.> (without periods) so no one is spoiled.

Aisha (aisha_i) I am reading this now. I am only about 100 pages in but I am loving it so far!

cindy ♡ | 114 comments Mod
I really want to start this series this month, but I don't think i'll have time :( but we'll see!

Aliza (alizaf) | 5 comments it's a really great series. can't wait for book 3

Maryanne | 771 comments I know!!!!! I've been waiting for the book three forever!

Maria (mariahkeepscool) | 1011 comments Mod
I stopped on Ch. 25 (buddyreading)

I am really in love with the book. Totally on Team Chaol.

Maryanne | 771 comments Idk.
I kind of like both of them. AHHHHHHH CAELINA ABD CHAOL AND HER AND DORIAN. <3

Aisha (aisha_i) So good. I'm on chapter 23. I love all the characters, even tho I hate some of them (if that makes sense). Like the King or Kaltain

Maryanne | 771 comments Yes I don't like him neither. Haha he's crazy.

Aisha (aisha_i) This was so good, I need the 2nd book NOW!

message 11: by Zoe (new) - rated it 3 stars

Zoe I thought it was a really good book but Cealena as a character was kind of annoying. And I can't stand love triangles. She should have ended up with Dorian. But I did like it and it was pretty funny.

Maria (mariahkeepscool) | 1011 comments Mod
Celaena was very indecisive. She reminds me of America Singer. (but a more badass version)

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