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hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments I'll add something later lolol

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Junko had been on their lunch break, as had many other guards at the same time, when the floor began to tremble under their feet. They froze, tightening their grip on the fluffy pink stuffed animal they had been holding while eating their lunch. The second tremor, far more forceful than the first, knocked them off of their bed. Tears pricked their eyes, fear closing their hand around their phone and opening the messages they had exchanged with Aylor. Never in all of the time they had been talking to Aylor have they made a typo in their conversations with him. Not unless they were exhausted and half-asleep. And even then, it was a rare occurrence. After all, Junko didn't want to make a fool of themself when speaking to the person they were dating. But when the third tremor shook their room as they got to their feet, their finger slipped just as they hit send.

It was hard for Junko not to let fear consume them, and while they managed to keep a grip on it, it definitely slowed their movements. Which came to be dangerous. The fourth tremor released their bookshelf from the wall. Eyes wide with terror, Junko dived to get under the bed. They screamed in pain as the shelf, and the books and figurines falling from it, came down hard on their right leg. The tears flowed freely down their cheeks now. Ayli... I have to get him over here... Ears flat on their head, they swallowed hard and focused on finding their phone, which they had dropped in their rush to hide under the bed. There, to their left, poking out from under the edge of the bookshelf, which had luckily caught on the bed, thus creating a sort of triangle that could either protect them from other falling objects, or be the death of them as it groaned above their head through another tremor. Blinking past their tears, they grit their teeth and somehow managed to wriggle their nearly crushed phone from it's prison. Immediately, they called Aylor. They almost broke down sobbing when he picked up. Gathering their strength, forcing themself not to look at their leg, they bypassed all greetings and got to the point.

"Ay-Ayli...sen..pai," Junko whimpered, coughing softly. "Earthquake... I'm t-trapped... My leg... It's stuck... In my r-room..." They coughed again, this time louder, their breathing a harsh rasp as the bookshelf groaned around them, threatening doom. "I hide under the bed... B-but my bookshelf... I wasn't f-fast enough... It fell on my leg..." When they spoke again, they could no longer hide their tears, their panic, and it was clear in their voice. "It hurts..." And then they whimpered softly, involuntarily as the bookshelf again groaned and a figurine clunked to the floor. "Th-the battery... M-my phone got c-crushed too... It's all messed up... I don't know how lo—" Another harsh tremor, the worse so far had the bookshelf collapsing on top of them. The line went dead as their hand raised to protect themself.

That was what Aylor found when he finally made it to their bedroom. The only thing that was visible from under the fallen bookshelf was their arm, their hand and the phone that had been held in it crushed under the fallen TV. It was impossible to tell if Junko was conscious, knocked out, or even alive at this point. But the discovery of their body would clearly take a lot of work and careful picking. Further observation revealed a bloodied, pink-socked foot bent all the wrong way peeking out between one of the shelves. It was terrible, but if the low whimper was any indication, it wasn't yet time to mourn.

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((Slowly but surely xD))

Aylor arrived at the scene and into the room in mere moments after arriving on the floor. However, as soon as he was greeted with the horribly devastating sight before him, he found himself hesitating, even for a moment. Were they dead? He felt his blood drain from his body, fear consuming him for a mere moment before Neria and Junko's whimpers urged him forwards. Instinctively, Neria hopped off Aylor's shoulder and began to grow in size. Removing the shelf would have been such an easy feat if Aylor was able to control his transforming ability better. If he didn't have to rely on his emotions that immediately went out of control.
Once Neria was big enough, her tail wrapped around the bookcase, very carefully and she tried her hardest to avoid moving it until Aylor was in position. Aylor himself was moving the fallen Tv out of the way, lifting it quickly and placing it down further away. He shifted as close to Junko's exposed arm as he could, wishing he could check on their state but they needed this bookcase off their leg immediately. Aylor bent himself to get any concerning books off the shelf that he could reach and slip out but maintained his position as Neria began to lift the shelf into the air then eventually around to slam it uncaringly against the wall. It, of course, dented both the wall and floor but she was more concerned about Junko. Aylor's hand went to Junko's head, to check on their pulse but to also check for head wounds. "Junko," Aylor said, hoping for a response. He knew he should be looking at Junko's wounds but his focus was on the pained expression on his partner's face that had his emotions flying increasingly out of control.
Fortunately, the demon fox was on that. She had shrunk to investigate their wounded leg, whining softly at the damage. She was an incredibly powerful demon but healing was not an ability gifted to demons. She would have to wait many more years to even think about that possibility.
They needed to get them to the infirmary... but Aylor was unsure they could accomplish that without hurting Junko further. They looked so bashed up. More importantly, the last thing Aylor wanted was Junko to pass out if they had suffered a head injury.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (*They/them)

Junko gave off no sign of life. Not after that first whimper. Their ears were ringing, and one eye stung terribly. Their entire body felt like mush. And considering the brief focusing of their gaze on their crushed right hand made them begin to indulge the possibility of their body actually being mush. It was certainly possible. But then hands, those that had lifted away the fallen TV, were gently pulling away books that posed a threat of further injury. Though their were still many covering the little guard's body, now it was more likely that their death certificate wouldn't say 'Cause of Death: The Hunger Games trilogy'. The weight of the bookshelf then suddenly disappeared, revealing a bloodied, crushed demi-fox, who was somehow, impossibly, horrifically conscious.

Junko's foggy eyes slowly slid to the right upon seeing a hand gently touch their head and neck. They met the gaze of the guard leaning over them, and it was an effort not to sob in relief. Tears slid silently from those eyes, cleaning the stinging right one, at the sight of their beloved Aylor. They tried to say the man's name, but all that came out was a harsh, gurgled breath. Besides, their ears were ringing far too much to even hear their own voice. Their head was spinning, their eyes slowly rolling away from Aylor and focusing on their limp, very broken hand. Blood trickled into their right eye, stinging it even more. Luckily, they wouldn't have to deal with that pain much longer. As their head fell limp and they lost consciousness. Anyone would, considering the terrible, wound in front of their right ear, the crushed hand and leg, the several snapped ribs—all of which were bleeding profusely. Not to mention the bruises, internal injuries, and those of which weren't currently visible or guessable in the moment. Junko, whether it would make them worse or not, needed to be taken to the infirmary immediately. Or someone needed to get to them quickly.

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Curses were filling Aylor's head. Junko was far from okay and there was no way he could risk moving them right now. There was too much blood everywhere, he didn't know what was injured. If Junko was injured internally, moving them could result in puncturing a lung or worse. Aylor didn't want to risk that. They were breathing, though horribly but they were still taking in oxygen and exhaling it which was a good sign. The pulse weaker than it should ever have to be but it was there. Assuring himself of that, Aylor turned to Neria. He had no other choice but this. If he had any other he wouldn't have resorted to it but it can't be helped. They could help Junko enough to move them to the infirmary for extended care.
"Get Punisher," Aylor requested, not wanting to leave Junko unattended and was already ripping his shirt to bind some areas that were bleeding excessively. He had to at least stop the bleeding.
Neria took off immediately and returned a while later with the delinquent guard of the prison. Surya entered the room, bitching under his breath while sucking on a sucker. He glared at Aylor, moving to get to Junko the long way around. Clearly avoiding being anywhere close. He crouched down to check them out and hesitated. Due to the breaks, they needed to reset for Surya to actually use his ability effectively but considering the circumstance, it wasn't possible. Not without knowing where the breaks were and putting them in the proper place. "They'll need to be rebroken," Surya warned before he glared at Aylor until he turned around before kissing Junko. Purely professional but it still had Aylor on edge.
"You can move her.. him... whatever down now, just be careful," Surya grumbled, standing up and stalked out of the room to head off to whoever else needed his help.
Aylor carefully lifted Junko and quickly and carefully took them to the infirmary to be properly treated, praying that they'd be okay.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (*them them them them them please... Do you want me to continue posting with them here instead of the infirmary?)

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((Sorry about what I miss. For the thing with Surya. it was intentional because he doesn't know or care. His knowledge of other people is limited since he usually only deals with ppl who need to be disciplined.
Probably unless you want the others involved but it would probably be best to keep it here. ))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (No no, Surya I understand. And I understand the slip up sometimes, but I tried to put a reminder in the last post and... It's just a little irritating, I'm sorry)

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((I'm sorry for all the mess ups. I try and catch them before I post, I really do and I feel horrible every time I do end up doing it. I understand your irritation and it's completely my fault. ))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (It's okay, it's okay. Do you want me to respond here as if they're in the infirmary?)

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((Yeah. That'll be great ^^))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (I thought about this rp these past couple days, and I think it might be better to just wait until they can move into the infirmary. 'Cause no one can help Junko right now, so I'd rather wait until someone can. Just trust me ;D)

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((If you think that's best I'm down. Good things come to those who wait. I should really get my other doctor character up in the works done. Surya is not the best option when it comes down to it xD
Btw I will get to everything but it may just take a bit xD I will get there. ))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (OKAY, I FN LOVE SURYA ALREADY)

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((^^ though RIP cause I have a lot of characters nearly done but I just need to properly type out their personality and history but that doctor's history is bland and argh. whatever.
I am so glad! xD I adore Surya. He kills me.))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (Surya... I love him. The whole reason why I wanna wait for Emiko to show off her skills with Junko. I was planning on having Ila busy with patching up Yuki so Emi can start on Jun. And I have this comment she makes about Surya running through my head. When she asks why Junko's bones are healed all weird, she'll go something along the lines of "Wait, was it that mean guy with all the lollipops he won't share?" Cause I figure least once after an encounter with him over a patient, she's asked him to share and he's just flat out refused)

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((Yeah! Makes me so happy. ^^
O.O I love that. Like it so much! That would definitely be something Surya would have done xD He would have flat out said no and probably a comment about how she's too little or something along the lines of "grow up". Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if he said that she could only have one if she is able to take it from him or beat him before stomping off. xD Work hard kid, nothing's for free.))

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hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (Omfg that would irritate her so much XD!!! SURYA, SHE'S SIX lmaooooooo)

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((xD I think it's his own way of looking out for her. Growing up the way he did. He just really sucks at socializing with people xD plus he loves his lollipops xD God, I am looking forward to getting him around. ))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (I'm now looking forward to more Surya-and-child interactions lolol!!!)

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((It will be a time and a half xD))

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