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message 1: by A.L., Stormy Chronicler (new)

A.L. Butcher (alb2012) | 998 comments If you're planning to add your books to the sale then add the links below.

message 2: by A.L., Stormy Chronicler (new)

A.L. Butcher (alb2012) | 998 comments I have set up a blog post for the books. If you have some in the sale please email me with the details, or post a comment on the blog. Please DO NOT message me on GR - I do not often check the mail here.

I will post the blog link when it goes live.

message 3: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Zigler (toriz) | 1406 comments I'm adding everything at half price, since Smashwords very helpfully added the option to do that with a few clicks.

message 4: by Sebastian (new)

Sebastian Bendix (sebastian_bendix) | 8 comments Hello!

My books are participating in the sale:

My latest novel The Stronghold is 50% off and all of the other books/stories are free.


message 5: by J.J. (new)

J.J. Mainor | 8 comments I've got a number of books free, and more reduced.

message 6: by Steph, Space Opera Diva (new)

Steph Bennion (stephbennion) | 815 comments I have three books up for free in the Smashwords sale (normally $1.99):

To Dance Amongst The Stars (Hollow Moon, #0.5) by Steph Bennion Merry Christmas, Mister Wolf (Hollow Moon, #3.5) by Steph Bennion The Battles Of Hastings by Steph Bennion

message 7: by Ross (new)

Ross Harrison (rossharrison) | 354 comments I have all of mine in the sale, 50-100% off.

message 8: by Rita (new)

Rita Chapman | 259 comments I have three books at half price. Just use coupon no SSW50.

Missing at Sea
Three years on from Egypt, Anna Davies embarks on her first cruise with best friend Sandra. A few days into the holiday they are woken by three blasts from the ship’s foghorn, indicating that someone has fallen overboard. A woman is lost at sea; the ship turns around to search for her, but she has disappeared into the night.

Was it suicide? Did she lose her balance and fall - or was there foul play involved? Did her husband push her? Would anyone be able to prove whether this was murder or an unfortunate accident?

What a perfect place to stage a murder!


Dangerous Associations:
An ex-husband, a new love, a stalker. Cathy Thompson’s link to her ex-husband fills her life with threats and intimidation. She must either trap her stalker or find Geoffrey to put an end to her life of fear.


Winston – A Horse’s Tale
One for horse lovers from teenagers upwards! Winston is a good-looking palomino horse whose life involves several different owners and many adventures. As you read his story, told by Winston himself, you will appreciate horse ownership from the horse’s point of view. Born on a country property in Australia, Winston tells of his breaking-in and education and the different people he encounters – good, bad and ignorant. As well as his own story, Winston includes the experiences of other horses he meets along life’s way.

Whether it’s jumping, eventing, hunting or just hacking, Winston tries hard to please his rider. Follow his successes and his failures from his breaking-in to his show jumping win. It is an eventful life – the story of one Australian horse out of thousands, but one that you will remember.

Missing at Sea (Anna Davies Mystery Series #2) by Rita Lee Chapman Dangerous Associations by Rita Lee Chapman Winston - A Horse's Tale by Rita Lee Chapman

message 9: by Chris (new)

Chris Johnson (chris-johnson) | 25 comments My books are in the sale too.

message 10: by Steph, Space Opera Diva (new)

Steph Bennion (stephbennion) | 815 comments So that's that for another year. How successful do others find this promotion? I find my discounted titles are rarely snapped up, but free books go like crazy.

message 11: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Zigler (toriz) | 1406 comments Steph wrote: "So that's that for another year. How successful do others find this promotion? I find my discounted titles are rarely snapped up, but free books go like crazy."

That's what happens with me most of the time.

message 12: by Ross (new)

Ross Harrison (rossharrison) | 354 comments Steph wrote: "So that's that for another year. How successful do others find this promotion? I find my discounted titles are rarely snapped up, but free books go like crazy."

Yes, the same. Although the overall sale was terrible this time. Even the free ones barely went. 3 paid ones.

message 13: by Rita (last edited Aug 03, 2018 03:20PM) (new)

Rita Chapman | 259 comments I had zero sales this time. I like Smashwords - they pay their authors more, pay more often and without the $100 minimum. However I'm not selling many there - do you think Smashwords is widely known to readers or just authors?

message 14: by Ross (new)

Ross Harrison (rossharrison) | 354 comments It's not the most pleasant experience for readers, I think. And it's so packed with stuff, it's harder to find. I don't sell all that many directly on Smashwords. Or at all through them, really.

message 15: by J.J. (new)

J.J. Mainor | 8 comments I have to wonder if those buying directly from SW are authors like us checking out each others' work. It's a shame really, because where else can you pick and choose your format? Buy from Amazon, for instance and you can only get the book in mobi. That means, your device has to read mobis.

I always thought if SW had a more professional or cleaner looking site, they might get taken seriously as a true competitor by readers. While I do like the site, admittedly, it looks like something from the 90s or early 2000s.

On the other hand, SW is filled with books that are not as polished as you see on Amazon right now. If you're judging a book by it's cover, it's hard sometimes to find a book with a professional-looking cover. But if you go to Amazon, it almost seems standard for indies to get their covers professionally done. Personally, I like the DIY look, and honestly the more DIY the cover looks, the more likely I am to pick up the book...for me, that embodies "indie;" however, lurking around forums, the average reader has become rather snobbish about what they'll read from someone self-published. That's their choice, but it is something that might work against SW.

One thing that has been a turn-off for me is the flood of disturbing smut they allow to be published. Where Amazon has limits as to what they'll allow, SW doesn't seem to. I've seen full incest, and checking the front page right now to coalesce my thoughts on this, I'm seeing a gang-rape erotica book. Maybe it's my fault for turning off the adult filter at one point when researching what is allowable, or maybe I'm a little bitter at having a graphic novel turned down for a few R-rated sex scenes that were further censored just for them, but some of these subjects do turn my stomach and make me wonder what market SW is really going after.

message 16: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Zigler (toriz) | 1406 comments I think the site that works dest depends on how you approach marketing. But that's just my personal opinion.

Regarding finding books, etc: they've actually started adding some new features with plans to make that easier. Smashwords has added a lot of new features in the past year, and I understand plans to add more.

Regarding content: they do have a filter you can use to stop yourself seeing adult content if you don't want to see that kind of thing on the homepage or in your searches.

message 17: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Tarn (barbaragtarn) | 1194 comments sold a couple of books during the sale, one to a friend who has a Kindle and didn't see the mobi file at first (he's not that young anymore, I had to show him where he could find the mobi).
I don't think site-wide sales work anymore, though. But then, I have trouble selling with Kobo promotions that get handpicked through the KWL dashboard (i.e. you can access them only if you go direct to Kobo)...

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