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message 1: by Chris (new)

Chris Stanley (christinelstanley) | 922 comments The end of the year always seems a good time for a ghost story or anything a bit creepy. One of the best ghost stories I ever read is;
The Waiting Room, The Waiting Room by F.G. Cottam by F.G. Cottam.
Let us have your favourite ghost stories for Q4/2014.

Nominations open until mid September

message 2: by Bridgette (new)

Bridgette | 1282 comments Mod
how about 11.22.63 by Stephen king I keep meaning to read but other new books been grabbing me and plus I fancy something meaty to read of the festive period really lol! :) happy nominations guys. I wanna see some interesting books to be nominated

message 3: by Chris (new)

Chris Stanley (christinelstanley) | 922 comments We didn't get many nominations for q4/2014, and one that we did get, Stephen King's 11.22.63 was a past group read. Therefore I went for a different, but popular King with The Shining.

I am happy to add another couple of books, so it's not too late to either add for the current quarter or nominate for Q1/2015

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