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DragonDreamer | 679 comments I mean, you're welcome to explore, comment, etc.

This is just a place for me to get some stray scenarios out of my head and into comprehensive words.

Hopefully organized...

Probably not, though.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Ideas:
SPN hunter (F) x creature
Host Club
Harry Potter
Fables: Cinderella and Bigby
Academy: Aya and Leo fight
Academy: Sorrel and Angelique
Academy: Al and Della
Academy: Sorrel and Al
Academy: Sorrel and Zane
Academy: Patricia
1920s: Maeghan and Cooper
1920s: Maeghan's revenge
1920s: David and his cat
1920s: Maeghan and James
1920s: David at the Burlesque
Fairy Tail: Luvinia and Joel and Lizzie and Charlie
Percy Jackson: Rae and Xara and Thomas and Ezra and Brent
Adventures with Bryndon
Medicine: Rae (babying drunk Vin, hospital, Daughter concert, meeting Tasha/making a deal with Tasha)
Medicine 2: rae and vin have each other's back when it comes to watching each other's drinks at parties, protective rae/vin getting in trouble for messing someone up for the other's sake
everybody's got somebody but me
Harry Potter: Scorpirose - my father is a hated man and I may get picked on but don't you dare pity me, Weasley.

RP ideas:
call me
subtle pains (writing challenge)
still - married couple falling out of love (drama)
My castle and shield (convoluted love spaghetti)

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Characters to use one day:


Name: Avris "Avi" Jane Gunderson
Gender: Female
Age: 25
» Birthday: October 31
Residency: San Francisco, California
Occupation: Photographer; Thief
» Hair: red; bold; wavy; elbow length
» Eyes: green; almond shaped; thick lashes
» Skin: pale; freckled
» Face: heart-shaped; angular; sharp
» Body: 5'5"; lean; athletic
» Style: comfortable hipster
» Voice: medium pitched; slightly southern accent; clean (as in not scratchy)
» Impression:
When working with clients: fun; happy, outgoing
When on her own and unsociable: icy; unapproachable; constantly scowling
When on her own and sociable: snarky; sarcastic; teasing
Personality: clever; moody; secretive; loyal; calculated; abstruse
Description: After years and years of changing her appearance, it is difficult for Avris to remember exactly what she is supposed to look like. For now, though, she has adopted a rather pretty exterior. Inspired by her family's Irish roots, Avris chose to take a fair-skinned, fiery-haired beauty with dazzling green eyes and a flattering build that is lean, but muscular. Her style generally consists of comfortable clothes, though there is a sort of hipster-like theme to her dress. This is likely because of all the time she spent living in San Francisco. This has also probably contributed to her relatively tolerant outlook. Still, Avris can appear harsh the majority of the time. Her eyes can look icy, though they are green and her face is angular and sharp, but still very attractive in every sense. Avris struggles with herself. She is frustrated a lot of the time because she can't remember what she is supposed to look like. The last time she had her picture taken when she was strictly herself, was when she had just turned fifteen and she was having a halloween birthday party. In addition to this frustration, she hasn't talked with her family in a really long time, and in addition to her lingering feelings on abandonment from her father, felt that this was unfair of her. She is ashamed to face her family with how she is. This constancy of frustration and self-loathing does not make Avris a chipper friend. Unless she is working a job in photography and needs to appear pleasant for her clients, she is close to unapproachable. This aids her in many ways with her missions because she is really good at spying and blending in and others won't bother her unless she wants them to.
Background: Avril's father left their family when she was young. At first, Avril believed it was because he was just a good-for-nothing-lowlife-scum-of-the-earth-deadbeat-dad, but then she later realized that it was due to his special abilities that he left to protect his family and let them have as close to a normal life as possible. She didn't learn this until she was around twenty or so. Most of her life she had developed a hatred or strong distrust for men. She learned she had to grow up quickly and help her heartbroken mother take care of her younger sister as well as prepare herself for college, though she never ended up going. She got into photography in high school and decided to become a professional. She took classes here and there and eventually moved out to San Francisco to begin her own life once her younger sister, Rainie graduated high school. She worked for a while until she was found out. As a photographer, she didn't get a lot of income for doing what she loved and at first she tried getting another job, but she grew weary and realized how easily she could steal someone's identity. She'd steal and take what she could, not really minding her twisted morality in it all. Avril started discovering her powers around the time she turned fifteen. At this time she discovered she could change her hair color and texture to whatever she wanted. For a couple years, she thought this was all she could do and then when she was seventeen she realized she could change her eye color as well. It didn't take long before she realized she could change a lot about herself. By the time she was 19 she could replicate her sister almost perfectly. The one thing that she could never change was her voice. That was always her giveaway. To this day, she still cannot change her voice, but she has been working on impressions to compensate for that aspect.
Clara Gunderson (Mother)
Rainie Gunderson (Younger Sister)
Other: Avris is very self-conscious about her abilities and the fact that she doesn't know what she is supposed to look like. If she is questioned too much about this, she may blow up in your face. Also, she loves clocks and animals. She is always wearing a watch and is often kinder to animals than she is to people.

Power Summary
Themes: Appearance Manipulation; Shapeshifting
°Age Shifting
» Age Shifting: The ability to shift the physical age of one's self. She is limited by time. The Difference depends on how old she will appear to look. If she stays too long in one state, it will be more difficult to shift back especially if she is becoming an elderly woman. Plus, if she age-shifts, she adopts the negatives as well (bad back, aching bones, immature hormones, etc.)
» Camouflage: The ability to make one's self indiscernible from the surrounding environment. So long as she doesn't move, she shouldn't be easily found, but if she does, then anyone could see her.
» Chaetokinesis: The ability to manipulate the hair of one's self, but not of others. She can change color, length, curlyness, etc.
» Dermakinesis: The ability to manipulate the skin of one's self. Can change the color of her skin. Cannot shift substance that makes up skin contents.
» Dontokinesis: The ability to manipulate the teeth of one's self. Can change them any way she wishes. Mainly used for changing identity, not for attacking or anything.
» Intangibility: The quality of being able to not be perceived. She can make it so that no one can smell her or sense her telepathically, but she cannot avoid someone seeing her if she is in plain sight.
» Onychokinesis: The ability to manipulate the nails of one's self. Can lengthen or shorten them. Again, not primarily used for attacking or injuring.
» Optikinesis: The ability to manipulate the eyes and eyesight of one's self. She can change the color of her eyes. If she age shifts, she will adopt bad eyesight as well.
» Osteokinesis: The ability to manipulate the bones of one's self. Primarily for growing taller/shorter/etc. for identity theft, not offensive attacks.
» Shapeshifting: The ability to change one's appearance and shape. Essentially her powers.
» Size-Shifting: The quality of being able to increase or decrease one's size. No great change. Only to be taller or shorter according to the identity she is trying to steal. She cannot to extreme changes (small as a bug or big as an elephant).

Name: Espen Luvinia Grayman
» Alias(es): Hack; Gray; Hackman; Luv (close friends only)
*(Espen = divine-bear; Luvinia = purity)

Gender: Female
» Sexuality: Demisexual

Species: Cyboorg

Age: 20
» Birthday: November 1

Social Stratum: Second Class Citizen
» Occupation: Mercenary


Height: 5’2”
Weight: 130lbs (would be about 110lbs, but her metal limbs are heavy)
Hair: bright pink; heavily layered; partly shaved on left side
Skin: healthy bisque; smooth; young; tattooed
Eyes: pale greyish blue
Body type: thin; almost flat-chested; small, slight curves
Pitch of voice: (voice of kairi [second person to talk]) (view spoiler)
Distinguishable markings: tattoos seen in picture; scar cutting across her left eyebrow

Personality: Espen hides her garden of insecurities behind a wall of false confidence. She could be the poster child for the saying "fake it until you make it." Despite her bubbly, hyper exterior, Espen has been growing her insecurities since a young age and it brought her resilience alongside a brash predisposition to those who insult her or her loved ones. Do not be surprised if you get a mechanical arm to the gut if you call her "shrimp." After her bursts of anger, she is quick to forgive the offenders so long as they learn their lesson. Espen has a big heart and is kind to others when she can be, especially to those of lower class rankings. She has a small distrust of the upper class and while she doesn't automatically decide to dislike them, she is predisposed to be wary of their behavior and beliefs. She is very protective of people who are close to her and doesn't hesitate to put her life on the line to protect them.
» Weakness(es): size; combat.
» Strength(s): mind; strength; speed.
History: Espen had a rather average upbringing as a human child as a first class citizen. Her parents were both human and they were a happy, wealthy family. Her mother was an educator and her father was a scientist. She usually wasn't allowed to visit him in his lab, but she liked to surprise him anyways. She had an interest in science and technology ever since she was small. She liked to read her father's science books, though she could hardly understand what she read at the time. She remembers the colors in his laboratory and thinking they were so pretty. One day, she was visiting her father's lab, age eight, and was waiting for her father to finish with a meeting. She wasn't supposed to be there but she was surprising him. Her mother had stepped out to use the restroom. She was looking at a red and blue colored flasks and reasoned blue and red make purple, so she mixed the chemicals. The reaction was violent and she turned away from it, but the next thing she knew, she had woken up in the hospital and her legs were gone and her left arm was fighting an infection. She would eventually lose her forearm as well. The switch from a normal, human child to being recognized as a cyborg was painful and difficult for Espen. Her friends and family began treating her differently and, at first, she tried to hide herself, wearing human-like artificial limbs, long pants and skirts to hide her legs, but eventually, when she was seventeen, she decided to embrace herself more fully, completely changing her style, coloring and cutting her hair, and even getting gear tattoos as a reminder to herself of what and who she is now.

Name: Nymme
Age: 17

Personality: Curious; friendly; naive; affectionate
Brief History: Nymme got separated from her pod and has been shacking up with some local seals until they come back.
Distinguishing characteristics: Well she is a Selkie... and has lots of freckles and large eyes.

Name: Aaron Pence Young
Age: 20
Personality: struggling college student; outdoorsman; up for adventure; lively; worrier
Brief History: Normal boy going to school to study medicine. He is back home for the summer and helps his dad on a fishing boat. His mom left when he was 6 and is out of the picture.
Distinguishing characteristics: heart shaped birthmark on his neck.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments "I know you're in here, Georgie!" Cinderella called, gun at the ready. He would pay for his crimes against her friends. "Why don't you come out and we can get this over with?" She purred, confident of her victory. She had told Briar to run and get Bigby while she detained the businessman. She had captured him in his own club, The Pudding and Pie. What the pudding and pie was, she'd never know. This place didn't sell desserts. It was in the after hours of the early morning and Cinderella asked all the women to leave so that she could speak with Georgie "privately." Of course, no one had any idea of her true intentions. To them, she was a soon to be victim of their sweet Georgie Porgy. When she revealed her actual intent, he fled to the shadows of the back room and she pursued him. "Really, Georgie, I'd like to wrap this up quickly." She sighed, lowering her weapon momentarily.

"He never comes here, you know. That wolf they all fear." Cinderella looked around the darkness, but couldn't see a thing, so she tried moving in the direction of his voice. She knew he was talking about Bigby. What other wolf could he possibly mean. She still had no idea why he would bring that up at a time like this. "Women never really interested that mutt... except one."
"What of it?" She felt a bit snippy. Did he intend to use her feelings for Bigby against her? It wasn't as though she was secretive about them, but her goal had been to hide them in plain sight. She flirted innocently enough because she knew no one would take her silly. That was her character. A silly shopkeeper with a free spirit and a knack for fencing.
"He must have loved her from the beginning, don't you see? No other woman would satisfy him. You didn't stand a chance." His voice echoed from another location. Where was he?

"What's new? I never thought I had one to begin with! They deserve each other. I'm happy for them." She stepped silently. creeping in the direction of his voice.

"Except you're not, Ella. You're jealous. You would kill to be in her shoes, wouldn't you? To be the object of desire for the man you've loved for so long." His tone was playful and dangerous. "And you're a terrible person for thinking that because she's your best friend, isn't that right? Of course you would never harm her. But what if I could arrange for someone else to do that for you?"

Cindy laughed. "Please. I would never wish for her to be harmed. Even if I did, she isn't someone that can be so easily killed. Anyone knows that. You must be mad."

"Perhaps... but it puts you in quite the dilemma. You can't escape him and you can't meet anyone else. Yet, those two seem destined to live happily ever after. And you? An eternity of loneliness, longing, and pain. I feel bad for you, Ella, I really do. It's so tragic."

"Fuck off, you prick." She hissed, ready to shoot this clown in the face. Suddenly, she heard a snap of fingers and the lights turned on. She realized she was in the center of the stage, looking out into the club filled with empty tables and chairs. The lights were so bright, she was stunned for a moment. There was breath on her neck and she could feel her hair prickle where the air huffed.

"Can you see them? Everyone watching you? Attentive to your every action? Even in this empty club, the stage holds power." His voice was barely above a whisper. His finger traced the curve of her spine starting from the base of her skull until it reached her tailbone and she turned around quickly to shoot him, but her grabbed her wrists forcefully, making her drop the weapon. A small gasp escaped her pearly pink lips. She tried to refocus herself, struggling against him. "Let. Go. Of. Me." She warned in a low voice. She was frightened. Not of him, but of herself. She didn't like how she felt when she stood on the stage where her friend had been forced to strip herself and like it. That wasn't her. That wasn't who she wanted to be. Before she knew it though, she was being thrown against a wall by Georgie. He was kissing her thoroughly and her mind was was going wild. This was his power. This was how he kept his girls. Seduction. He learned them like he had learned her and showed them what they wanted, seducing their minds with the lights and glamour of a corrupt and degrading business. Those girls would fall for him like She might have fallen for him if she wasn't already in love with Bigby. She loved that he was a distraction ready to take her mind away in a direction that was anywhere but her beloved. She wanted it so badly she began kissing him back with a growing passion. She imagined coming to work here like the other girls had. She could dance and she would be a hit. She could see the desire and attention she had been craving from Bigby for so long in the eyes of clients. She would have Georgie when she really needed to forget. And she would be as close to happy as she could get. Except it was a lie. Those men weren't Bigby and they never would be.
*Smack!* The once orphan turned princess turned shopkeeper punched Georgie as hard as she could across the face. He cursed loudly, nursing his bruising cheek. As if on cue, the doors burst open and Bigby entered in all his rugged glory. He saw Cinderella standing on the stage and Georgie fallen to a heap on the floor. He quickly put the pimp in cuffs and escorted him into the police car where he was taken to the station. Bigby stayed behind after the car left and let the other officers take care of the felon.
"Hey, good work." He said to Cinderella with an honest smile. Upon closer inspection to her face, his own grew increasingly worried.
"Hey, are you alright? Did he hurt you?" She shook her head.
"No. Not at all. Why do you ask?"
"You're crying." He said, his voice a pitch softer than usual. She touched her cheeks, confirming his statement to be true when she felt the warm salty water on her fingertips.
"I-I see." She sighed. She turned to Bigby, her features tired and desperate and slow with drugs. "I love you." She said, looking him in the eyes. They lowered slightly. Like he already knew but didn't have the heart to say anything.
"And I know you only have eyes for Snow- don't get me wrong, I think you guys are great together and you deserve the love you have for each other it's just-" She hiccuped, her voice cracking. "I'm so miserable, loving you. Because I can't get over you when I'm working with you so closely and I'm always thinking about you and wondering how you are and what you're doing and imagining what a world would be like if Snow White hadn't been the one and I was and you have no idea-*hiccup*- how much I wanted a distraction. I wanted to surrender to drugs and prostitution just so I could stop thinking about how much I love you for just a moment!" She sobbed. "But I couldn't. Because I had a job to do. For you. And I realized that the distraction would never really make me happy." She cried hard. Bigby silently wrapped his arms around her tightly to comfort her.
"I can't be happy if I love you, Bigby. But I can't stop loving you now. I need to forget." She whispered, pulling herself away from him. It tore her heart to pieces, or what was left of the shreds. "I'm going to get a Forgetting potion from Darius. I'm going to forget everything about you. I can still be a Tourist and work for you. I like doing that-but, Bigby- promise me you won't let me get here again. Don't let me fall in love with you again. Please, I'm begging you. I can't- I can't-" The wolf held her tightly, wishing she didn't have to go through this.
"I promise." He said quietly, kissing the top of her head as she sobbed into his chest.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments The Adventures of a Boy and his Selkie

He met her on a day that had appeared to be just like any other. He was helping out on his dad's fishing boat, bringing up the fishing net while his dad went below deck to grab something. At first, Aaron was really confused. When he saw her in all her glory, sitting in the net chomping on fish with a happily ignorant smile in her eyes.
Girl. Fish. Seal. I caught a girl and a seal. But the seal is being worn by the girl. Is she a girl? His thoughts ran tried to piece together what took place before him. She smiled, continuing to chomp on her meal, her sharp teeth appeared too vicious for her innocent face. After a while of his staring at her in disbelief, she offered him a fish in friendliness as though nothing were out of the ordinary. He continued to stare until he heard his father's footsteps. In a panic, Aaron sliced open the net and it's contents fell to the floor of the boat. She flopped to the ground, confused about what was happening Before she knew it, she was being scooped up and thrown overboard. She yipped at him but he tried to urge her to be quiet. Confused, she watched him from the waves as he dealt with another human.
"Ok, I found the--- but it-WHAT HAPPENED TO THE NET?!"
"I-I don't know, Dad! I was pulling the net out when all of a sudden they just snapped and here we are you know maybe it got caught on some coral or something I hear that happens often man I'm tired let's go home, yeah? We got a lot of fish-"
"Is that a half eaten fish?"
"Huh? Oh wow would you look at that an otter must have dropped it or something silly creatures so let's go home yeah?"
Aaron felt incredible relief when his father decided to turn the boat around. He didn't know exactly why he never told his dad. He wouldn't have hurt her, he was sure of it. He might have told Aaron's uncle, though, and then the whole town would have known and that made him uncomfortable. Like it would have put her in danger. As they sailed on back to the island, Aaron thought he saw a seal fin flapping among the waves.


The next morning, Aaron pulled the covers over his head when the light streamed in from his window. He had had the strangest dream. It had been raining fish and he was running for shelter, but couldn't find any. It was so realistic he could still smell the fish.
His cheek ran into something cold and wet when he rolled to his other side. He frowned and opened his eyes coming face to face with large dark eyes. He knew those eyes. They were the same ones he had seen just yesterday. Her face watched him expectantly, eyes wide with wonder and curiosity. Was there something on his face? He looked in the direction of the cold wet feeling and saw a dead fish next to his face.
"Waaahh!!!!" He flailed, falling out of his bed painfully and taking his covers with him. After a moment of groaning, he was looking into her face again.
"Ruf pon grrr nyif!" She spoke to him in a tongue he had no knowledge of.
"I'm Aaron." He said. He didn't know if he was answering her correctly, but he had no idea what to do or say! She cocked her head to the side.
"You don't like fish?" She asked in perfect english. He shot up to a sitting position.
"You speak English!" He pointed at her, astonished.
"I speak a lot of languages." She said matter-of-factly. She probably assumed that since she could understand him, he would understand her. "Fish." She said again, grabbing the dead creature and shoving it in his face. She looked at him expectantly again.
Hesitantly, he took the slippery food from her hands and held it closer to his face. Was this supposed to show that she meant friendship? Or was he going to be poisoned because he knew too much? He took a small bite of the fish, grimacing at the taste and texture. He swallowed though, hoping this would show her he meant no harm. She was still watching him curiously. His eyes widened in horror. Did she want him to eat the whole thing?
"Aaron! Are you up yet? Me and your mother wanted to go to the farmer's market..." He heard his father call. There were footsteps approaching his door as well. He looked over at the girl. She realized she was partially naked.
"You need to hide!" He urged her, grabbing his blanket and wrapping it around her before he got her to hide under his bed. He got up and ran to the door just in time for his father to open it.
"Hey..." His father eyes him suspiciously. "Your mother and I-"
"Were just headed to the farmer's market, right? You should go. I have plans with friends today. So don't wait up for me." He lied, trying to appear calm and normal.
"Right..." His father didn't seem convinced. "Well, you said you wanted to come yesterday, so..."
"Did I? Well I must have forgotten about my plans. I am so busy, you know? Haha! It must have just slipped my mind. I am so forgetful." He laughed nervously, hoping his father would just leave. Instead, he glanced at the floor beyond him.
"Is that a fish?"
"Huh? Oh, yep! Yes it is. For a science experiment."
"Uh-huh... and where did your bed sheets go?"
"Also part of the science experiment. Its about the best way to get fish stains out of cloth."
"But, why-"
"Oh my gosh! Dad! You're going to be late for the farmer's market! You should go. I'll tell you about the experiment later."
"Are you sure everything's fine?"
"Ugh, yes. Dad, go."
When his father had finally gone, Aaron sighed, turning back to his bed. He went to go check under the bed to tell the girl to come out, but she was gone.
"I think my world has just flipped." He said aloud to himself. He didn't know it then, but that meeting was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Aya and Leo fight:
Leo makes an offhand comment somehow implying that Aya wouldn't make a good mother and she, already upset from earlier meeting with Pak, goes off on Leo, screaming and making a fuss until she puts a vividly mean image in his head and he shoves her away from him. She becomes quiet and shakes uncontrollably, getting caught up in a flashback in her head. Leo snaps her out of it and she tries to run away. Leo is surprised, but let's her go. Eventually he tries to come up with a way to apologize, but ends up doing it very awkwardly and it is the start of a beautiful platonic friendship.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Angelique was a lovely an averagely lovely girl. He hair was not the softest, her skin not the smoothest, etc., but to Sorrel, she was the essence of beauty itself. They'd known each other since they were young and too childish to understand class discrimination.

"Soooooorrrrreeeeellllllll!" Her voice called. She panted and he could tell she had been running. He looked up from the puppy he had been playing with to find a muddy girl of about five years clutching something in her skirts. Her hair was twisted and tangled, but she had this mischievous grin on her face that intrigued him. "Are you Sorrel?" She asked blatantly. He nodded silently in response, still very confused as to what was happening and who this creature was.
"I'm Angelique. I heard you were the prince."
"Well, my brother is the first prince since he's older." He clarified.
"That's ok. I just needed any prince."
"Oh... what for?" He asked, still confused as to why she was here.
"Well, you see, last night, my mom was telling me about this princess that kissed a toad and turned it into a prince." She began, "So I spent all day looking by the river for a toad and found one! Since there aren't any princesses around here, I figured that if I got a prince to kiss it, then it would turn into a prince or a princess!" She explained excitedly, as though her logic were sound.
Sorrel grimaced. "Ew! I don't want to kiss a muddy frog. That's gross."
"But it wouldn't be muddy for long because it's going to turn into royalty!" She insisted, revealing the captured amphibian in her dress.
"Please! It will only take a minute." She pleaded. Her face looked at him earnestly. Sorrel watched her cautiously for a moment, considering her request.
"Ok..." He conceded with a sigh.
"Really?" Her face lit up as though it were her birthday. "Thank you! Ok, now stick out your lips like this." She puckered her own lips in example. Sorrel did as she instructed, very nervous because he didn't want to kiss a frog.
Angelique held out the slippery creature, bringing it closer and closer to Sorrel's face.

"Children!" A voice shrieked. The kids turned to look at a frantic maid running towards them. She ran up to the kids, grabbed the toad and threw it with great force away from them.
"Mom! I looked all morn-"
"Angelique this is very bad behavior. You do not shove frogs into the young prince's face. I'm very disappointed in you."
"But we wanted to see if the frog would turn into a princess." Sorrel interjected, not understanding what was wrong, though he was glad he wasn't going to kiss a toad anymore. The woman looked surprised, then understanding.
"Oh my stars. That's what you were doing? Honey, that was just a story. Toads don't really turn into people." She sighed and turned to Sorrel. "My prince, I am so sorry about my daughter. This won't happen again. We're leaving now. Angelique. Curtsy and apologize to the prince." The young girl's face looked like it was about to burst into tears. She did as her mother said and was soon dragged away without another word. The young prince watched them leave, hoping he'd see her again so he could tell her she didn't have to cry.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Lora sighed, tapping the charcoal pencil to her chin as she gazed upon the male's naked form before her.
"If it's possible, could you please stop breathing for just a moment? Your chest keeps moving and I just can't seem to capture both the inhalation and exhalation. And stop trying to fix your hair, it's not helping." She instructed. The man before her became red in the face and tried to comply to her wishes.

"Thank you!" She piped up and took charcoal to paper once again. Her assignment was to do a nude sketch of someone. The man she had enlisted for help was someone who was in a couple of her classes. He seemed open-minded enough for the job, which is why she had asked him. He had been surprised, though she assumed it was because he wasn't aware of her existence until recently. She was apparently somewhat of a ghostly presence. She had him pose in a comfortable, lounged position because an action pose would have made him tire easily. She wanted to take her time, so she had him do something he could stay a while in. She worked meticulously and silently, giving instruction here and there as needed. When she had finished, she packed up her things, gave a quick thank you and made to leave.

"Hey, w-wait!" He called after her and ran up with his pants just thrown on in a hurry.

"Oh, did you need something?" She asked, her eyes watching him inquisitively. He was still red in the face, apparently trying to piece his words together.

"Well do I at least get to see it?" He asked, though his face looked somewhat lost.

Lora raised a brow in slight surprise, but went to her bag to acquiesce his request. "Oh, if you'd like to. Sure." She took out the sketchbook and handed it to him. When he flipped to his page, his face became even more red. Lora was unsure how to address his silence.

"Do you not like it?" She asked flatly. "If you want, I can redo it to something you are more comfortable with. Though, I would like to turn this assignment in as soon as I can." She explained plainly.

"N-no it's fine... I-uh- I mean you're turning this in. To be viewed by people."

"Well, yes, we are being graded. Should I find someone else?" She asked. His uneasiness was apparent and she needed the person's consent to turn in the piece.

"Right, I mean, I've got nothing to be ashamed of right? In comparison to the other people who have modeled... you picked me, after all." He smiled, albeit a bit nervously. Lora thought he might have been showing a bit of insecurity about his body.

"I haven't seen the other models, just a few sketches other students have done." She shrugged. "But, personally, your body appears to be in excellent health. your body fat percentage is low enough that your muscles are relatively visible to the naked eye, but high enough that you shouldn't be concerned about certain diseases. You have a good body for practicing anatomy." She offered a polite encouraging smile.

"Y-yeah? You think so? I mean, I think you would be a good model, yourself." He rubbed at the back of his neck.

"I was asked to, actually, for a classmate, but when I discussed it with my mother, she thought it would be 'wildly inappropriate.' So I asked Peter to find someone else. I think he went with Stephen." She explained obliviously.

"W-well, um, I was kind of wondering if maybe you would like to go get some tea with me? Once I get my clothes back on, that is."

"Sorry? You want to get tea?" She was confused. "Why?"

"Oh, god, do you have a boyfriend? Are you engaged?"

"No. Is that important?"

He just stared at her a moment, marveling at how oblivious she apparently was. Perhaps she had no interest for him at all. So there was no reason for him to get all worked up.

"You know what? No. You're right. I'll just go find a girl that likes me to go on this date." He sighed, shaking his head and walking off.

I wonder what has him all fussy... Lora thought to herself. She picked up the boy's shirt and gave it to a nearby butler to have it cleaned and returned to the young man. She went on about her day as normal.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Patricia found Zane a frustrated and grieving boy. She had been on her way back to her private quarters when, quite suddenly, he was before her, drunk and dazed. He looked confused and lost with a hint of crippling sadness in his eyes. Patricia was intrigued. Confused? Sure. Scared or startled? Hardly. He locked eyes with her and nearly tripped. She steadied him with a readily calm and polite smile.

"And who might you be, Sweetheart?" She asked with all the poise a princess would be expected to possess and a secret enthusiasm in locating her next prey. "Antonio, Reginald, would you excuse us? I should like to help him and I would so be grateful if you could prepare me a nice bath for later." She smiled and escorted the young man to a hallway with less traffic. She leaned Zane against the wall for stability and swept his hair out of his face with one hand and lifted his chin with the other so that she could meet his eyes.

"You poor thing, what has you drinking and about at this hour?" She tilted her head to the side as she spoke softly but clearly.

"It just hurts..." He mumbled, trying to look down. Patricia was not the least bit deterred.

"What hurts, darling?" She stroked his cheek with her thumb.

"M'heart. 'Cus Sorrel and... he... mmm..." His eyes met hers again, becoming shiny with tears.

"Oh, sweetheart, I understand. I can help you forget about him if you'd like..." She grinned, their lips drawing nearer.

"I... uhmmm..." Zane appeared conflicted at first, but before she could do anything else, the boy was suddenly kissing her. He grabbed her face and pulled her close to him in a sudden passion that she was-frankly-unopposed to.

Many of the students had begun to call her the Queen of Hearts. She liked the ring it held on the tongue, so she didn't correct them. Personally, she just saw herself as the queen of seizing opportunities. Sure, she wasn't in love. But he was a good kisser and she could afford to give him some of her time.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Fables: Cinderella, Briar, and Snow

Party girls don't get hurt
Can't feel anything, when will I learn
I push it down, push it down

I'm the one "for a good time call"
Phone's blowin' up, they're ringin' my doorbell
I feel the love, feel the love

"Briar, Darling! You look simply irresistible." The orphan turned princess beamed as she greeted one of her closest friends with a warm hug. They were meeting a few blocks away from the club for parking reasons. Cindy had been the first to arrive, and now they were looking out for their last third, Snow White. This was the first time in years the three princesses got an opportunity to hit the town and enjoy each other's company. Briar was busy with her ballet and working for Georgie and Snow was running the whole town. "You will make good competition for getting numbers tonight." She teased, nudging her arm lightly. "Now if only Snow... oh! There she is over-" She noted the pale skinned beauty getting out of a car not too far down the street. She exited from the passenger's side of the vehicle and went over to the driver's side to lean down and stick her head in the window and give Bigby a kiss before he drove off. Not before giving the girl's a quick smile and wave. It hurt more than Cindy would ever dare let on. Thankfully she was a talented actress. She was Cindy, the party girl/fashionista/self-made shop owner, rather than Cinderella: lethal spy/assassin/hopelessly in love with Bigby Wolf. Bigby, of course, was still hopelessly in love with Snow White, who still wasn't even sure about how she felt about him. The blonde's face hardly moved from it's bright, fixed smile.
"There she is!" Cinderella cheered waving the fair princess over. "Snow, you look smoking hot! It must have been hard for the wolfman to let you go, huh?" She teased, forcing the lump in her throat as far down as she could. The raven-haired beauty blushed as she approached her friends.
"Well, he knows it's important for me to be able to do this with my closest friends." She shrugged, hugging Briar and Cindy before they all made their way to the line.
"Oh, shoot. The line is so long!" Briar groaned, running her fingers through her own blonde hair.
"Ah ah ah! Never fear, ladies. I know the bouncer." Cindy assured her friends, strutting up to the large man with a confident, yet sultry grin. After a couple seconds of working her magic, he let her and her friends go inside. The music was loud and thumping. She could hardly make out what Briar and Snow were trying to say. She motioned to the bar so they could all get their drinks. The image of Snow kissing Bigby was burned into her mind and all Cindy wanted was to erase it. They ordered shots and cheered each other.

123, 123 Drink.
123, 123 Drink.
123, 123 Drink.

Throw 'em back, 'til I lose count.

I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier
I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist
Like it doesn't exist
I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry
I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier

But I'm holding on for dear life, won't look down won't open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light, 'cos I'm just holding on for tonight
Help me, I'm holding on for dear life, won't look down won't open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light, 'cos I'm just holding on for tonight
On for tonight

They did shots first before moving to the dance floor. Briar had no trouble fitting right in. Her experience working for Georgie gave her some very attractive dance moves that had men swarming. Snow stuck with Cindy, not interest in entertaining the attention of the silent offers and interested looks she received. Cindy almost wished she didn't so she could not think about her and Bigby for just moment. She brought her over closer to Briar while she made her way back to the bar and ordered another round of shots for herself. She needed that image to go away. She turned to the overpowering music thumping in a deafening beats and the sweaty heated bodies moving to the same rhythm. She watched the bright lights, smiling as she began to lose herself in strangers and liquor. She found swaying hips and eager lips to take her attention.

You're a party girl. Party girl's don't get hurt. You're not hurt. You have the music and the drinks

Cinderella danced with whoever asked, kissed whoever she wanted, and always had a drink in her hand. She wasn't worried about alcohol poisoning despite Snow's concerned insistence. A Fable as popular as her wouldn't be killed so simply. The last thing she remembered that night was spinning. Spinning in a circle, watching the lights dance around her until her memories turned black.

Sun is up, I'm a mess
Gotta get out now, gotta run from this
Here comes the shame, here comes the shame

1,2,3 1,2,3 drink
1,2,3 1,2,3 drink
1,2,3 1,2,3 drink

I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier
I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist
Like it doesn't exist
I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry
I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier

The next morning, Cindy awoke to an unfamiliar apartment. It wasn't hers. And it certainly wasn't Briar or Snow's. By the looks of it, no one too rich lived here. The musky smell gave her the impression that a man lived here. Did she go home with someone last night? She wouldn't have been surprised if she had. She yawned, sitting up in the bed and stretching. She was wearing clothes much too large for her petit frame, but she was, nonetheless, clothed fully. So no sex, then? She heard some scuffling coming from the other room and got to her feet, tiptoeing her way to the door. She was about to peek on the other side when the door opened completely. A tall, gruff looking man stood before her. She came face to face with his chest and when she gasped in surprise, the familiar scent threatened to burn her skin off.

"You're up..." Bigby stated. His tone was straightforward, but soft, tired, holding pity. She had known he knew about her feelings as soon as she did. Bigby had a super sense that way. He always knew how people felt, when they were sad, when they were lying, when they were in love...

"How did I end up here?" She managed. Nothing made her feel more ashamed than being in front of Bigby after everything she had done the night before.

"Snow had to take Briar home and didn't want to leave you alone. I volunteered to take you for the night." He explained.

She felt like a child caught in a lie. Of course, she had every right to get drunk and act as she pleased. None of that, however, changed her feelings. And Bigby knew, but he was too nice to point any of it out. But that didn't matter because he knew and she knew he knew and it was humiliating beyond comparison.

"I should leave..." She whispered, trying to move past his large frame. He moved to let her go, knowing better than to stop her. She imagined a world where he did stop her and invite her to stay for breakfast and coffee. Then she returned to reality.

"Be sure to give Snow a call. She was really worried about you. She said you weren't yourself last night." His voice was gravelly and rough as though he had just woken up and needed a glass of water.

Cindy began grabbing her things, unable to face him directly. "That's funny, I'm a party girl after all-"

"Cinderella." He stopped her. His request for her to stop lying. "I'm sorry." His voice was honest, yet resigned.

She nodded, wanting to say so much, but she knew it would change nothing. She didn't know how to respond. She just knew she needed to leave. She couldn't take it anymore. This was too much. "Yeah... me too." Her voice cracked before she fled the apartment and hit the streets.

When will I learn? Push it down, Push it down.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments ((ok here goes:
-maeghan and di are working tomorrow and felswich is there, so Mae is all over that.
-whilst seducing him, she gets clues that di might be part of mafia, and later catches di/david talking. She ends up following the two home one night and is discovered. they figure out what the other is doing.
-mae and di wonder what to do with the information they have.
-then... idk. if Cooper doesn't want to anger the mafia, then he probably wouldn't do anything about it so long as he himself wasn't threatened. If the mafia found out, and they were confident about their numbers, they might have mae leave just as a precaution for di's security?
-OR since Di hates her nonnos then maybe she tries to team up with the mob to take them out? David tagging along for her safety?))

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Cindy and Bigby.
They kissed. They really kissed. Hands tangled in hair, grabbing and greedy and needing closeness and they kissed.
The wolf's arms were strong, his hands rough around the shop owner's slight, soft body.

This was all she could hope for.
This was all she could ever hope to have.

Because it was good.

For Cindy, her furry hero was before her, wanting her as she had always wanted him and wasn't this ok? Didn't she earn this for all of her restraint and pain? Despite that he was her boss and Snow White was her best friend, hadn't she deserved this?

This passion and desire and safety?
This love?

Even if it was fabrication.

And his apartment was really her own.

And his eyes held more hunger than affection.

And he was the illusion of her drugged mind.

And his lips belonged to a man name Georgie.

But she deserved it. Because she was in love with a man in love with her best friend. Because she flirted with him anyways. Because he never flirted back. Because she didn't care. Because she couldn't stop caring.

And she could have this Bigby. The imaginary one. It was all she could have.
It was all she could ever have.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments She ran home afterwards, while he was asleep. Her bare feet thudded against the pavement and her wild, short red hair bounced along in her wake. She panted achingly, but she couldn't slow down. If she focused on the running, the pain, the pushing herself, she could stop thinking about what had just happened.

She wasn't even sure what time she got home, but she knew it was dark and far later than she had intended to get home. Stopping on her front porch, she stopped to take a breath and comb her hair flat with her shaking fingers. God, she hoped they were asleep.

They weren't. All three of them were furious that she had run home on her own. She pleaded they not blame Eric for her mistakes. They were watching a movie, her phone died, they fell asleep, she forgot to call on her way out. Somewhere along the line of her lies she looked into the eyes of her best friend and knew he knew. She was so terrified that they all would know about the truth, that she excused herself as quickly as possible, apologizing profusely and begging that she was tired and needed rest. On the verge of tears, she was pardoned and her parents understood the situation to be just as her sweet lies claimed, acknowledging that she appeared to be fine and would have to be more mindful the next time she wanted to stay late at her boyfriend's place.

Gavin's eyes followed her cautiously, but he said nothing. He was kind enough to save the conversation for a later time. The next morning on their drive to school, in fact. Her night had been hell, and she hardly got any sleep after her memories refused to leave her be.
"Should I be worried?" He asked. She wasn't even sure if she knew the answer.

She shook her head. "I'm just... I don't know, Vin. It's weird. I mean, after your first time, didn't you feel different? Isolated? Like anyone you look at will automatically realize you've committed... well, you know... I-I wasn't forced or anything. Don't give me that look. You be nice to him. It was... nice. Well, it felt good... Oh my god I can't believe I'm actually talking about this." Her face was a bright cherry red that she tried to bury under her arms. "Please don't laugh at me for being ridiculous. This is horrible. I couldn't even focus on Mr. Tanner's lecture today on the immune system because I keep remembering it. Since when did sex make like way more complicated? You never seemed to be distracted this much." She accused of her neighbor. She didn't tell him that what was really killing her was that she wanted to break up with Eric, despite the night they had shared together. She really liked him, cared for him so deeply, but something felt wrong and she couldn't place it. She must have gone crazy. Maybe losing one's virginity did that.

When she ran into him again he did apologize for not getting her home on time. She wondered if she should say something. Sorry for running out like I did? She had a really good time? She just didn't want to see him anymore? Instead, she settled for,
"Did you sleep well?" With a simple smile. His wide, wolfish grin spread across his face.
"Yeah! Like a baby. Hey, there's somewhere I wanted to show you." His eyes glittered excitedly like a boy in love. She wondered if she had ever looked at him like that.
Weaving their way through the crowded halls, they ended up in the lighting racks above the auditorium, overlooking the empty seats and stage.
"We can get some privacy up here." He whispered, kissing her cheek easily. "I wanted to tell you something. Something important." His face was uncharacteristically bashful, a light blush dusting his handsome face. "I mean, last night was a big step for us, you know? And I wanted you to know that it meant a lot to me because, well, I- I love you, Rae."

Her heart could have stopped she was so terrified. She couldn't return his words. She didn't love him. Yet she cared for him so much and she really liked him. She couldn't say anything, though, because how could she do that to someone who had just laid their heart on the line to her? Maybe, she reasoned, she just needed more time. That her love would come soon enough. She was slow and he was fast. She just needed to be patient, right? She opened her mouth to at least try to say something,
"Eric, I can't-" Her lips were met by one of his fingers.
"It's ok if you can't say it yet. I just really wanted you to know. You had a good time last night, right?"
"O-of course! I-I-" She was cut off again, but this time by his lips. His skillful, soft lips. She would come around eventually, right? She just needed to give herself some time. She was slow, after all. They fell into each other once again


The rendezvous continued to occur for about 2-3 times a week for the first month, but eventually Rae managed to dwindle the amount to once a week, often during their friday night dates during the second month. Her feelings were frustratingly slow, she lamented to Gavin. How could she not want to continue something that made her feel so good? As much as she wanted to hide her discomfort from her best friend, there was no hope for her. The moment he noticed her grades beginning to drop, the musician confronted her.

"Break up with him." Gavin's voice was soft, understanding, but insistent. "I know you care about him, but you can't let this relationship affect your grades." He reasoned, knowing how much academics meant to the aspiring scientist. She knew he was right. He always was, so she promised she would the coming weekend, but then she backed out because he had a big game that day and didn't want to make the team suffer. Again, she promised Gavin the next weekend, but then she had a test to study for and breaking up with Eric would mean distracting her. She begged for one more chance. She knew her best friend would take matters into his own hands if she did not act soon. She'd gotten so close and was on the verge of going through with it when he invited her to a party with his friends. She'd returned home completely wasted that night and more distressed than ever. She'd never be able to do anything at this rate... So she lied to Gavin. She told him that she broke it off with Eric and was so upset that she went to a party with some of her friends. It didn't take long for the gearhead to catch on to her ruse. He was angry with her, but not mad enough to forget to call Eric and break up the pair over the phone.

She wanted to be mad at him, really she did. It was embarrassing that she couldn't take matters into her own hands, embarrassing that she wasn't able to balance her relationship and school the way she had intended, but mostly embarrassed that she had been fighting to stay in a relationship with someone whom she didn't love. She couldn't look at the charming man for weeks, horrified by how it had all ended. Eventually Eric graduated and Rae was left with her regret, knowing she was the one to have wronged him in the long run.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Name: Nikostratos Devaraja
» Alias(es): Niko

Gender: Male
» Sexuality: Bisexual

Species: Viera

Age: 40
» Birthday: August 18

Social Stratum: Outcast
» Occupation: Sorcerer

Affiliation: Neither


Height: 6'7"
Weight: 190
Hair: long; dreads; dark brown; white at the roots; red towards the ends
Skin: mocha; tan; scarred
Eyes: crystal blue; entrancing; magical
Body type: sinner
Pitch of voice: deep; rolling; melodic; enticing
Distinguishable markings: scars all over his body; tall; long rabbit ears; bunny tail usually hidden by pants.

Personality: Niko is a nutter, bent on turning the Poula Kingdom to ash. His revenge is his sole purpose in life and he will do anything and everything he can in order to achieve it. His personality ranges from the suave, charming, yet mysterious stranger, to the mad, enraged, blood-thirsty villain one has nightmares about. He cares little for human life and would see them all die with the snap of his fingers. More than their deaths, though. He wants them to suffer. If that means saving some face among them with lying smiles and a dishonest trust between him and the hume population, then so be it. He will imagine looks of terror on their face all the while.
» Weakness(es): blinded by desire for anarchy; arrogance
» Strength(s): manipulation; preying on the vulnerable; magical abilities

History: For years, Niko had lived happily as a Viera. He lived in an especially deep part of the forrest, away from the civilization of the modern world. When Niko was twenty, his small, but precious village was raided by humes that wanted to capture the viera and enslave them for the kings and queens of the world as gifts. A battle was waged and while no hume had survived, they had taken their fair share of vieran lives. Niko was among the few to escape. Wanting to seek refuge, they searched the forests for years in hopes of finding a tribe of viera that would offer them shelter and kindness. Instead, they were rebuked and seen as unclean for having been in contact with the outside world. Rejected, the survivors were left to fend for themselves. Some became severely depressed having lost everything and now were a disgrace to their own beliefs. Some went mad, abandoned their group, or committed suicide. Niko had endured, holding onto his sanity as best he could, but witnessing what happened to the last of his village poisoned his heart with darkness. With time this darkness only grew and, one day, Niko realized he could channel this darkness into power in the form of magic. Unable to wallow in the ashes of his past any longer, Niko left the group, having erased their memories. He hoped that if they had no knowledge of the incident, their chances of survival would be better. Niko moved to civilization, where he began to plan his revenge. The entire hume society sickened him and he wanted to toss it into Anarchy as they had done for the viera. He wanted the towns to burn and for it's people to hear the screams and cries of their loved ones. To do that, he knew he had to go after their leader. And that meant taking out the King. To do this, though, Niko needed someone the King trusted. Someone no one would expect. And then he found Nimue. She was young, innocent, and impressionable. She also had a terribly huge secret even she didn't know she was keeping. Niko took the princesses isolation as an advantage and used his magic to befriend her from afar. For all she knew, he was a talking rabbit.

» Nimue Enid Gudrun - Hume/Elvaan Hybrid; 19; Princess; His Little Pet

Weapon(s): magic

Fighting Skill(s): skilled hand-to-hand; strength; size

Other: Niko seeks anarchy and chaos as revenge to the wrong that had been done to him and his people so long ago. He wants to show everyone just an inkling of what he had been through and the pain he had felt.


Name: Nimue Enid Gudrun
» Alias(es): Nim; Feathered Princess

Gender: Female
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

Species: Hume/Elvaan

Age: 19
» Birthday: August 30

Social Stratum: Royalty
» Occupation: Princess

Affiliation: Poula


Height: 5'5"
Weight: 115lbs
Hair: strawberry blonde, very slight wave, whispy
Skin: alabaster; pale; porcelain; smooth; unscarred
Eyes: periwinkle
Body type: slender; flat; poised
Pitch of voice: Aqua's voice
Distinguishable Markings: Slightly pointed ears.

Personality: Nim is the essence of a sheltered innocent. She has never ventured off into the world nor been unsupervised when she has. She it incredibly trusting to everyone around her because she has never been given a reason to think badly of others based on her perception and experiences with them. She was the baby of the family and the king's little "darling." She was the child that everyone kept secrets from for her "protection." Nim was always an obedient and "good child." Even as a baby, she hardly ever cried, ate anything she was given, slept when she was supposed to, always smiling. She lived a charmed life. Although she grew up entitled to much luxury, the princess had a kind and giving heart with a strange kinship with birds. She fed them often and by the time she was a teenager, she had even made "friends" with them, earning her the nickname "feathered princess." She grew fond of this title and began working feathers into her clothing choices (in her hair, earrings, gowns, etc).
Nim and the king always had a very close father-daughter relationship, but Appolonia (Nim's mother) had a difficult time connecting with her daughter. She viewed Nim as her failure and mistake because she is not her husband's daughter (no one but Appolonia and Yuga know this). Thus, Appolonia was always hard on Nim to work harder and be more polite and show more grace. Nim assumed that her mother wasn't proud of her, so she did her best to be a better princess and daughter for her. She still struggles with not feeling like enough for her mother.
Nim looks up to Collin a lot because he has always been a loving older brother and also because he appears to have their mother's approval as a good Prince. Nim has a lot of faith in her family and those around her. She trusts they have no intention of hurting her and if she knew they did, then it must be for a good reason.
» Weakness(es): sheltered; physical ability; innocence; trusting
» Strength(s): kindness; strategist; connections; composure

History: Nimue is the child of Queen Appolonia and the elvaan Head of the Guards, Yuga Tull Cyntruro. Nimue was born a disappointment to the Queen. Nim was a living symbol of her mother's failure as a wife and Queen and a part of her always resented her for this. Other than that, Someone discovering Nimue's lineage could mean the death of Nim, the Queen, and Yuga altogether, so Appolonia was always extremely careful about concealing the traits Nimue inherited from her father, especially her ears. Since the birth of her child, Appolonia made sure that there was always a bonnet or hat to cover her ears and as she grew older, she would comment to her daughter in private that her "genetic mutation" was unsightly and should be hidden out of respect to those around her, so Nim got into the habit of covering her ears as well with her hair or hats. Nim lived under the large shadow of her brother, but never resented him because he was always kind and caring of her. Similarly, the King loves her dearly and wants nothing but the best for his baby girl, even if that means her marrying some Prince in a faraway land.
Currently, with her brother and father constantly busy with Royal business and she having no suitors or means of leaving the palace, became rather lonely until one day, in the Palace Gardens, a voice [Niko's] came to her. She doesn't know where the voice is coming from, but she does know that it has been kind to her and has offered her friendship in her time of loneliness.

» Yuqa Tull Cyntruro - Biological father; Head of the Guards; 80; Occupation; Respected Soldier
» Christos Gudrun - Assumed Father; 54; King; Strong Familial Love
» Appolonia Gudrun - Mother; 40; Queen; Wants Her Respect, But Never Feels Good Enough
» Collin Gudrun - Brother; 24; Prince; Beloved Brother and Role-Model, Lots of Respect
» Nikostratos Devaraja - Viera; Age; Sorcerer; The Voice of a Friend

Weapon(s): None

Fighting Skill(s): None

Other: She is not very talented musically, but has some artistic talent. She also has incredible fighting potential due to her elvaan heritage, but was never allowed to develop this potential because of her mother.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Name: Amoretta Luvinia Styccone
» Alias(es):Styx

Gender: Female
» Sexuality: Bisexual

Species: Hume

Age: 20
» Birthday: June 20

Social Stratum: Lower Class
» Occupation: Bard;Dancer;Thief

Affiliation: Rebels


(view spoiler)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: long; black/very dark brown depending on the light; wavy; soft
Skin: olive; tanned; smooth; clean; healthy; clear
Eyes: dark chocolate-y brown; long, thick black eye lashes; often sultry
Body type: hourglass; lean; curvy; toned
Pitch of voice: (Zoe's voice)
Distinguishable markings: Scars marking her wrists and ankles often hidden by jewelry

Personality: Amoretta is fiery, confident, and lively. She does her best to live in the present and appreciate what she has while she has it. There are very few people she would give her life for. She is friendly, but doesn't get truly attached to others easily. She is extremely cautious and resentful towards noblemen. Amoretta can be rash and run into situations without thinking at times, but her heart is usually in the right place. She is very prideful and sometimes she will do horrible things just for the sake of it. She absolutely hates feeling like she owes people and pays her debts as promptly as she can. Amoretta doesn't like staying in one place for long, so life on the Alexia suits her well. She is also very secretive about her past. She tells others that she knows Katarina from working in a club together and helping each other out here and there. She doesn't like to give anything away that is more than superficial unless it is completely necessary and she is very close with someone. She keeps most of her relationships with crew members friendly, but shallow, save a few very close friends she practically considers family. Amoretta admires kindness and passion in others.
» Weakness(es): pride; hot-headed; fighting
» Strength(s): dancing; perseverance; protective; seduction

History: Amoretta didn't have a lot when she was growing up. Her father had worked as a driver until Amoretta was about 3 and he died in a car accident. Her mother had been a singer and performer until Amoretta's father died and she got work as a maid in a nobleman's household. Being a single mother that couldn't afford to have someone watch her child, she would often bring Amoretta to work with her. She would play with the nobleman's children while her mother worked. There were two boys (ten and five) and two girls (three and six). Amoretta was about four when her mother began working here. She was a tough little girl and enjoyed wrestling the boys, but also making up dances and songs with the girls. As she got older, she wasn't allowed to wrestle the boys anymore and the girls would take lady lessons, so Amoretta was left to play by herself. She used the time to learn more dances and songs. When she was old enough, at thirteen years old, she began to work alongside her mother as a maid. When she turned sixteen, she started to pursue her dream of becoming a performer. She'd use her days off to do some shows on the street for extra money. One day, she was performing and a wealthy man was very impressed by her performance. He offered her a good paying job and Amoretta was ecstatic. When she told her mother, her mother forbid Amoretta from pursuing it. After having a huge fight, Amoretta stormed out and has not seen her mother since. Amoretta met with the man again only to realize that he was a fraud. He kidnapped her and took her out of the country along with a handful of other foolish girls. Amoretta was forced to learn about seduction and receiving various kinds of abuse before she was sold and made a slave to a wealthy nobleman for two years. One day, her owner, Mr. Zolman, brought her to the King's palace to have her dance as a present to the king. Amoretta was rehearsing when she came across a thief, Katarina Minx, and the girls struck a bargain so that Amoretta would be freed and Katarina would get her riches. Amoretta distracted the king and his guests with her performance while Katarina stole some treasures. Amoretta excused herself to prepare for an encore performance and they escaped into the night.

Not feeling that she could return to her old life after so long, Amoretta stayed with her new friend and found work at a club where she could dance. The friends travelled around together, working, exploring, and saving each other from tight situations. Amoretta learned how to be a very talented pickpocket. After a few months, she was offered a higher paying job for a high end club. She wanted it, but wasn't sure if she wanted to give up her life with Kitty. After some thought, she decided she wanted to settle down more and took the job. Kitty, not ready to stay in one place just yet, parted ways. Not to long after she took the job, she ran into the noblemen she had grown up with, Joseph and Peter Klast. They had come to the town on vacation. Apparently, they had all assumed she had simply run away. Her mother was still in good health and working at their parents' mansion. At first, she was too ashamed to tell them both the truth of the matter, however, she ended up telling the eldest brother and his reaction was so twisted that she broke his nose and ran away. She hasn't seen them since. Amoretta wanted to flee, but she had already taken the job and Kitty was gone, so she ended up staying to work. After some more months have passed, Amoretta happened upon Katarina again at the club where Amoretta worked. Katarina had become the new pilot of a sky ship and invited Amoretta to join her in her adventure. Amoretta, more than ready to move on with her life, quickly agreed. She became even better friends with Katarina and grew close to some of the other crew members as well. She wasn't skilled enough to hold a major position on board, but she helped out where she could and puts on shows for the crew mates from time to time for fun.

» Frederick Zolman - Human; 45; Nobleman; Former Owner; Hated With The Fiery Passion Of A Thousand Suns.
» Elena Styccone - Human; 40; Maid; Mother; Estranged.
» Katarina Minx - Human; 29; Pilot of the Alexia; Best Friend; Owes Her More Than Anything She Could Ever Pay.
» Joseph Klast - Human; 26; Nobleman; Childhood Friend; Disgusting Noble
» Will Gauntlet - Human; 24; Doctor; Good Friend; Very Good Person She Is Fond Of
» Susan Klast - Human; 22; Lady; Childhood friend; Fond Memories
» Peter Klast - Human; 21; Nobleman; Childhood Friend; Not Hopeful If His Brother Is Any Indication Of How He Will Turn Out
» Krista Klast - Human; 19; Lady; Childhood Friend; Used To Be A Huge Brat, Currently Estranged

Weapon(s): her body; dagger

Fighting Skill(s): dancing; some swordsmanship

Other: Ever since the incident with her childhood friend, Amoretta doesn't tell people about her past with slavery. She hides her scars with bracelets and anklets and she asked those who are aware not to tell others. She never brings it up, but will fight anyone who takes the subject lightly.


Name: Collin Hale Gudrun
» Alias(es): Prince; Your Highness

Gender: Male
» Sexuality: Demisexual

Species: Hume

Age: 24
» Birthday: November 1

Social Stratum: Royalty
» Occupation: Prince

Affiliation: Poula


Height: 6'2"
Weight: 170lbs
Hair: brown; slight wave; mostly straight
Skin: sunkissed; caucasian; clean
Eyes: dark brown
Body type: athletic
Pitch of voice: James Mcavoy
Distinguishable markings: scar running along the right side of his jaw bone and a small scar on the right side of his neck.

Personality: Collin is a bit of an entitled brat. He has been pampered and catered to since he was born and grew accustomed to the attention, respect, and comfort. Collin was groomed to walk into a room and understand that he was the most important person there if his parents were not present. Everything he knows about the lower classes and outcasts of the society has been taught to him by his parents and hired tutors and he believed what he was told that certain kinds of people were less than him and deserve to be treated as such. He learned to be confident in his instincts and beliefs and always maintain his air of nobility and pride because of the legacy and power he represents. Despite this, Collin had always been a relatively gentle boy that simply wanted to impress his father and make him proud. He is not the kind of person that will go out of his way to attack someone to make a show of his power, but if he is pressured into acting such a way or is attacked, he will act accordingly in response to it.
Collin is rather ignorant of societal boundaries. He understands the classes are very distinctly divided and that the lower classes struggle, but he does not even comprehend just what that struggle really means and how hard some people have to work just to make ends meet. Despite his ignorance, Collin would never intentionally kick someone when they are down. That isn't to say he could very well accidentally make an insensitive comment to someone if he didn't fully understand their despair.
» Weakness(es): pride; stubborn; spoiled
» Strength(s): confidence; knowledgeable; connections; moral

History: Collin is the first born son of King Christos Gudrun and Queen Appolonia Gudrun. Collin was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He had an entire world of fortune and privilege given to him since he was a babe and he grew up learning to expect this privilege and special treatment. It wasn't that Collin was a bad person. He was simply spoiled and lived a charmed childhood. He loved his parents, though grew to resent his father, somewhat, for constantly being away on business and expecting Collin to be just like him when he becomes king. Collin's mother Appolonia always seemed to favor Collin over his sister, Nimue, as well, but Collin never saw it that way. From his perspective, his mother was a very kind and loving woman. He loves his younger sister, as well, and is very protective of her. His father once courted the idea of marrying her off to some prince in another country, but Collin and Appolonia would not have it, so the idea was scrapped.

Today, Collin has begun traveling as well about the lands to gain experience and connections in foreign countries and learn more about trade and what his job will be as ruler.

» Christos Gudrun - Father; 54; King; Indifferent
» Appolonia Gudrun - Mother; 40; Queen; Fond
» Nimue Gudrun - Sister; 19; Princess; Protective

Weapon(s): rapier; sword; archery

Fighting Skill(s): fencing; swordfighting; archery; basic hand to hand combat

Other: Collin has never been in love before. Also, he is really interested in learning about the cultures in different countries.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Cold Season

"Please, get away from me." The congested prince insisted, leaning away from the soup spoon being held out before him. Unfortunately, study plans had been canceled today on account of Alaric being far too sick to focus on anything they had intended to cover that day. The prince had called his partner, Della, with the news, rectifying their problem by assuring her he would send her his notes from class for her convenience.

The shivering royal was surprised when his butler addressed his bundled form that the tropical princess had arrived. And with soup. At first, he was concerned that he had hallucinated the entire phone conversation and had forgotten to actually alert her of his condition. Soon enough, though, it became clear that she had every intention of seeing him today and offering her company and services. It was embarrassing, looking like death and cocooned in blankets like a first class mess. Not to mention her being there was putting her at risk for illness as well.

"Not a chance, Alaric. Now open up. This soup is supposed to be really good for colds." She winked daringly, again motioning for him to drink. Too tired to even flinch at her platonic flirtations, Al complied and sipped the hot liquid from the spoon. The soup felt good running down his rough throat and he was grateful for Della's kind nature. How did she always seem to help him more than he could ever help her?

"Than-" The prince attempted to show his gratitude, but was interrupted by a coughing fit. "Thank you." He croaked afterwards. Eyeing her bashfully. He didn't know why it felt odd being so flimsy in front of his friend. He didn't like that he must have seemed weak and pitiful in front of her. He wanted to be someone that she could rely on too, though it always seemed to be the other way around, much to his regret.

"It really is no trouble. Here, have some more. Your butler told me you've hardly touched your food all day, so you can bet I'm going to have you finish this container of soup before we have you rest, alright?" She smiled, offering another spoonful of the concoction. "I made this myself, you know. Well, with a little help from my attendants... but my feelings were in it. I hope you didn't expect me to just leave you alone when you were like this. That would be very unlike me. And do try not to talk to much. I don't want you to waste your voice. Oh! I know, let's watch a movie? I think there's usually something good playing at this time of day." The princess rambled. The prince merely nodded at her words, drinking the soup when it was offered, shaking his head when she offered to get him another pillow or blanket, nodding when he thought she might like a certain show playing on the screen, smiling at her nurturing, laughing until she scolded him to stop, all in all letting her take charge in his care. His attendants seemed to understand that the two were comfortable in their space, merely bring waters for the pair and offering to bring snacks and comforts for the princess should she require them (to which she often insisted that she was just fine and let them take their leave).

Della was amazing, he couldn't stop thinking throughout the day. Alaric often found himself dozing off, only to wake up on her lap or her shoulder. Once he woke up to her stroking her fingers through his hair while watching a program on the television. The prince was so comfortable, he did his best not to move so that she wouldn't stop, eventually falling asleep again.

The next time he awoke, she was studying for one of her classes. The look of complete concentration on her face was... well, it was completely adorable and charming. He eventually said so, something along the lines of "You have a very nice concentrated look," To which she blushed and thanked him before telling him, once again, to save his voice and get some rest. She began explaining to him the plot of the show that was playing in the background when he fell asleep again.

The third time he awoke, Della had fallen asleep. Her body was slouched against the couch, her chest rising and falling slowly with her breath. Her mouth was just slightly open in an uncomfortable pout. Smiling at her sweet, unconscious state, Alaric knew it was time for him to return the favor. Gently, he removed himself from the princess's lap and lay her down on the couch. He had the attendants grab fresh, warmed blankets and lay them over her. He hovered momentarily, making sure he had placed her comfortably. He had the nagging urge to kiss her forehead and wish her sweet dreams, though he knew that wouldn't be smart if he wanted her to avoid this illness. Instead, he whispered, "Sleep well, Della." and headed off to his bed for the night. One day, he would make it up to her. He really hoped he would get the opportunity to keep her around for that long. The prince disliked being sick, but today he was grateful for the happiness that it had brought him.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Whipped

He was so fucked.

She was too damn perfect.

It was almost painful how much he " "ed her. He wasn't even sure what the hell this was. It certainly wasn't lust. Rave had known plenty of women who were more sexy, promiscuous, and daring, than this little bird. And yet he didn't even care to be with other women since he met her. It's not like he just wanted to sleep with her (not that he could refuse if the opportunity presented itself). He didn't even mind not dating her (but that didn't mean he was going to stop flirting and asking her out every chance he got). He simply... wanted to be around her. He wanted to protect her, care for her, and support her even if she rolled her eyes and told him to go away all the time.

Something had to be seriously wrong with him.

"Just go find some other girl to bother." She'd hiss as she pointedly picked up her pace on the way to class.

"Aw, but why would I when my favorite bird is right here?" He winked, a cheeky grin gracing his face.

"You're so annoying!" He huffed, a fiery breath escaping her lips.

"Your words hurt, Sparky. My heart's bleeding, really." He pouted, stopping in front of her angry glare. She was so cute when she was angry. Actually, she was cute all the time. Damn... a smile grew on his face thinking about the time they first fought each other and he grabbed her hand in an attempt to freeze it and stop the flames. Her cheeks turned bright red and she was so flustered before bursting into flames and knocking him on his sad ass.

"Are you LAUGHING at me?" She accused furiously, shoving past the dragon.

"Of course not, Sparks. I was just thinking we should go to the movies or something. Maybe ice skating? Though, you would probably melt the ice actually..."

"Oh my god, can't you just leave me be? I have enough to worry about as it is without you making fun of me." She huffed, stopping in front of her classroom.

"I would never-"

"Save it. Just leave me alone for the next two hours so I can actually learn in my class."

"Does that mean I can pick you up in two hours?" A sly grin grew across Rave's boyish face.

"I give up. Goodbye, Rave." And with that, the fiery bennu closed the door behind her.

"See you in two hours, Honey!" He called after her, beaming.

There was no hope for the poor sucker.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Ice Heart

"Gray-sama..." A small voice begged. "Gray-sama would never hurt Natsu-san like this." The injured rain woman tried to clutch at the ice mage's cloak. "They're best friends-no-they're brothers. Please, stop, the Gray-sama that I love could never do this. Fairy Tail wizards always find a way to save their friends!"

"Juvia." The last Fullbuster's voice held rage, hate, and resolve. "This isn't the Natsu we knew. It's a demon. This is E.N.D. I vowed to destroy it for my father's sake and I must do so now. Natsu would want this." His gaze did not turn to face the woman once. His eyes were instead trained on the bloodied, struggling body of the vicious demon before him. This was the reason so much suffering had been created and why so many lives had been lost. He couldn't hesitate now that victory was in sight. Memories of his father urged him onward, shrugging the water witch away despite her pleading. This was the moment he had been waiting for for years. He would not fail now.

The beast before him did hold some semblance to his old friend, but the blood-lust in his eyes and morphed body gave the impression of a monster. There was nothing left of Natsu, now. Only patches of pink hair.

"Goodbye, END." Gray growled before delivering the final blow with his ice sword.





Her body looked like a tragic ice sculpture. Like she had never been a living breathing girl. Rather, she was the shocked image of a woman being sliced open. The splashes of her body being hit by his ice was frozen in place.


"Juvia!" He gasped, grabbing her icy image, praying that he could somehow will the ice to return his rain woman to him. Why would she do such a thing? Why protect END? Her face said it all. She had died, calling for him after all. It was for his own sake. So he wouldn't live on knowing he had killed his best friend. Because that guy wasn't the Gray she loved. That wasn't the Gray that showed her the clear skies for the first time in her life. She died protecting the Gray-sama she loved. And he would never hear her voice again.


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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Espen's Journey

The day hadn't been anything special. Espen had just arrived home after walking home from school and flopped on her bed to watch some television. Unfortunately, when she reached for the remote, the screen didn't blink on. Odd, but not alarming. Blackout had been occuring more frequently recently, anyways. Sighing, she slumped off the mattress and turned to her homework. She really should start her homework... but there were so many more fun things to do! Like anything else... even staring at the ceiling...

A tinkling jingle came from her phone, signaling the teen that her friend was calling.
"Hello?" She smiled, hoping they had something fun in mind.
"Hey, Pen!"
"T-tim! What a surprise." The rosie haired student turned bright pink, shooting up into a sitting position. The boy was from her class, true, and they were friends, sure, but never had he actually called before. Not to mention, she'd always had a bit of a crush on the boy.
"Oh, did I catch you at a bad time?"
"No! Of course not- I mean it's a good time- I mean what's up?" She stuttered, pacing the small room.
"Well, everyone was thinking it would be a fun day to get some studying done at the coffee shop down on Low Street. We've got a physics test on Monday."
"Yeah! I was actually just thinking it would be nice to study with other people." She lied.
"Great! We'll see you there in a bit, then?"
"See you there."

Espen grabbed her bag, racing out the door, ignoring the shouts of her parents, she waved her phone at them, insinuating she'd be reachable. Today would be a good day!

At least, that was what she was thinking before the bombs dropped.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Unfair

"No way..." The soldier breathed as she recalled the white, vertical scars running along that man's back. She hadn't meant to see them. Though the markings were suspicious, that wouldn't have been enough to convince her. However, it wasn't just what she saw. It was also what she heard. Fallen, the priest had said.

A Fallen can't become human. That's what these scars are supposed to remind you. Una had accidentally walked in on the priest and the princess's body guard when she was on her way to talk with this guard named Julius. Her master was curious about the elder princess and wanted his shield to do some digging. Of course the prince could never be caught with such scheming interests. The door had been slightly ajar, likely from the priest's carelessness. Either way, she heard the voice as she approached and then she saw the scars. Angel was her first thought, but it was wrong. Fallen was what the priest called him.

Even the slums in the south knew the Origin. Of course, hardly anyone took it seriously. Everyone but her little sister. Omi was a dreamer and she loved the ideas of angels watching over the humans. She'd talk about how much she loved the angels for protecting her and wishing one day that she could fly with them. As a gift, the family constructed her a pair of wings and a harp from scraps of cloth, twigs, and feathers they found lying about. Little Omi loved to sing, so the neighborhood began to call her the slum's little angel. It made her so happy.

Una never believed. Not until now. This one had fallen, though. What was the legend, again? When they got too close to humans? Or was it when they began to love humans too much?

"Oh! Hello Miss... Actually I'm not sure we've met. Did you come to see me?" The Guard questioned, his etherial, innocent face questioning her conflicted expression. The priest nodded in their direction, saying something like 'I'll be taking my leave now,' and exited down the hallway, smiling because he had no idea what she'd just discovered. The Fallen and the Survivor were left alone.

"Did you have a question? Is there something I can help you with?" His tone was calm and even as he put on his coat.
"Yes." She said slowly, regaining her wits. "Why did you Fall?" Her tone was curious, but direct and unflinching. His crystal blue eyes darted to her, unsure how to react to her question. Her gaze remained trained on his features, eliminating any chance of denial.

"So you know, then." He sighed, lacing his hands behind his back.
"Yes. I saw just now. The priest's words and your... scars. Why did you Fall?" She affirmed. Her expression was hard to read as it was both secretive and serene.
"I guess I Fell for the same reason many others did. I fell in love with the person I was assigned to protect." He knew she wanted answers to the mystery that was his existence. And he supposed that he had no obligation to tell her... still. He didn't see a reason to distrust her.

"Oh. You guys are assigned to people, huh?"
"Is that why you're here at the palace? You seem to have this close relationship with the princess... Is she the one you were protecting?"
"I see. It makes sense..."

But the more she thought about it, the more she thought about the heavens specially selecting an angel to watch over royalty, the angrier she became. Ironically, the idea of this angel infuriated her. She was so... frustrated!
"Why?" Her tone was more of a demand than a question. Julius flinched, startled by her suddenly accusing eyes. "Why was an angel assigned to someone who had a castle of guards protecting her? Who chooses which human is deserving of protection?" She was hissing. The angel appeared bashful, uncertain as to how he should answer.
"All I know is who I am assigned to and the rules-"
"But there has to be someone-or something- that decides, right? You are assigned, you don't choose who you protect-"
"What about the hundreds of thousands of perfectly decent people struggling every day to feed their families? What about the innocent girls that just want to be a singer, but instead have to run away from home in search of help? At the risk of their own lives? Or the boys who were killed because they were too noble?" She was ranting now, feverishly with a glassy eyed glare and a fiery tongue.
"Are their lives just not as important as your PRINCESS'S? WERE THEY NOT WORTH YOUR PROTECTION?!?!" Her hands were gripping his shirt tightly, her knuckles as white as the cloth she clung to.

The heavenly man knew better than to try and say anything. He simply looked at her sadly, letting his hands come to rest on her shoulders. He knew she was hurting, but unleashing her pent up emotions on him would do nothing to right the wrongs she had seen. He hoped that this much, at least, would do the poor girl some kind of good.

"You're all horrible." She shook, "Just a bunch of empty dreams for us." Drip, "I hate you," Splat, "I hate you so much." Plop, her head dropped to his waiting shoulder. "Why couldn't you protect them?" The girl whimpered, finding some kind of relief in unloading these words onto this Fallen after she'd been holding them to herself all these years.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Hell Hath No Fury

What did he do?

The wolf had returned to the Fairchild Estate only to find that the man he was looking for was somewhere else looking for him. Shit.

"I figured the joke would be on them." That stupid, stupid bastard! Luca's friend, Marco's words rang in his head. He knew about the hunters. He knew and did nothing. Lying to them to convince them that Luca's star was a fresh new werewolf, ready to bring havoc upon the world at the first annoyance he faces.
"Besides, what would a hunter get out of a spoiled human? It's not like you actually turned him, right?"

Luca was fighting to keep his calm. His muscles rippled beneath his skin, ready to change at a moments notice. He couldn't, though, unless he wanted to make news as a freakish wolf siting on the streets of New York.

"You were just his pet, Townie. Nothing more than a plaything." He remembered ramming that jackass's head through the wall and leaving with red vision. He hadn't looked back for his friend. Luca had muttered something as he left, but his mind was running much too fast to worry over such details. He knew that Stone had been taken. He also knew that he would dedicate as much time as necessary to find him. But absolutely, he knew that, whoever had done this, if they harmed Sterling- his Sterling, then there would be hell to pay.


"Where is the rest of your pack?" Smack! Sterling wondered if all this knocking around would give him whiplash. The chair teetered, but as he was falling, someone grabbed his hair roughly to pull him back. He wouldn't answer even if he'd had the ability to. They'd put some kind of wolfsbane solution into his system and although it had no effect on him, the following interrogation certainly did. Apparently even experienced hunter's like them were dumb enough to think that was the reason Stone wasn't healing immediately. Still, if they knew... they might have started to resort to less favorable methods. He could pretend the wolfsbane stung, pretend that's why he didn't have supernatural healing powers, offer empty threats because he'd been preparing for this all his life every time a mugger had cornered him or some nut decided it was a great idea to kidnap the heir of a very powerful family.

"You'll have to be more clear about your questions." He croaked, "I'm pretty sure I left my backpack on the school bus, officer. I swear it's just books and cookies-" Wham! This time they let the chair wall to the ground, the thudding of his head against the concrete made him see stars. At least they didn't have Luca. Just the idea of these thugs getting their hands near his wolf made him feel sicker than his impending concussion.

"Theo... something's wrong." One of his captors noted quietly. "The blood's all red. We pumped him full of wolfsbane and not even a little has turned black."
"Well it's still getting into his system, Sarah."
"But then why hasn't he started to heal even a little yet? I know this is only my third hunt, but I read those books real careful. They said wolfsbane turns wolf blood black almost instantly."
"Kid, not every creature is to code. This one's young and unpredictable-"
"Will you let me work?"
"What if he's human? What are you going to do if he's human and you kill him?"
"That isn't an issue. We know he isn't. He's been with that known werewolf for months now and Joe saw they were mates or whatever. You don't think they like to enlist young, impressionable kids? After all of those stupid teen romance novels they've been printing nowadays? He ain't human."
"Well would you allow me to test it for you?" The short silence and shuffling sounds had the heir curious. Was he about to be discovered? Had he not cringed enough when they forced that disgusting drink down his throat?

The cool flat of a blade glided briefly along his exposed chest. The blade itself was so sharp, parts of his shirt sliced with little to no resistance. The user was skilled enough not to cut Sterling's skin, probably because she was already suspicious of his secret. Were they trying to scare him? Or was that the test after all? Crap... was that blade silver? The raging headache he was experiencing made it hard to focus on anything.

"Nothing. See? Remember Tallahassee? Second day in and he tried to get his mom's good silverware out for dinner. This isn't a werewolf. He's a human."
"Shit. But he's still been in proximity to them. It was only a matter of time-"
"Do you think that matters? Now we've got to worry about him going to the press-"
"But what about the mate?"
"We might have to get our hands dirty."
"Sarah, you know that Wolf's on his way."
"We could just handle it as though he were supernatural."

Luca wasn't on his way, was he? He'd ran for the hills only hours ago, probably made it to Canada by now. He was so fast... He could be in Canada, maybe he meets up with Rhiannon, and he starts a new life far, far away from these horrible people that wanted to hurt him. And he wouldn't know this would be where Sterling died because he wouldn't look back. And he could finally be happy and find another place he could belo-

"WHERE. IS. HE." The floor practically rumbled as the steel doors collapsed. Luca's voice was not the one Stone knew. It was death and rage and fear. The reckless youth didn't bother to pay attention to whatever scrambling noises Sarah and whats-his-name were making. Luca was here for him. He'd come. It was going to be alright.

Sterling's weak body struggled against his restraints, but only barely because his muscles refused to cooperate. He could only reposition his head to look towards the wild man that had made the exciting entrance. Luca He could almost cry out would his dry throat had allowed it. It only took his wolf a half a second to find him. He didn't smile, though. Why wasn't he smiling? Oh. Right.

Instead, The bodyguard's body shuddered, eyes going far, far away. Within a matter of moments, the giant of a man was a giant of a wolf. His pearly white teeth were bared as a primal growl radiated from his being. Hate filled eyes locked onto the perpetrators. Luca's beast roared so loud, Sterling wouldn't have been surprised if an ear drum had been ruptured. Luca His lips moved, panicked. Moments later, bodies were being tossed about the room like ragdolls, guns clattered against the concrete, animal yelps were heard every time the hunters got their two cents in and it killed Sterling. Luckily, someone was tossed into his chair, breaking it and thus setting him free. He needed to move. He was going to be sick, but he was going to damn well move anyways.

Luca was in bad shape. Some silver knives were sticking out of his back from where they had stabbed him, one eye was bleeding and inflamed from a timely toss of wolfsbane solution. Of course, the humans were worse for wear. Most looked unconscious (he hoped they were unconscious). Jo had some kind of spear pointed at the wolf, but one of his shoulders was clearly dislocated. The pawed swipe was so fast, there'd hardly been time to duck. Luca was in an all out rage.

"" Sterling coughed, running, then swaying, then catching himself, then running again until he was face to face with the beast. His eyes were different up close. They weren't scary. They were scared. Terrified. Cornered. Sad.
"Luca..." The hair slumped into his fur. The contact made the fur bristle and he remembered the knives. He searched, combing his fingers through the black softness until he could clutch the blades and yank them out. The wolf howled painfully, it's legs buckling slightly. One down... two down... almost three... except now seemed like a really good time for a nap. It was over. It was over.


"'no...erl..." A wavy voice prodded, "ake...p'now... Sterling!" He was being shaken. Eye lids as heavy as anvils moved barely a centimeter, his pupils trying to focus on something. Nothing was staying still. Was he drunk? No... The landscape was definitely moving. The shaking... they were running? No, Luca was running with Sterling in his arms.

"Thank God..." This wasn't right. Luca wasn't religious. Something about the fact that his voice was off and the reference to some major religious figure in association to his wolf really unsettled the heir.

A flashy familiar red cross.
A hospital. That made sense.
"No. You can't. My mother. Luca, you can't. You-" The sudden wave of nausea had the adrenaline junkie thankful for the nearby trashcan.
"You don't have a choice in the matter." His poor voice was soft, pained, dying. Sterling didn't have the chance to protest because the moment he was carried through the doors, the flurries of fabric and faces and annoying lights was enough to lose him. He'd lost Luca for what felt like for good.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Starry Blackness

Vin was so pretty, obviously. He was a handsome, handsome boy. She'd always known this. When she was younger, she'd been envious of the blond's effortlessly perfect curls. No matter how the ginger tried, she could never replicate his natural beauty. Heading into her teens, she knew he was only growing more and more handsome as his muscles began to develop, his voice became more mature, his flirtations a bit more sultry. Of course, before she realized her feelings for the man, she saw this fact as more of an irritation than a turn on. It meant more girls trying to hang out with them to get closer to Gavin. It made dating for the gearhead a breeze whereas Rae always had trouble even speaking to guys. His beauty was downright annoying. Of course, the fact that the two were best friends never failed to help the insecure ginger overcome her envy and value their relationship more than her annoyance.

Once she realized her feelings for the gearhead, Raelyn was once again annoyed, but in a very different manner. He was fine as hell. And now she couldn't help her involuntary reactions when he'd flirt with her, touch her, kiss her. She had been emotionally and psychologically attracted to her best friend for 5 years, but had forgotten the whole physical aspect in the crush. When he'd re-emerged, it had been an adjustment. They quickly fell back into their buddy-buddy roles, but even his lean, pale version of herself had sent her heart aflutter and she hadn't known what to do with herself.

After Gavin went clean, he'd returned a bloody mess, but his body resembled it's former football days more and more. Rae had to struggle with her desires to reach for him and flinch away in embarrassment.

Luckily, two long island ice teas and a lemon drop later, Rae had no intention of restraining her paws from her man any longer.

"Gavin." The hammered ginger stared into her boyfriend's eyes seriously, "We should get you a queen sized bed." She slurred relatively clearly. "Right, Jess?" The sweetling recruited her Canadian room mate.

"Heehee, and why does he need such a big bed, RaeRae?" Jessica giggled, leaning against the table they'd snagged at the bar. The whole group had come out tonight. Marie, unfortunately, had to leave early for some apparent reason, but she'd encouraged the rest to have fun anyways.

"Beeeecauuuusssseee, Jesss. We can't always cuddle on the couch! It's not good for sleeping. I would know. So many kinks in my neck..." The copper doe woed, leaning her head on Gavin's shoulder and wrapping her arms around his waist. "You better make up for that later." She giggled, nuzzling her lover's neck.

"Heehee! Rae being flirty is funny."
"You feeling alright there, Daredevil?"
"Um, Rae?" Gavin chuckled, eyeing a very bold hand slithering over to his pectoral. "How about we put this little fella back up here?" He readjusted the flirty hand up to his shoulder.
"But... She likes to be right here." Was the response, returning the hand to it's previous place of occupancy.
"Heehee! Rae being flirty is funny."

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments An Offer I'd Rather Refuse

The bloodied heir took shallow breaths through the pain. How many contusions and broken bones would he have to endure before they got it? They were just wasting their energy on him.

Fortunately, the two wolves doing the majority of the interrogation were ordered away. Instead, a woman stepped forward. The way she ordered the others around made it seem as though she was really the one in charge.
"Enough. I think we've done enough damage to take the human's word as truth. At least, he didn't realize his role in the hunter attack."

Sterling smiled despite his split, swollen lip. Force of habit. "Well I'm glad you caught on before things got ugly."

"Still, this doesn't clear Luca's alibi. Marco, darling, is he on his way yet?"

"I just scouted. He should be here in about five minutes if he keeps up that frantic pace."

The thought of his wolf coming to his rescue was unsettling. Would he be able to stay under control if he saw him like, well, this? Was he still mad about the whole family call thing? And what was Luca's ex-pack going to do when he got there? Something told him they weren't going to sit and discuss things over tea like civilized people.

"I suppose that doesn't give us much time." The woman sighed, leaning to get a better look at Sterling's face. Her smile was far to sweet and genuine looking to be followed by what she said next. "Do you want to die? Or you could choose to become like us. Which do you think would make your butler hurt more?"

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Jessica's Interview

Hey there, Hun. You doing alright? Glad to hear it. Oh, did you hear about Chafeman? You know, the Biology Professor from Freshman year. I guess he got caught with one of his students the other day. I told you he played favorites, the arrogant dick. I swear when we had exams, whenever I wore a bit of a lowcut top, I scored well. Or at least got some bullshit extra credit. Having pervy professors has its perks. Do you think I could have gotten an A too if I slept with him? I bet you I could have. I've never tried it before, but I'm curious. Hey, don't give me that look! It's not like everyone was bred to be so morally traditional. My parents? Why do you want to hear about them? Fine, but promise not to get all 'oh-the-poor-dear' on me. Well I'm from Canada, yeah? Just outside Ontario in some little godforsaken town. Snoozeville. Anyways, Mom and Dad settled there after mom got pregnant with me. She's French. He's American-Canadian. She moved over to Canada when she was really young, but her parents are full on berets and baguettes kind of folk. You know. Grandma still has her super high croissant standards. Never could seem to take more than one bite of anything that was less than spectacular. Where was I going with this again? Right. Mom and Dad. So Mom and Dad were one of those sickly sweet high school sweethearts from a little town, wanted to settle down and have ten kids. Ok, maybe not ten, but they had me and my younger brother and I think they probably would have had more before Dad was kicked out. It's kind of hard to remember exactly why. It was a while ago and I was still in high school (Dahlia and Tomas were still in elementary school), but I think it was something about his job taking him away so often, never being around, blah blah blah. Mom was struggling with all the kids in the house and missing him. Long distance relationships are hard. Infidelity? Who knows. They loved each other a lot so I really couldn't see it happening. If you ask me, that's a gaping issue with monogamy. People get this idea in their head that one person for everything is the way to go. They have to be the one you have a family with, your best friend, your therapist, your partner in crime, your partner in bed, the only one you can dance with for the rest of your life. Doesn't that just seem ridiculous? One person can't be all that. I mean I guess some people are predisposed to just stick with one person through all the growing old crap. Me, I can't see myself settling down like that. So boring. I'd rather just keep doing what I'm doing. I'm being young and reckless because I'm young and I should be able to enjoy life's little adventures while I can. It's not a complicated lifestyle, thank you very much.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Cold Showers

She hadn't even realized how much he'd been showering lately until she got the utility bill. She'd been using just as much as normal, but him... well it wasn't until she'd talked with Jessica that she came to the realization.

"I've been trying to put it out there, like you said. You know I'm so bad at being forward. I did the short shorts, asking for his opinion on my new bikini, eating a fudgecicle (I still don't get the comparison by the way)... I even tried spilling something on the front of my shirt well... I mean it was toothpaste when we were sharing the bathroom but still! It's like whenever I try to do something sexy he's got something better to do like take a shower. What's up with that?" The sweet ginger ranted, at a loss for how she could seduce the surprisingly elusive Gavin.
"He's been taking showers?" Jessica raised her eyebrow, a knowing grin forming on her lips.
"All the time. I wonder if he's feeling sick and gross or something."
"Oh honey... he's not sick."
"Well I don't know. Because yesterday I was trying your massage suggestion and he got up right in the middle of it... oh-OH! Oh my gosh I'm an idiot!"
"Only a little."

Enter Gavin, the world's most patient and understanding boyfriend. In a way, the bill was partially her fault. She'd been trying her damndest to seduce the man and yet she had never used her words to say anything. Internally, she was kicking herself.
"Don't think too hard there, Daredevil." An amused voice sounded right next to her head, startling the doe out of the clouds.
"V-vin! I was just thinking about-uh-the bill."
"Yeah, well, it's kind of skyrocketed as of late..."
"And I think I know-"
"Yeah, work. Working on cars really gets me greasy and dirty and I've been working so much, I guess I just started showering daily out of habit."
"But I thought-"
"Don't worry about it. If you want I can pitch in a little more to cover the charges. Don't worry about it." His cheeks were tinted slightly from embarrassment.
"Okay... if you say so." She smiled, savoring a quick kiss. "Do you want to watch a movie tonight? Your pick. I might even make it half-way through a horror flick if you want." The poor boy had been suffering too. He certainly deserved a little treat for his trouble.
"Someone's in a generous mood today." He chuckled, "That sounds perfect. No take backs, alright?"
"Promise." Oh how little he knew...


"Eep!" She squealed, throwing the blanket over her eyes for the third time in the first fifteen minutes of the movie. Her slight frame was clung around her boyfriend's torso, only the thin layer of her pajamas keeping her skin from his. "How long is this movie again?"

"About two hours. Giving up so soon? You did say no take backs." He teased, peaking at the brilliant nurse cowering beneath the blanket. He smirked easily. It was as though he knew her movements sooner than she did her own. She intended to simply stick her tongue out at him in response and deliver some kind of remark about how she, in fact, was not 'giving up' as he suggested. Contrary to her intentions, the moment her tongue was produced, two fingers were already clamping down on the wet muscle. Her eyes widened in shock. This was the first time he had actually won at their little game.
"Yo go' i'!" She exclaimed, eyes landing on his own surprised irises. The pair burst into laughter simultaneously.

"I love you, Rae."
"I love you too, Vin."
When they stopped laughing, their bodies gravitated towards one another, letting their lips meet happily. She shifted to sit in the musician's lap, glad that she had gained the confidence and comfort to do so during their time together. As the kissing started to escalate, Vin promptly removed the girl and was already heading to the bathroom with a simple "shower" explanation. Rae'd been left stunned. Was she still not being obvious enough?
"Vin!" She called, but the sound of the water smacking against the tile was already sounding. Screw subtlety and waiting for the right moment. This needed to stop.

"Gavin!" She entered the bathroom and tried to open the curtain.
"Rae, now's not a good time. Don't worry about the utility bill." He yanked the curtain back before they could face each other.
Rae huffed, moving to the other side and opening the curtain enough to climb in herself.
"Jesus! Rae!" He clambered to cover his situation with the curtain in his hand
"I have been trying to seduce you all month." She started. "The clothes, the toothpaste, the massage, all of it because I wanted you to know I was ready. I thought that I wasn't getting to you at all because you always seemed to have to shower whenever I tried and I didn't realize until I got the bill just how much I'd been getting to you. I'm sorry I didn't say anything before. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm ready when you are. Not to say-"
"Not to say that we have to right this second. I was just-" She was interrupted by Gavin's cold, wet kiss.
"Do you mind if I turn up the temperature of the water?"
"Please do."


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Deanna | 477 comments 13 of may! Just a few more weeks. :)

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Deanna | 477 comments Gross! Man I'm hardly crawling through now, and I know it's almost over!

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Deanna | 477 comments I think it's happening opposite for me. It's like my teachers forgot they wanted us to write like thirty papers so now they're all due on the same day LOL

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments From Now On, We Bring a Designated Driver

It was Raevin's third high school party. Being a social butterfly and a well-known football newbie, Gavin received a lot of invites. Of course, being the good friend that he was, the jock always tried to bring his introvert of a best friend along in hopes she would meet people and make more friends. The first party had been rough, the second was definitely an improvement, and tonight they both agreed that they would be able to have fun. They were young, naive, and enthusiastic to be invited at all.

The shy redhead walked only slightly nervously alongside her best friend (a big improvement from full on cutting off circulation in his arm the first time he had suggested such a daring opportunity). She'd met a couple girls the last time she came that were on the cheerleading squad. Gavin, certainly, seemed to have his eye on a cutie named Kara. Rae was skeptical, but hopeful that the nice girl might be someone she could trust her favorite person with. Upon entering, they were welcomed warmly and quickly ushered to the kitchen, where the alcohol was in abundance and everyone gave on inhibitions.

Rae grabbed drinks while Gavin chatted with some of his buddies and Rae joined him shortly after, handing him his designated red cup. They stayed together for the first couple drinks or so until the bubbly redhead was ready to find the girls she had been trying to befriend. Oh look! They were over by the fireplace. They were smiling and laughing and Rae wanted to join in on the fun. A couple nudges and giggles later, her bouncing pixie cut found it's way over to the group of ladies. An enthusiastic Kara greeted her warmly, much to the sweetheart's delight. The two began chatting immediately, forgetting about everyone else around them.

"So she's really just a friend, Chandler?" Zeke, a graduating senior and current quarterback for the school, asked casually.
"Yeah man, we've been neighbors almost as long as I can remember. We're basically family." Or something like that... He corrected internally. It was an interesting dynamic. They certainly weren't blood related, but they were joined at the hip almost 24/7 and never seemed to tire of the other's company. They were best friends, but sometimes it still seemed like that label still wasn't enough. Well, he'd think about it later. Right now, Kara was looking cute and her eyes were definitely wandering over to him enough to be suggestive. Rae would probably put in a good word for him, right? They'd probably get along. Who couldn't love the amazingly adorkable Raelyn Emmerson?

"Alright, men. I think I've got the courage to go over there now if you know what I mean." Zeke cheersed with a couple of the team mates, bringing Vin's attention back to his group. Huh? Go over where? Drinking with friends sure felt great.

As the soon to be graduated man made his way over, the freshman jock watched his senior stuff some kind of whitish round pills into his back pocket. Was he on medication. He didn't know much about that stuff, but even Rae had lectured him never to mix prescription drugs with alcohol. Maybe he should tell him...

"Alright, Ladies, who needs another round?" The quarterback gleamed, coming to stand between Kara and Gavin's best friend.

Football Party. Drinks. Girls. Pills. Girls. Smiling. Rae. Pills. Party. Drinks. Pills. Drinks and pills. Older guy. Pills and girls and older guy. B-A-D.

"NNNnnnnoooopppppeeeeee!" Before he knew it, his hands were grabbing the red cup out of the copper doe's grateful hands. For a moment, his eyes and Zeke's met. And what if he was wrong? What if the drugs were actually cold medicine? Or he hadn't actually put anything in the drink? People were staring at him like he was crazy. The moment of panic that crossed the senior jock's face registered in Vin's mind moments too late after he was already chugging the drink. At this point, all alcohol was starting to taste the same. He couldn't tell. All he could do now was look at Zeke and try to read him as he made up some bullshit excuse.
"Uh, sorry. I just wanted a reason to come over here too. Hey ladies! You all look gorgeous, by the way. Kara, did you do something different with your hair?"
"Gavin?" Rae piped up, peeved that her best friend just stole her kindly offered drink from the cute senior quarterback.
"Rae! Haha wow, it's so funny, I just remembered I need to talk to you about something immediately over there. Let's go!" He practically pulled the wobbly woman from her comfortable perch. He turned to give Zeke one last glance, but the boy had already disappeared. He ushered his friend over to a hallway quickly.

"I need you to keep an eye out for me in a little bit. If I start acting funny or just pass out, make sure I don't... oh I don't know hit my head or get taken advantage of."
"What? You don't make any sense! I want to go hang out with Kara more-"
"Rae! I think I might have been... drugged?"
Her denim eyes were suddenly wide and gasp escaped her little worried lips. Just thinking about the possibility that someone might have almost tampered with her drink made him sick.

"I just... oh wow... I don't feel too good." He wavered, catching himself on a wall. Was it drugs or had he just drank the beer too fast. The scenery around him changed and before he knew it, he was lying on someone's bed.
"Rae?" He whispered, his mind beginning to swim. "Oh wow, this is actually kind of terrifying."
"I'm right here, Vin." A delicate hand slipped into his in reassurance. Thank god she was there. He flinched as some cold, wet spongy thing jumped onto his forehead. "I went to the bathroom to get you a washcloth. I don't think it's procedure, but I always feel like it helps me when I'm sick." She explained. "I was telling some of the girls about what you said and they seemed really worried, you know. Kara especially. Some wanted to come and I said nope! He's my best friend and I can take care of him."
"What?! You told a bunch of cute, worried cheerleaders that I was in need of care and just... didn't let them come? I could be being pampered by cheerleaders right now!" Gavin lamented, really feeling the loss as his mind made everything look. I could've..." He dragged the sweetling's hand around for emphasis. "I couldn't had them check my forehead for fever or... feel my heartbeat or... thanked them for their kindness..."
"You could be more thankful to me, you know. It's not every day that my best friend gets roofied at a party. *Gasp* Do you think one of the girls did it? Heather has been making eyes at you all night..."

"Heather? Who's that? No, no, I think Zeke might've... might've..." He was loosing consciousness now. Thank god Rae was there. He couldn't let her go back to the party. What if there were more like Zeke. "Promise me you won't leave my side for the rest of the night." He was gone before the doe could even reply.


The next morning, Gavin awoke to a ginger koala wrapped around him out of habit. If there weren't already rumors, people definitely would be getting the wrong idea if they got sight of this... What had happened last night? Everything was fuzzy. Maybe he just drank far too much? But... this wasn't his room... and it certainly wasn't Rae's. Crap.

The young jock scrambled for his phone, finding it in his pocket. He was going to get an earful from Mr. Emmerson for sure. How many missed calls?

None? What? Had they not woken up yet? Maybe they had time to get back before... no. He was 5000% certain that Mrs. Emmerson wasn't going to spontaneously break her 5am wake up routine the night after he and Rae went out to a party.
"Rae..." He prodded the sleeping angel, not even attempting to disentangle the girl himself. He'd never had any hope for it.

Eventually she can around, taking only moments to groggily open her eyes before she was up and as perky as ever. "Good morning!" She chirped, stretching and rolling off the bed they apparently shared the previous night. "You ready to head out? We can grab breakfast at Pancake House. My treat."

"Wait, wait, wait. What in the world happened last night? Why isn't my phone malfunctioning from missed calls from your parents? Why didn't we get home last night?" The questions flowed as he allowed the sweet ginger to escort him out of the thoroughly trashed house.

"Well... long story short: You were the hero of the night, got drugged, made just about half the girls at school fall in love with you, and were lucky enough to bring me along to come up with a cover story for the parents. You stayed over at John's because he just got the new Call of Duty game and ended up falling asleep. You were too tired to drive and the girls and I already thought a slumber party would be fun, so you promised to pick me up in the morning and we'd be home by 10am."

"Damn. You're pretty amazing for this only being your third high school party. Ever think about making it a profession?" He teased lightly.
"We have each other's backs. Always." She nodded. "Though from now on, let's just always promise to alternate being designated driver. It is really hard making up plausible stories whilst drunk."

"Agreed, Daredevil. Man, this hangover is killer. I may not drink again until I'm 87." He groaned.

"I bet you will. Oh... and by the way... you might not be seeing Zeke around for a while."

"Why what happened?"

"Let's just say I took care of it."

"Fine. I get to take care of it next time though."



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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Guilty Pleasure

"Raelyn Emmerson, you're surprisingly dirty." Marie noted as she nursed her beer, Thomas just returned to the table with another round of drinks and burst into laughter at the accusation. Jessica was chatting up some cute bartender and Gavin, sweet, sweet hammered Gavin, was nuzzled into his favorite ginger's neck, arms wrapped around her loosely, with one hand carelessly resting on her thigh.

Rae, the designated driver for the night was, in contrast, completely sober. She choked on water in response to her friend's bold statement.
"M-marie! Why would you say that?! Gavin's just snoozing." She recovered, blushing profusely.
"Oh no, no. I know you. You are dirty, dirty dirty chickadee." She giggled, getting settled against her newly returned boyfriend.
"What have I just walked into? The secret life of Raelyn? Innocent on the outside, dominatrix underneath?" Thomas wiped his eyes from laughter.

"On what evidence do you get to call me dirty, Miss Queen of Roleplay?" Rae countered, "Oh yeah, Jess tells me everything by the way! I know far more about your love life than I need to."

Marie scoffed, "That was never a secret! And you're damn right I'm the queen. Right, baby?" The couple high-fived. "My point is, Rae, that you are a dirty nurse! Can we talk about this? I feel like I need to get this off my chest."

"Fine. Enlighten me." Rae buckled.
"Example A: Did you or did you not sleep in the same bed as Gavin when he was in the hospital?"
"You can't hold that against me! We have shared beds since we were kids and I couldn't leave him in his condition. Especially since I hadn't seen him in so long..."
"So the obvious answer is to sleep in the same bed with the guy you had single sided feelings for? You couldn't have slept in the bunks just down the hall?"
"What are you trying to say?"
"That you like having his body against yours and aren't afraid to take advantage of a situation. Example B: just tonight when loverboy was nuzzling your neck, you smiled and temporarily had a faraway look in your eyes. Thinking dirty thoughts, am I right?"
"Of course not! Gavin's been back for maybe a month or two now and you're accusing me of dirty thoughts! And even if I was, we are dating now, so how does that make me less than innocent?"
"So you admit it?"
"No! Of course not!"
"Then what about koala mode?"
"Oh gosh, that is just how I sleep."
The couple both shook their heads with a look that said "Oh, honey..."
"Koala mode is completely innocent!" Rae tried to defend herself.

"Right... and how many times have you guys just 'happened' to fall asleep together now?"
Rae opened her mouth to defend herself, but could offer nothing. It had happened at least a dozen times by now. She couldn't help it! It was just more comfortable with him by her side. He felt the same too if his current predicament was any indication.
"So careless. Poor Gavin is probably going out of his mind. Didn't Jess catch you quite literally on top of the boy one morning?" She smirked, the silent implication 'Jess tells me everything too!'

"Th-th-that was an accident! I panicked but he was still sleeping! Besides, he doesn't mind. He usually wraps his arms around me too." The redhead contested meekly, wishing she had something a little stronger than dihydrogen monoxide to get her through the night. Gavin shifted slightly in his drowsiness. Technically, bars didn't allow customers to sleep in house. Unfortunately, Thomas had challenged his new male companion to a drinking competition since the females couldn't exactly compete with his massive frame. Gavin was a bit shorter as well, but he'd gotten muscular enough to at least keep up a little more. That said, Gavin had been completely dry for a long time, somehow rebuilding his lack of tolerance for alcohol. The poor boy didn't even drink more than Jessica.

Rae felt her lip quiver as her boyfriend's lax lips brushed against her neck. She remembered the first time he gave her a hickey. He'd started by kissing her gently, but they grew enthusiastic quickly and maybe the doe had enjoyed the neck play a little too much for her own good.

"Aha! See?"

"It's like I can see the dirty thoughts in your head right now."

"Oi! Who cares if Rae isn't all white lily of purity or some crap like that." Jessica rejoined the party after getting her target's number and a slightly swollen lip. "I would be more concerned if she weren't thinking those thoughts. Could mean hormone issues. Now, I don't know if you're all aware or not, but Thomas is actually the biggest pervert here. And that is saying something compared to miss cosplay over here."

"Pfft! Me?! The hell, Jess?"
"Do not 'pfft!' me, mister. You have been trying to send texts to Marie all night, but guess what? You need to check the name before you send."

The tension diffused in a roar of laughter as they explored Thomas's dirty texts and roused Gavin long enough to get him into Rae's car so they could head home.
"I am never going to drink with Thomas again." The shaggy headed mechanic groaned.
"Maybe it's something you can work up to." Rae chuckled, pulling into their driveway. "He might need to escape our teasing somehow because we are never going to let him live down tonight."
"I guess not... though, they might not let you live down tonight either, Miss Innocent Koala."
"Hey!" She blushed. Had he actually be listening the whole time? "When did..." She was interrupted when greedy lips began making their way up her jugular. An automatic sigh left her lips as she started to lean her head to expose more of her neck.

As soon as they had come, Gavin's lips left and the drunk, playful mechanic was grinning madly against the door to their apartment.
"So you are kind of pervy. Should I be getting pepper spray? I don't want to just let you have your way with me in my sleep again."

"I didn't- whatever, just come here." She kissed him as they moved in doors. "Are you saying you want me to back off?" She asked, very much having no intention of moving away from him any time soon.
"No, ma'am."

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Better to Ask for Forgiveness

"What is this?" The gruff, scruffy giant dropped a stack of paper on Sterling's lap when he was in the middle of reading a book. The latter was startled, flinching at the contact before pouting and putting down his current activity in favor of inspecting the new task at hand.

"Well it looks like college applications." The blond heir noted, fanning through the papers.


"So what's the issue?" He blinked innocently, setting the papers aside and standing up. Oh right! He was also supposed to check the mail today.

"Are you aware that you're currently enrolled at a university already? You leave in two weeks to go back."

"Oh right! I almost forgot. Thanks, Luc."

He huffed, "So what are these for?"

"You, obviously." Sterling shrugged and started to head to the butlers' break room. "And before you ask: no, I'm not joking. You value education more than any other person I know, Luca. It only makes sense that you should get the opportunity to attend college."

"I don't know if you know this, but I never completed high school. Nor have I ever taken the SAT. I only just got my GED last week and you know how hard that was for me to study for."

"But you over-prepared, dude! Not only that, but just because you didn't finish high school, doesn't mean you can't go to college. Any one of them would be lucky to have you."

"Sterling..." He started more softly.

"Nope! Hold that thought. I've got to check on something really quick." The heir noted, before slipping beyond the door. It only took him a couple moments, but he emerged with a smile and a large white envelope. "I know it's not every day that you see someone with no SAT score get into college, but guess what? I'm looking at him!" He beamed, handing over the white envelope.

"But-wait-huh?" He opened the already-breached packet to find the contents of an acceptance confirmation. The school actually was pretty good too, but...
"Isn't this your school?"

"Ah, so you noticed! You probably won't be able to start until Winter term, but I knew it would be tough since you hadn't taken the SAT or finished high school and I know you would never allow me or my mom to given you a loan, but Mom is good friends with the dean and... what's with the face? I thought you'd be more excited." His face was becoming more worn with worry and confusion at his companion's suddenly somber mood.

Luca took his hand and sighed. "This was really thoughtful. I mean it, too-it's just- this isn't something I want you to do for me, Sterling. I just finished my GED and I do think college is something I want to do in the future, but I want to do it with my own abilities. Not using your or your mother's connections. It defeats the purpose for me."

"I... guess I can understand that. I just want you to have everything you deserve, you know?" He admitted, leaning closer to hug his wolf.

"I know." He chuckled, "Just let me take care of it. Who knows? If Harvard doesn't want me, I could always go to your school as a back up."

"Psh! You're too good for Harvard. Only if they offer you a full ride and a complementary car."

"I'll be sure to negotiate that. Besides, I write better personal statements than you so I'm bound to get in now."

"Whatever!" A reassuring peck to his lips, "I love you."

"I love you too." Luca grins into his lover's temple. "What major did you even enroll me as, anyways. I don't think we've talked about it."

"I will say, it was hard to choose since you're such a know it all. I strongly considered Mythological Studies-"

"So cheesy!"

"Thought about just putting Undeclared..."

"I'm not you..."

"Or Human Sexuality and Gender."

"You're having sexy college fantasies about me, aren't you?"

"Yes, but don't worry, I did end up choosing something a little more serious."



"Are you going to tell me?"

"Maybe. If you ask really nicely."

"I could just check the paper. You realize this, right?"

"Don't ruin the fun, Wolfie."

"Ok." He chuckled before sliding his hands into his boyfriend's back pockets and pulled him closer. The giant didn't like to show so much affection in public, especially with Mrs. Fairchild around, but he knew Sterling liked to rub their love in everyone's face and dance with the danger of his mom finding out. "Sterling." Luca's voice whispered and he leaned down to press his lips against the soft skin just below the heir's ear. "Please tell me." A nip at his earlobe. "Please. Please. Please." He kissed the blond's face all over, chuckling as he was now gripping his lover so he couldn't escape his pecking kisses. "Tell me. Or I won't stop."

Sterling's laughter mingled with his own. "Alright! Very good! I get it!" The kisses were hardly a bother, but he knew if they kept up the play, things could turn more heated in an instant, and then Luca would tease him before they could find any decent privacy. Clever wolf. "I signed you up for a teaching degree. It was a strong tie between that and English, actually."

"Teaching?" He cocked his head to the side, imagining himself trying to lead a classroom of students. Him, the high school drop-out.

"Yeah! I mean, don't think I don't notice how you're always buying the kids school supplies. And you're so patient. And I always think of the way you were so nervous about tutoring Tito, but you read everything in the library that we had on simple science and you were just as happy as him when he aced that exam. I just think you'd be the best teacher in the world. Not that you wouldn't be good at whatever you set your mind to."

"Do you mean that?"

"Absolutely. You value education more than anyone I know."

"I think I might like that. Being a teacher, I mean."

"You know what that means, right?"


"You're going to have to get hot teacher glasses."

"I have perfect vision-"

"Shhh! Just accept your destiny as hot teacher. I'm getting you sweater vests and bow ties for christmas."

And they lived happily ever after. <3

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Lune's Relationship in Summary

Luca: Sterling No

Sterling: Sterling Yes

Luca: No

Sterling: Please?

Luca: Fine.

Luca: *proceeds to help with thing*

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Luca sat quietly outside hospital. He had intended to leave. His bags hadn't been packed and Tank was probably running around Mrs. Fairchild's lawn, but he had intended to grab them quickly or very well leave it all and not look back.

Sterling had been tortured and beaten because of Luca. Well... because of the hunter's and their fear, but it was Luca's connection to him that had hurdled him into harms way. The kind of harm that was far more damaging than an everyday mugging.

He was going to be fine too. He was going to suffer a concussion, some bruising, maybe some minor fractures and dehydration, but he was going to be normal again. The wolf didn't want Sterling to have a life that meant he'd constantly be in fear of being hurt like this again or worse... He wanted the heir to have the opportunity for normalcy that had been robbed from Luca. The kind of life where he finished school, traveled the world helping the impoverished, leaving a trail of happiness wherever he went. Sterling didn't need him to do that. Rather, it seemed like his destiny.

But he couldn't leave. Like a witch's familiar, he was bound, body and soul. He didn't want to be anywhere else. He would rather watch his star silently from afar and protect the reckless adrenaline junkie from the shadows he cast. He'd rip out the throat of any hunter that so much as thought of touching him.

"Where's Luca? Did you see where he went? He's this tall tank of a man, probably scowling. Auburn hair. Hot as hell. I need to find him."

He was far away, but Luca could hear him faintly. He was listening for his dry, scratchy voice. The nurse was attempting to console him so that they could care for him. Sterling was probably pissed at him, but he found his lips tugging at the edges. God, Luca wanted to be at his side.

"Luca! If you can hear me, you better get your ass over here! I'm going to call your mom again if you try and run from me! You damn asshole!" The wolf could hear the tears in Stone's voice, but he could only laugh feebly and wipe at his wet cheeks.

"Sterling! What in god's name happened? Where is your bodyguard? I'm going to tear him a new one, I swear..."

Mrs. Fairchild had arrived and Luca laughed harder, his body shaking as he listened to the two argue until the nurse finally rolled away the heir for surgery. Luca listened to the businesswoman leave a very colorful voicemail on his phone before making several more calls to cancel appointments or hand them off to her assistants. Luca couldn't help but admire her fierce protectiveness of her son. He believed she could get the national guard to defend her son against Luca if she wanted to.

"Is he alright?"

Luca flinched, losing his focus on Mrs. Fairchild's voice. Marco stood sheepishly before him, donning the same ragged clothes from when Luca'd pummeled him.

"He's going to be fine." Came the bodyguard's voice bit out. "No thanks to you." He bit his lip hard enough to draw blood.

"Listen, Luc, I know I fucked up. I fucked up big time. I didn't realize-or maybe it was because I did-"

"Realize what, Marc?" He growled, quickly growing tired of hearing his old friend's voice.

"I've known you for longer, Townshend. You were with us for years and then he shows up... And you started working for him and I missed you and I didn't even think! I'm- I'm the world's shittiest friend."

"This is the second time you tried to kill him."

"I lost control the first time. Chalk it up to hunger or jealousy or irritation or whatever. This time, it felt like he stole my best friend away from me, made some kind of pet out of him- you know? I thought if he was not in the picture, maybe you might come back to us." His explanation was met by a harsh glare.
"Like I said, I didn't know. I'm sorry, Luca. Really. Sorry."

"You kicked me out of the pack for not wanting to become a murderer, Marc! What the hell?! You think I wanted to be on my own like that? Stealing and sleeping in the park? You were supposed to be my friend! He offered me a job and I had to take it. And I started getting to know him... he's the best person, Marc. You have no idea everything he's done for me."

"I have an idea." He admitted.


"After you broke that brick wall with my face, I went to check out the place. I'd... followed you a couple times before. A little after you ran into that shewolf, Rhiannon I think it was. When the maids heard I was a friend of yours, they took me to your room. I met Tank... I mean not to mention the smells, the books, the pictures... I realized I messed up big time."

Luca nodded solemnly, stroking his hands through his hair.

"You never wanted this life even when I wanted it enough for the both of us. I always knew it, but didn't want to admit it. What he gave you was everything you'd lost and then some. I see that now. I'm so, so incredibly sorry, buddy."

"Don't call me that."

"You love him, don't you?"

The tank was practically shaking when he responded, "Yeah." He huffed, "A lot." Love. He really loved him. So much that he'd forgotten how to hate himself for what happened. But how did he move on from here? He couldn't stay and he couldn't leave and he was stuck with his emotions being useless!

"Luc..." Marco's face dropped regretfully. "Let me make this right. I'll talk with his mom. I'll take responsibility. I'll tell her that you did everything you could to save him. Please, just-"



"No, Marc. I appreciate it, honestly. I just... I can't bring this world into his life anymore than I already have. Please understand that."

He sighed, "I can, don't worry."

The two smiled at each other. They both needed it.

"I'll... see you around then?"

"Yeah. Just, don't let us catch you pickpocketing if you can help it."

"I won't. And don't worry about the others either. Just don't hesitate to reach out if you need it, ok?"

"Sure." He nodded.

"And Townie?"


"Don't run away from this one. Give him the opportunity to decide what he wants. He deserves that much."

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