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Diane Zwang | 485 comments The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah
3/5 stars

I am grateful to my friends who keep my reading in the present. If it wasn't for them my head would be stuck in classics. This is my second Kristin Hannah book. The first one I read was Firefly Lane which I liked.

“Two kinds of folks come up to Alaska, Cora. People running to something and people running from something.”

“There's a saying: Up here you can make one mistake. The second one will kill you.”

What I didn't like; Ernt. I know we aren't suppose to like Ernt but the author gave him PTSD so we would have some sympathy for him but it didn't work for me. Ernt had low self esteem, was jealous of his wife's beauty, jealous of other people's success and beat his wife. None of this has anything to do with PTSD. The alcoholism I get. I have seen many vets struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. I also didn't like Cora. She also struggled with low self esteem. She stayed in a relationship that was not only dangerous for her but her daughter too.

What I liked, the setting. Alaska is a beautiful state and I have had the privilege of vising twice. I enjoyed all the adventure and workings of the land. Leni I liked for most of the book but I disagreed with her decisions the last quarter of the book. I also liked Large Marge, who wouldn't like a whip-smart woman who can do anything.

Everyone seems to really love The Nightingale which I may read at some point since I love World War II novels. Maybe that one will be more my speed.

Ladyslott | 1880 comments I have read almost all of Hannah's books This was by far my least favorite. The Nightingale is probably my favorite.

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