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message 1: by JP (new)

JP Reads (jpfantasyreads) | 802 comments Mod
This is the place where I would love to get feedback from the group members. If you have any suggestions, comments, or recommendations for things that you would like to see with this group, please don't hesitate to list them below. Thank you!!!!!

message 2: by Tammie (new)

Tammie Tackett how about games we can play and if u want to know what games we can play with books i will help u out

message 3: by JP (new)

JP Reads (jpfantasyreads) | 802 comments Mod
Sure, if there's any games anyone wants to play just let me know.

message 4: by Moonyani (new)

Moonyani Write | 10 comments Hot new Urban Fantasy series about music, with a Sci-Fi twist! 🔥🔥🔥 Book 2 of the Music Man series is now available!
Also available on Kindle Unlimited!
Book 1’s synopsis...
Jimmy is a runaway boy, saddened by the tragedies that have happened in his life. The only thing still keeping him motivated, is his love for music. He’s outside, practically freezing in the cold, until he knocks on a door. This door is the Music Man’s. Jimmy and the Music Man find out they share a passion for music. Cornelius then introduces Jimmy to his famous piano that’s in his attic. After playing a song that Cornelius wrote, the piano transports them to a magical parallel dimension. In this other dimension, Cornelius is a famous conductor and composer, who supposedly has an upcoming concert in the town of Harmony. However, there is another conductor, by the name of Hornsbury. And Hornsbury wants power.He is planning to possess the Harmonians, using his music.
No matter the cost......

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