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Thanks for joining this group if you have already!

So while you're here, why don't you introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about yourself, the kind of genres you write and have some fun!

I'd just like to add, that out of interest it would be great if you could tell us why you joined this group as well. As well, if you can if you could tell us one thing that's unique about our group compared to the others. That way we know what we should do to attract more members.


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I'll start for you!

My name is Anna. I'm an INFP and a writer. I love to read, draw, play piano and of course write.

I tend to write, fantasy and historical fiction. But occasionally I will write contemporary fiction or science fiction.

To have fun, I'll just let you all know, that I'm super excited you all have joined!

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Oh well! You have a whole life time ahead of you!

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Heather McC (heather-mcc) | 1 comments Hello,

My name is Heather and I love to write children's fiction, historical fiction and am currently working on a young adult piece (possibly priming it for NanoWrimo 2018). NanoWrimo is part of National Novel Writing Month in November, where writers young and old, published and unpublished come to hone their craft and create a piece of 50,000 words (or a personal goal of your own).

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That's really cool Heather. I've heard of it. It sounds like a really exciting thing. I might have to try it some time.

Thanks for joining the group and have some fun! I'm going to try to put up some more discussions and stuff so our group can get a move on. We might have to create a topic for writing contests and stuff like NanoWrimo. That would be cool for a lot of people I think.

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Roseanna White | 1 comments Hi, guys!

I'm Roseanna, and Anna asked if I'd jump in as a kind of mentor to the group. I'm a published author of historicals and historical romance, with books from WhiteFire Publishing, Guideposts/Summerside, Harvest House, and Bethany House. Historical settings are my passion, but I've dabbled in pretty much every genre. =) I'm happy to join in and lend what insights I've gained over the last decade in publishing. Nice to meet you all!

Oh, as for NaNoWriMo...would you believe I've never done it?? I'm never in a writing phase in November, it seems, I'm always editing. One of these years my schedule WILL cooperate! LOL

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Laura Hughes (piecesofme42) | 4 comments Hi Heather!

I'm Laura Ann and have participated in NanoWrimo off and on since 2005. I've completed the competition 4 times, but I don't consider any of those writings publish-worthy. I mainly competed to motivate myself to write every single day and I enjoyed it. I mostly wrote cheesy inspirational romance.

I'm busy writing my third book so I don't have time for this competition next month. Best of luck this year!

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Laura Hughes (piecesofme42) | 4 comments Hi everyone!

I'm Laura Ann and a self-published writer as well as an avid reader. So far I have published two books, Pieces of Me (a collection of poems and essays) and Living Single Today (my testimony of having been single for a lot of years and learning to trust God through the process).

I know that most writers love to read, as it inspires me to want to write about things I read. In addition to writing poems, short essays, and memoir-type stuff, I hope to write inspirational teen fiction. I don't know if it will be popular, but I am more interested in getting positive, Christ-like messages out to the youth than writing a big name best-seller.

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My aunt just recently passed away and she was single her whole life. You should have known her. She was probably the best example of being single and a lover of Christ, I will ever know. She used to tell me Christ was her husband.

I like your dreams on being more of a testimony than a bestseller in your writing. I'm glad you've decided to join!

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Laura Hughes (piecesofme42) | 4 comments Thank you Anna!

Since I consider my writing a God-given talent, I feel that using that talent is meant for His glory. If I were to become a best-selling author, I would give God the glory because He created me with that talent.

As an avid reader, I tend to choose books based on what I'm interested in rather than what the public deems as "best-sellers." The books that are not best-sellers happen to be great reads.

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Your so welcome Emily. We'll try to get this group going and a little more active for you. By the way, feel free (please do) invite your other christian writer friends to this group. We NEED more MEMBERS!

Thanks so much for receiving my invitation and I hope you have lots of fun here.

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Andrew Seddon (andrewmseddon) | 2 comments Hi, I'm Andrew... I am semi-retired and have been writing for nearly 30 years... some professionally published, and others Indie... 10 books at last count. I write in the realms of historical fiction, supernatural fiction, and science fiction. While all are written from a Christian worldview, I see myself as more of a "seed-planter", hoping that my books will appeal to non-Christians as well as Christians.

When not working or writing, I run marathons (three of them with my German Shepherd, Rex), play classical piano (with my wife on clarinet), and hike in the mountains (weather permitting!).

I tend to follow groups, more than post a lot.

Like Shine, I have written some stories from dreams. Sometimes what seems like a good idea in the night is just pure rot in the daytime, but sometimes the ideas are usable!

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M.J. Winn (mjwinn) | 1 comments Hi everyone! I'm happy to have joined this group. I hope to find and give encouragement to other writers. I live in New York with my wonderful wife and two children. I'm a police officer and an author with moderate success in publishing secular fiction. Recently, I've been called to Christ and I've now feel compelled to use my talent to serve our Lord. My latest book is free on B&N in Nook eBook for a limited time only. Please feel free to download and leave a review if you enjoy the book. Here's what reputable reviewers are saying:

"Michael Winn’s THE BOOK OF JOE B: A LOVE STORY is an enjoyable retelling of the Book of Job with an impressively light-hearted touch. This is a contemplative read that will inspire discussion, self-reflection, and maybe even a deepening of one’s faith." -IndieReader

" involving, enlightening, and engrossing blend of dark humor, ironic situations, spiritual evolution, and defiance that is starkly realistic and ultimately hard to put down." -Midwest Book Review

"Prepare to be blessed!" Amazon Customer review

Visit me at:

Blessings in Christ,


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