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Sam-The world is not a wish granting factory Introduce yourself here!!
I'm Samantha, I'm 14 and I love Divergent and Legend.

Dana (six strings and a sailboat) Carlisle | 2 comments im Dana I like Legend and I am 15

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I am Katrina, I'm 13 and I'm a midget:) I also love hunger games

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I am Karina, 14 and love divergent

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Aurora Pangaea | 1 comments if you are looking for dystopian books that are less knowbut are amazing i would recommend the internal defences and the mindjack trilogy.

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M.A. Phipps (authormaphipps) Hey everyone. My name is Molly and I'm a newly published author. My debut novel Ultraxenopia is a dystopian so you could say I'm a huge fan of the genre!

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Greg Hickey I'm a writer and avid reader. My favorite dystopian books are 1984, The Time Machine and The Giver. My debut novel is the dystopian fiction Our Dried Voices.

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