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Desiree decided to walk around when she, usurprisingly, got lost. Then she saw a fairy, who looked as if she was searching for something. She approached the fairy and tapped her shoulder, getting her attention.

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Desiree sensed no evil coming from the girl so she smiled a bit but still kept her guards up.
"Yes, in fact I do. I kinda got lost." She said sheepishly.

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She smiled in relief.
"Actually, I don't know too. One second I was in the dream realm the next I was..." she trailed off, gesturing to the vast garden.

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Desiree nodded, grateful.
"That'd be great. My name's Desiree." she smiled and ruffled her hair. She always had a soft spot for cute things as well as cute people.

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She grinned.
"Shall we take a closer look then?" She asked already walking towards the hummingbirds.

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((Sorry for the late reply. School stuff))

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She shook her head a bit shyly.
"I like animals but they seem to be the ones who don't like me. Whenever I get close, I end up being bitten or scratched." She admitted, scratching her head.

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Desiree shook her head.
"I live on neutral ground which looks quite far from here." She gestured her hand around the large expanse of land, full of plants and trees whereas the neutral ground is full of buildings and cars.
"Where are we exactly?"

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((Sweet dreams ^.^))

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