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Want some publicity. Here, where we all have something in common, might be the best place to start.

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Lights, camera, action…

Carina Downton was born to a relatively normal family, with normal jobs, a normal house and normal siblings. This was all great as she grew up, but as her sixteenth birthday draws nearer her whole world turns upside down.

As Lady Downton of Littlebury, she is invited to the Royal Palace as a considered bride for the young Prince Peter Lockridge of Yorkford. She hadn’t expected anything would become of it. But when she is invited to stay on for two more weeks suspicions rise in more than just Carina.

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When their mother dies, the Porter girls are sent away abruptly. Thus, holding onto the promise that their father will write and one day take them home, Susannah and Georgia Porter board the train to move to the country with their father’s sister, who they will call their mother.

They learn quickly that Ella-Grace Porter is quiet of spirit and that life won’t be the same anymore. Moreover, the harsh uncle that lives with them provides auspicious education; yet they refuse to read, write or play any instrument. Meanwhile the two girls have lost all hope for they have not received the vowed letter from their father.

However, they slowly grow accustomed to their new life and the two warm to their new mother. Perhaps there is still hope left in the low-spirited children of Glynis Park after all.

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(Prologue excerpt from my recent novel.)

The girl’s eyes opened. What was happening?

The room was packed with doctors, scientists, medical assistants and all of the like. Where was she? They were too calm for the occasion as one laid a middle and ring finger on the girl’s temple. It stayed there for a moment and then it lifted. The woman doctor who had done this stood straight and whispered to one of her assistants as another doctor, this time a man, touched her other temple as if to prove what the woman doctor had been saying. He focused on the girl’s eyes for a little while and waited as if he was unsure to agree with the woman.

Finally, the doctor lifted his hand, and nodded to the woman doctor. He said something to her, this time not a whisper and the girl realized she couldn’t hear. She tried to reach for her ear, but her wrists were caught on something. She looked down at her wrists and found them clamped tightly underneath a band of iron. Fear crept up her spine. Who was she?

She wiggled in her spot a couple times, more furiously each time until she was slamming her body against the hard medical table. She screamed, and a fuzzy sound reached her ears. The doctors and assistants had noticed her now and placed pressure on her limbs so she could not move. She screamed again and tears burned her eyelids. She needed to get out of here.

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