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Post your character here to win:)

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Kara Jackson (fluffyunicorn) | 3 comments my character is Ali.
Ali looks like this:
She is creative, funny, AND pretty!!

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Kara Jackson (fluffyunicorn) | 3 comments she likes chocolate cake, the woods, and gummy bears!!!!! :) oh and her favorite animal is the fox.

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Kara Jackson (fluffyunicorn) | 3 comments she is 16 years old!

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georgiabread | 42 comments Mod
~Name~Cynthia Estelle Caverly

Cynthia is well known for her hair, which is coloured a bright, shiny silver-her hair is what earned her her nickname. It flows in slight waves, reaching her hips. It's a little dirty with quite a few knots. At the moment she's wearing a torn pair of blue denim skinny jeans, a loose, dirty white t-shirt and a black jacket with a few rips in it. Her skin is pale and smudged with dirt, even her face has few splotches of brown.

Cynthia's eyes are are a brilliant sky blue colour. It's another highlight of her appearance, another aspect that stands out. She's smaller than her age and weighs around 33 kg.


Cynthia's experienced a lot in her life and she knows a lot about life itself. She knows more than expected of her age and can you a lot of things you wouldn't know yourself

Cynthia is a lot more mature for her age. She doesn't indulge in most things girls her age would. In fact she scoffs at those who do. She's very responsible for herself, and is an honest, hardworking girl

Cynthia doesn't talk much and keeps to herself most of the time, unless she has friends or family to talk to. When someone she doesn't know talks to her, she'll just stare at them with a mildly confused look and stay silent. Most of the time she'll nod or shake her head when asked something. However, when she does talk, it's often a little sophisticated

Cynthia, like most kids, is definitely curious. She loves finding things out and seeing how things work. She loves exploring and checking things out. Once she's interested in something, you can't coax her away

Cynthia isn't just brave because she says she is. She doesn't have a 'childish bravery', where there's almost no bravery at all. She's genuinely courageous and selfless. She'll step up for anyone who doesn't want to do something. Cynthia will willingly die for those she loves and will sacrifice her self for someone if the time came

Despite her good traits, Cynthia's not very strong physically. She's pale and skinny and can easily be injured or killed. She doesn't have much physical strength and can be easily overpowered

Her maturity and experience

Physical weakness
When someone cares for her, she immediately trusts them
The death of her loved ones

Children younger than her

Abusive/rude people
Being confined


Mother--Jolene Caverly, age 39, deceased

Father--Gale Caverly, age 40, deceased

Siblings--Chance Caverly, age 4, alive

Cynthia was adopted when she was 2 years old and has lived with her adoptive, loving, fun family ever since. She doesn't know she is adopted yet (and never will), and believes she was related to her family.

Two months after Cynthia turned 8, her house caught fire and was reduced to ashes and blackened debris. It had caught alight after a candle fell over and lit up a power cord.

Both Cynthia's 'parents' died while she and Chance survived. Cynthia was scarred for life. It was the fire that brought upon her quietness and her fear of fire. Never again was she alike other 9 year old girls. She became more mature, more responsible, more adult-like. People worried about her, but Cynthia rather liked her change.

She and Chance went to live with their aunt and uncle (Cynthia again wasn't related to them) and there they remain until they turn eighteen and move on in the world.

Cynthia has a hidden power; telekinesis. She isn't a full expert but has tested out her powers a few times. It is unknown as to why or how she received her gift

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