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Jay | 527 comments Lol

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Haha have any ideas?

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Jay | 527 comments Nope... Maybe werewolves?

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Yass I lve that type of stuff

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Jay | 527 comments Cool

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Well I have an idea of the principal being the werewolf an being a mate to a human who is one of the students.

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Jay | 527 comments Cool u want student or principal? I'm fine with either...

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The student if you don't mind

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Jay | 527 comments Cool. I'll start if fu want...

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Rose ran towards the school trying to not be late for once. She went through her hair as she got closer to the school doors. She had one ear hanging out one of her ears listening to her music. She went to the to her locker to find her stuff already. She was told to go to the principal to get her schedule. She made her way towards the door and knocked on it lightly.

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Jay | 527 comments "Come in." A low, smoky, and downright sexy voice calls.

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Rose enters the room taking out the other earphone, "Excuse me I need my schedule"

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Jay | 527 comments "Right!" Says a man that was handsome, he looked at her said,"name?"

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"My name is Rose McCallester" She said looking at him looking into his eyes, "I am new I started today"

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Jay | 527 comments He opens a cabinet and fingers through some papers."ahhhh here it is," he takes the paper out of the folder and hands it to rose, "hope to see you again sometime soon..." He said with a devilish smirk...

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She looked at him in shock when she saw his smirk. Why would he look at me like that She thought before grabbed the paper, "I uh- thanks but I don't know your name Prinicipal...." She waited for him to finish the sentence.

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Jay | 527 comments "Waters... Principle Waters... And I am going to need you to come to my office again during third period..."

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She gasped when he asked her to come to third. She has never skipped class but let alone on the first day. She was nervous looking down, “Mr. Waters I cant do that it’s the first day. I am sorry but I will have to decline on that”

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Jay | 527 comments "Did you misunderstand? I give free pass to anyone who comes to my office... No skipping class... I'm the principal, why would I encourage that?"

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Rose looked at him before she sighed, "Can you atleast tell me why I have to come here. I don't usually like missing classes for no apparent reason"

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Jay | 527 comments "We need to talk about your safety here..." He says convincingly...

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"My safety?" She asked with frown but heard the bell, "I um guess I will see you later" She didn't want to go to the office the principal seemed off. She met a couple of new people before she had to go to the office. She knocked on the door just like before, "Principal Waters......its me Rose"

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Jay | 527 comments "Ahh... Come in, come in..." He said opening the door for her. Then he walks to his desk and gestures for her to sit down...

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She walks in sitting down in the chair in front of him feeling insecure under his gaze, "Now please explain more clearly why I am here"

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Jay | 527 comments "First of all, I have the best wishes for you, dear... Don't be insecure... I wish to help you is all..." He says smiling kindly...

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She searched his eyes and saw honestly making her relax, "What do you mean by best wishes and helping me I just met you. I don't think any of that is necessary"

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Jay | 527 comments He leans in, the smile on his face gone, replaced by a serious face..."no, you don't understand... Horrible things happen to people who transfer here... The last transfer was found dead, heart carved out, in his locker... " he says frightened... "I am an undercover secret agent, and I am here to protect all the transfers, a bodyguard almost, and to find out who is terrorizing this school..." He says seriously... And truthfully...

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She looked at him in disbelief before moved back when he leaned in. She took the information with amusement on her face. Surely he had to kidding about the whole thing especially about the bodyguard thing because it sounded to fake. She got up from her chair, "Principal Waters I dont need a bodyguard I can handle myself if someone where to kill me. I am sorry but I am leaving"

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Jay | 527 comments "Please, be careful! I'm not lying! Ask anyone of your friends!!" He says to her seriousely...

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"I don't need to because you are stange I will not believe this crap for one second" She turned around with a straight face.

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Jay | 527 comments "You have to believe me! I... I will show you anything you need to see to belive!"
He yells to her, and sighs worriedly...

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"Then show me because if I do not see it I will not believe" SHe said crossing her arms with a stern face.

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Jay | 527 comments "Anything... What do you want to see?" He asks concerned... "My FBI government badge, pictures of the kid? The bloodstained locker... What?" He says honestly...

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"Show me your badge and then I will belive you" She said this sitting back down in the chair annoyed.

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Jay | 527 comments He pulls out a wallet, and flips it open, revealing a badge reading : FBI Agent #272
Waters, Avery
Field Agent
Age: 22
((Should that be a real badge, so she falls in love with a secret agent or???))

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((Sure but I knd of want to stick with the werewolf theme))

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Jay | 527 comments ((Ok he's a kick a$$ werewolf FBI agent, disguised as a principal... Lol))

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((Lol love it))

"I guess I have to believe you now" She said this before picking up her backpack, "Listen I could care less about your stupid protection goodbye"

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Jay | 527 comments "You don't want to refuse my help..." He says warning her..."that's what the last one did..."

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"I don't like help you don't know me Principal Waters so don't judge a book by its cover" She seethed walking up to him straight in his face, "I.DONT.NEED.HELP."

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Jay | 527 comments "Let me help you..." He said softly."And I will never bug you again..."

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She let out a sigh looking at him, "Fine you can help me with whatever but why so persistent?"

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Jay | 527 comments "Because... It's complicated, but I can't let you get hurt, or worse killed..." He whispers...

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"If I got killed it shouldn't mean anything" She said slowly but shook it off.

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