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message 1: by Chris (last edited Jul 01, 2018 11:36PM) (new)

Chris Sykes (chrissykes) | 4 comments Lonely story in search of readers with a good sense of humour: young, old, big, small, square, flat, round, triangular; whatever your age, shape, size, or even drinking habit (hopefully a healthy one!) this lonely little story needs you.

The author, Chris Sykes, is a terrible, terrible man. He is worse than the tiny stone stuck between the grooves of the sole of your boot, you know, the one that clicks with every step. He's just the type of person who sneers as a little child falls over when trying to tie their shoelaces whilst standing on one foot. That's right, he's that terrible. Maybe even more so.

He gave the story of Marvin Mecure life, only to imprison it. He put random words onto a page like a madman on acid and, for some strange reason, those words grew into something quite beautifully hideous. That beautiful-hideous beast blossomed like a desert rose only for the sun to scorch its petals. Now, it lingers somewhere in cyber space, where no one can hear it scream. Can a story even scream? No one knows because no one can hear it when it does, if it does. (Please do not attempt to make a story scream, they are extremely resilient to stresses. You are much more likely to be the one screaming if you do.)

So, that's why this post is vital. Word needs to get out about Marvin Mecure. Will you help? Will you rise to the challenge? Will you comfort a little story in its hour of need?

If you answered yes then go to and read wildly. Read quickly before the darkest depths of cyber space steal it away in its cold clammy claws.

If you answered no then there is no hope for you.

Marvin Mecure: A Man of Many Talents is the new story from Chris Sykes, the author of The Most Ferocious of Creatures and Time Travelling Dino's: The Pilot. He'll lock those others away too, mark my words.

So stop reading this, the next bit is totally irrelevant to you if you answered the above questions at all. Just go already, before you read the blurb twice.

Marvin, a man with many faces, tries to get back into the world of work after serving time at Her Majesty's pleasure. When exploding lemmings kidnap him a little girl becomes his only hope of rescue. Journey into the somewhat tumultuous world of Marvin Mecure; whether it's the British Bobby, the clown, or the wrestler, they'll all have you in hysterics.

You were warned.

message 2: by Marla (new)

Marla Anderson (mlanderson) | 4 comments Looks like a fun story. You'll see my comments on your wordpress site.

message 3: by Chris (new)

Chris Sykes (chrissykes) | 4 comments M. wrote: "Looks like a fun story. You'll see my comments on your wordpress site."

Thank you M. That is much appreciated. I hope you enjoy what you read.

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