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Inge (omgitsinge) | 1361 comments Mod
After you've finished your book(s), use this thread to write or post a link to your review below.

Please keep spoilers under spoiler tags! You can do this by typing < spoiler>SPOILER HERE< /spoiler> and removing the spaces. Thank you. ♥

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Puck | 981 comments Mod
On my TBR this month was Exit West, a book actually taking place in our own world, with one (fantasy) exception. There are doors popping up that can take you - not to a magical world - but to another place on earth. Good news for refugees wanting to escape war, but of course the immigration issues still remain: not feeling safe, distrust from nationalists, racism...

A well written book that reflects on some very real (and harsh) immigration problems in our own world. Not really fantastical, but very powerful indeed. Here is my review.

Natulcien_reads | 257 comments I finished The Night Circus yesterday and you can find my very short review here.

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Puck | 981 comments Mod
I finished Home, the second novella in the awesome scifi "Binti"-series, which take place in an Afrofuturism world and with math-nerd Binti in the lead. The world and its aliens are very cool, and for a short story, they are very exciting. :D
Read here my review for book #2, and my review for #1 is linked in there.

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Natulcien_reads | 257 comments I haven't posted a review for The Invasion of the Tearling but it's safe to say I enjoyed it a lot more than I did The Queen of the Tearling (which was still a 3.5 star read). I'm looking forward to picking up The Fate of the Tearling, but not straight away. I'm also a little scared because I've been hearing some really mixed reviews on the third one :-s

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Inge (omgitsinge) | 1361 comments Mod
I was in a reading slump all month, but I have finally finished my reread of Scythe. Still a 4-star rating, I'm looking forward to reading Thunderhead!

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Arika (onceuponabookishnerd) | 239 comments Mod
I finished my awesome world book but forgot to post my review! I finished Morning Star and loved it! You can find my review here.

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