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message 1: by Jaime (last edited Aug 03, 2014 06:38AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jaime | 61 comments "Neuromancer remains a vividly imagined allegory for the world of the 1980s, when the first seeds of massive, globalized wealth-disparity were planted, and when the inchoate rumblings of technological rebellion were first felt. A generation later, we're living in a future that is both nothing like the Gibson future and instantly recognizable as its less stylish, less romantic cousin. Instead of zaibatsus run by faceless salarymen, we have doctrinaire thrusting young neo-cons and neo-liberals who want to treat everything from schools to hospitals as businesses." - (Cory Doctorow in The Guardian 7/27/2014)

Rotuma | 10 comments I have ordered William Gibson's Sprawl trilogy ... I plan to read it in the New Year.

Shelly | 9 comments A true classic. I'd reread it, but there are too many books to read for the first time.

Mark Werner | 10 comments I was subscribing to Asimov's Science Fiction back when Gibson hit the scene, and they decided to serialize the novel... The only one they had ever decided to treat in that fashion. The editorial staff felt it was that important a novel.
I've read through the Sprawl trilogy several times, and the Bridge trilogy as well.
I can't say I like his current work as much... Pattern Recognition borrowed plot elements from his earlier work.
However, the newest one got pretty good reviews... I might give it a try.

William Burcher | 2 comments Neuromancer (and the subsequent sprawl trilogy) was his best work, in my opinion. Later works seemed a little tired, and certainly less…revolutionary. Neuromancer reflected the anxiety of an 1980's American-collective watching its economic and cultural influence wane, and simultaneously presented a future grappling with a tech's redefining the nature of life, living, consciousness, and what it means to be human. Good stuff. The more I think about Neuromancer, the more I want to re-adjust my Goodreads rating. Upward.

message 6: by LindaJ^ (new) - added it

LindaJ^ (lindajs) | 260 comments I've read 5 of Gibson's books but not Neuromancer and no more than 1 book in the series that he's done. Of the five I've read, I best remember the short stories in Burning Chrome. They have all flowed together now and unfortunately I did not write a review that would help me separate them. Perhaps I'll celebrate the 30th anniversary of Neuromancer by reading it!

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