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17th century

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message 1: by Lois Jolson (last edited Jun 30, 2018 08:41AM) (new)

Lois Jolson | 2 comments Can someone recommend some books taking place in the 1600's in Europe? I am looking to research that time period - particularly the Jewish experience and particularly in Prussia.


message 2: by Yehudis (new)

Yehudis Litvak | 2 comments Avner Gold's series is a classic, and he is updating some of the older books. Make sure you get the updated versions.

message 3: by Lois Jolson (new)

Lois Jolson | 2 comments Thank you! I will look into it!

message 4: by Velvel (new)

Velvel | 1 comments Satan in Goray by Isaac Bashevis Singer

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