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message 1: by Emma (new)

Emma Giordano (emmmabooks) | 51 comments Mod
Hey y'all! So today we start the second book in the Twilight series, "New Moon"! I'm about to start my reading for this week, so what do you guys think about the first few chapters?!?

message 2: by Enya (new)

Enya (bookcorner) | 6 comments Mod
I just keep remembering how much of an emotional wreck I was after Edward leaves and I'm dreading getting to that part hahaha

message 3: by Emma (new)

Emma Giordano (emmmabooks) | 51 comments Mod
Oh my gosh I literally am trying not to cry after reading this like it's so upsetting. I cannot wait for this liveshow so I can just go off about how rational she's being like are you kidding? The love of her life just walked out on her, she's allowed to be miserable!! I hate when people say she's so whiny, like, that's how some break ups are!

I also hated reading the parts leading up to him leaving because I can see it coming and I'm just like no no no Edward please don't leave don't go nooooo"

message 4: by Kelli (new)

Kelli (potterdancer) This part makes me sad :((( the only part I get excited about is when she mentions New Moon like seriously I love so much that she incorporates the title. But otherwise we lose Edward and that picture. For me one of the most heartbreaking parts is when she looks into the album and his picture is gone.
Does Jessica annoy anyone else? Because she seems self-centered and she is irritating me a lot right now...
I love how Bella took out the radio. She's so determined and it makes me laugh and admire her simultaneously.

message 5: by Enya (new)

Enya (bookcorner) | 6 comments Mod
The taking out the radio bit reminds me of something I would do if I had a breakup like that... At least that's how I'd imagine I'd react if my gorgeous vampire boyfriend decided to leave me... I remember thinking that Jacob was going to completely replace Edward in the series and I was so angry haha

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