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Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 451 comments Group A:

Name: Argent
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Argent has long, wavy red hair and light blue eyes. Her skin is pale, almost a Porcelain color. She’s around 5’4” and isn’t too slim but rather in the middle.
Argent was an orphan for most of her childhood years. Her parents, for some reason or another, had given her up a few days after her birth. She was left on the doorstep of the local orphanage where she spent most of her days daydreaming, reading, and trying to be a proper lady. This never worked out for her. She never could see herself staying home and tending to children, cleaning and cooking, being a housewife. Instead she wanted to go out and explore. To be apart of something huge.
Once she had turned the age of 11, she was adopted, though this didn’t turn out the way she was hoping. She was adopted to work as a maid, as the family were upperclass. Insults and lashings from the man who was supposed to be her father made her even more determined to get away. After years of cleaning, cooking, and the abuse, Argent finally found her ticket out of the house. Hearing about the “monsters”, as she called them, roaming about and causing issues, gave her an excuse to run away.
At the age of 18, Argent ran away from the house without any note as to where she was going, taking some of the family’s earnings with her. With that money, she went to a tailors, requesting that they make her a pair of fitted trousers. The tailor, who was shocked at her request, complied and made the trousers. Changing out of her maid outfit, she put on her new pants, her boots, a blouse, and her corset, she set off to help the people fighting the monsters.
After a year of training, she became one of the best there was and ended up being the leader of one group that would patrol at night.
When she saw Elizabeth show up, she was surprised. Never would she have guessed an upper class woman would want to join them. But nevertheless, she helped train her. Although she wasn’t as strong as she was, Elizabeth proved well enough to be in the opposite group, which shocked her. Never had she guessed Elizabeth would be cut out for this. She speaks to her often, not as much as Matthieu, but she does enjoy her conversations with the girl she wasn’t allowed to speak with.
Argent has never been timid nor afraid to speak her mind. It happened to get her in trouble often, thought it never made her change. She’s sarcastic and determined, never letting anything stop her from reaching her goal.

Name: Matthieu
~Best Friend~
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Matthieu has longish blonde hair which he keeps constantly tied back, though strands always manage to fall from his ponytail. His skin isn’t tan but it isn’t pale, it’s in between. He has dark violet eyes and he’s around 6’ tall.
Matthieu is a sarcastic and aggressive person to anyone who hasn’t reached past his barrier. To the people he’s close to, he is extremely protective and kind.

Group B:

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Elizabeth has light brown, short hair. Her eyes are green and she has tan skin. She’s tall, almost 6’ And is slim.
Elizabeth grew up in an upper class family. Her father was a carpenter while her mother stayed home and tended to her child. Elizabeth had always been one for going out to the marketplace and shopping with her mother. Yet she always wanted something more.
When her father had decided to adopt another child, Elizabeth had grown excited. That was until he explained why they would be adopting one. To use as a maid. Elizabeth was hoping she would have a sister she could hang out with. She wondered why they would adopt someone, but she realized that meant they wouldn’t have to pay them and that it would look good to other people that they adopted a child.
The young lady her father brought home was a girl named Argent. Elizabeth’s father had told her that she was not allowed to be friends with Argent, that she was nothing more than a maid for them. That didn’t stop her though, she tried to speak with Argent whenever she could, but Argent would shake her head and not speak. At first she found it rude, until she heard her father yelling at her hours later for associating with his daughter.
It never surprised Elizabeth that Argent ran away. She didn’t blame her. And when she found out that there was groups going out to capture these creatures, well she wanted to join them. So she packed up her bags, and explained to her parents that she would be leaving to join them. Her mother, although sad that she wasn’t turning out the way she dreamed, wished her luck and supported her decision. Her father on the other hand was disappointed with her. He wanted her to be a proper lady, not someone out there fighting like the lower class. But she was determined, and left even though her father demanded she stay.
Once she arrived to the training, she was shocked to see Argent there helping train a group. Argent saw her, gave her a nod to come over to where she was so they could start on her training. Although she wasn’t a leader like Argent was, she was put into one of the groups because like Argent, she was tough. Argent and Elizabeth talk a lot more now, about anything. They aren’t as close as she would like, but it’s a start.
Elizabeth isn’t shy and quiet, but she isn’t outgoing either. She’s very neutral, but she isn’t emotionless. She’s cheerful most of the time and determined.

Name: Luciano
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Luciano has short, brown hair with bangs that hang close to his eyes, but don’t cover them. His eyes are a dark hazel that looks red in some lighting and his skin is tan, like Elizabeth’s. He has a scar that is located right under his left eye.
Luciano is very strict and always has a stoic expression. He isn’t as sarcastic as Matthieu but has a very short temper. Though he manages to keep cool when it comes to the people in the two groups, not wanting to fight with them knowing they needed to work together.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Ooh, really nice job on them! :)

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Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Argent's Group

Name: Darrin
Gender: Male
Appearance: Darrin has dark black hair that goes down the back of his neck. His skin is like porcelain, and his eyes a bluish gray. His build is slim but it's all the better to help him move quickly. Darrin stands at 5'9.
Background: Darrin and Ellena were born on the same day at almost the same time. Ellena just so happened to beat her brother when it came to entering the world. Though Darrin came into it shortly after. Their parents were of the higher class and through their childhood they were raised towards being outstanding members of society. Until the night their parents were murdered. Afterwards Darrin and Ellena were sent to live with their uncle, Dofran, who they had never even heard of before. It was through him though that they found out they were related to Hugo Arnell. The man who made the mechanical creatures. Back before his work had been changed into monsters that lurked in the night. They also came to find out that their uncle had started bringing together people to help fight the mechanical beasts. So at the age of twelve the twins began their training as well. At the age of sixteen they were allowed to join Argent's group.

Name: Ellena
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Appearance: Ellena is similar to her twin. Like Darrin she has dark black hair, though hers goes down almost to the middle of her back. Her skin tone is porcelain fair, while her eyes are greenish gray. Her form looks slim and delicate but that just makes all she can do that much more surprising. Ellena stands at 5'5.

Cason's Group

Name: Cason (Leader)
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: Cason has light brown hair that he keeps short and styled up. His skin tone is lightly tanned and his eyes are a mesmerizing light green. His body definitely has some defined muscle to it. Cason stands at 6'1.
Background: Cason was born to an upper class family. Still that didn't keep him from getting into trouble when he was younger. It was only when his brother was born that he started to behave more. With the knowledge that his little brother was looking up to him. Everywhere Cason went Thomas tried to follow. It was on one unfortunate night when at the age of 14 Cason and Thomas were rushing home that they were attacked. Cason barely managed to survive. Thomas wasn't so lucky. Cason's injuries were so severe that he lost his right arm because of them. Getting a robotic one to replace it. After losing his brother Cason got lost in depression for quite some time. He started getting into trouble again and drinking a lot. Until Kruse happened upon him one day and gave his life purpose again in fighting the monsters that took his brother from him.

Name: Kruse
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kruse has dark brown naturally curly hair, he tries to keep it on the shorter side lest it become bothersome. Kruse has a light brown skin tone with lovely caramel colored eyes. Kruse is healthy in his weight with quite a bit of visible muscle. Standing at 5'11.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Hmm, I debated about giving a background to Kruse but I think for now I'm just going to leave it blank.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 451 comments That’s fine, They still look good!

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 451 comments So run by me what the groups are doing again? Are they just trying to capture them so the scientists can figure out a way to stop them or are they destroying them?

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Our group/s is destroying them. It's their enemies who are trying to capture them so that they might gain control over them once more. The scientist our group has is just trying to come up with better weapons to help our group take the monsters down.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 451 comments Ooooooh okay. I got it now lol.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Anything else you think we should figure out before we start?

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 451 comments No I think we’re good!

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Did you want to try to start us off or should I? Note: If I do it'll likely be later on since I do have work soon.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 451 comments Well I’m at work right now so if you wanna start us off later you can :)

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments "Come on! We're closing in on it now!" Cason shouts to his group. Hoping that Argent's group was likewise closing in on the other side as well. They had chased the mechanical beast through nearly half of the city. Once it had gotten to the alleys though Cason knew they had it. It was just a matter of time. They couldn't let it get away to kill anyone else. When they had came upon it the mechanical tiger had just killed two men. It had thought it could easily kill them as well until they started putting up a fight and it came to realize what danger it was truly in. Running with its metal tail tucked between its legs after Kruse zapped it with his device. Unfortunately Kruse's aim wasn't on point this time and he'd missed the beast's mechanical heart at its center. They couldn't miss again. Hot on its trail Cason knew they were closing in quick.

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Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 451 comments Argent could hear the beast approaching as her group came from the opposite ends of Cason's. Once she saw the mechanical tiger running towards them, she stopped running. "Wait!" She told her group. She glared as it ran towards them, being prepared to shove the sword into it's chest. Argent had made her sword on her own not too long ago, and had been dying to try it out. Of course, creating the metal of the sword wasn't the hard part, it was finding out what handle would best protect her if she should get electrocuted by the beasts. This meant countless hours of her stabbing the testing dummies and getting electrocuted, which Matthieu found hilarious, until finding what would be sufficient enough. Matthieu stood behind her, holding his electric axe, which Argent had crafted for him.
Elizabeth followed behind Cason, holding her own sword in case the tiger decided to turn and attack them. She could see Argent's group ahead of them and let out a relieved sigh, though she knew that her group would be there to stop it on the other side. Luciano stayed in the back behind the other three, holding his gun in his hand. Although typical gun that some people had wouldn't go through the metal exterior of these beasts, he had made his own, making it powerful enough to kill any of the beasts. Though he would love to have it stronger.
The tiger ran full speed forward, trying it's best to get away, only to see Argent's group waiting with weapons out. It let out a growl, trying to slow itself down and find a different way out. Argent smirked and ran towards it, shoving her sword into it's heart and pulling it away quickly.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments ((Nice. :) Though since it's a Victorian steampunk they didn't have hockey sticks in that time period.))

"Finally." Darrin didn't quite have the same stamina as some of the other guys. Chasing beasts around the city wasn't exactly his cup of tea but his job was less killing it and more for what came after. Going over to the mechanical beast and taking apart some of its outer shell to get to the thing it had called a heart inside. It no longer ticked, which was a good thing for them. Taking it so that their enemies couldn't get their hands on it. All of them knowing all too well what would happen if they did. Darrin putting it in his satchel before standing up once more. Both groups had come together on this one. Understandably so with how big the beast had been.
"Argent, you kill joy." Cason teases. "Couldn't let us have a bit more fun with it first?" Kruse on the other hand congratulating her.
"Nice work, Argent. That beast really didn't know who it was messing with."

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 451 comments ((Oh I thought I had already changed it, lol. It was supposed to be an axe. I'll change it :) ))

Argent sighed in relief and slid her sword into it's sheath, leaning against one of the walls of the alley while Darrin pulled the heart out. She smirked a bit and shrugged. "Well I was eating when we were told to get rid of it, I was simply ending it quicker so I can eat faster." She grinned. Matthieu smirked a bit, holding the axe on his shoulder and saying,"Remind me to stay away when you're eating then," making her roll her eyes and stick her tongue out at him.
Elizabeth laughed a bit at what she said. "At least it's over, if she waited to kill it it probably would've found a way out and then we'd be running again." She said, putting her own sword away. Luciano sucked his teeth. "Would've been nice to toy with it, since it made us run so much to catch it."

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments ((That'll work. :) ))

"With how long that chase lasted your food will be cold now anyway." Cason points out.
"It's another beast gone." Ellena says in relief. "Just wish we would of taken it down sooner. The authorities will have some bodies to report in the morning."
"Maybe so, but it could of been a lot worse. If we hadn't taken it out many more would be dead now." Kruse says. Though at the same time there was no telling how many the thing had killed before they had gotten to it.
"We need to get back. I'm sure the professor will be happy with our work tonight." Darrin clearly ready to get back as well and see his uncle.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 451 comments Argent sighed. “Well at least I’ll still be able to eat it.” She mumbled. She stretched her arms above her head, popping her shoulders and elbows. “We will find out how many were killed once the authorities find out. Nothing stays a secret in this place..”
Matthieu nodded in agreement. “They’ve gotten increasingly bigger. It won’t be much longer until they’re too big.”
Luciano glared and kicked the beasts metal frame. “We’ll just have to get stronger then. More training it seems. He grumbled, crossing his arms.
Elizabeth sighed. “More training for everyone isn’t your call.” She told him, rolling her eyes at his temper. “Lets just head back, that way we can finish eating and rest.”

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments "I feel like the big ones have been in hiding and are now just coming out." Cason speculated. Considering the man who'd made them was long dead, along with the man who had corrupted them. Doubting their enemies had started building any new ones. Dreading the day that they might try. Cason actually felt more like training. Though he'd always been more of a night owl than some. Noticing Kruse certainly looked a bit tired.
"Sounds good to me." Kruse agrees with Elizabeth.
"I'll talk with my uncle when I give him the heart. See what he thinks. He's put his faith in us to destroy these monsters. Whatever it takes." Darrin reminds them of their duty. Even if it meant training more. Though Cason doubted the professor would call for it tonight. That would be more something they would have to worry about come morning.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 451 comments Argent looked at them. “If you guys really think we need it, we’ll train tomorrow. We did a lot of chasing tonight, we can take the night off.” She shrugged a bit, rolling her shoulders back. “Let’s go then.” She nodded to them, beginning to walk back to what she called home.
Elizabeth sighed in relief, wanting to go back and rest. All the running they did wore her out. She wasn’t the fastest or the best at running, but tried her best to keep up and did well most of the time. “Good. I’m ready for bed.” She mumbled, following Argent.
Matthieu followed beside Argent, grinning. “What a nice leader you are, allowing us to have a night of rest.” He teased, making her roll her eyes and shove his face, which in turn made him laugh.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments "And for those in my group we'll just have to see what the professor says." Cason tells his own group. "With how many bigger ones have been out lately he might want us back out to try and track down a few more." Yes he was a bit tired too but they couldn't forget their main reason of doing this. To protect people. Thinking on his own loss. Knowing Kruse had lost people he loved as well. He hated to dampen the humor but what they did was serious business. Not everyone was cut out for it. If they were there would be a lot more than just them to help track the beasts down.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 451 comments Argent glances over her shoulder after listening to him. “Well hopefully we’ll be able to stay in for the rest of the night.” She told him, stopping and waiting for his group to follow them. “I’d really like for us to get enough rest for training. If these beasts get bigger we’ll end up being one huge group, and I refuse to stop being a leader.” She grinned at Cason.
Elizabeth let out a sigh. “If the professor wants us to go out tonight what choice do we have? We need to protect the people.” She looked over at Argent.
Argent sighed a bit. “Yea I know. He’s the boss..” she mumbled.
Luciano groaned. “A nap would be nice once in a while..” he grumbled, crossing his arms. “Or a break...” he shuffled his feet and flared towards the ground.
Matthieu smirked a bit. “Well what the boss wants he gets. And Luci, we’ll get a break one day.”
Luciano glared at him when he called him Luci. “Don’t call me that.” He snapped, making Matthieu laugh and Argent smirk a bit. Elizabeth just rolled her eyes at him.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments At least they had moments like this to try to break up the tension some. "It's not as if it's work all the time. Those monsters mainly come out at night. At least the big ones. The day time we pretty much get off. Just you boys seem to prefer using it for training and sleeping when you're not eating." Ellena teases them playfully before looking to her brother. "Darrin's the exception, he's worse. He'd prefer to study in his time off."
"At least if we ever have a quiz I'll be more ready than the rest." Darrin declares. His sister sticking her tongue out at him. Cason glancing over at Argent. Having to wonder what would happen if one day they had to become one group. He was a leader through and through. They both had hard head's and strong personalities. Neither would let go easy if forced to. Kruse was his best friend and loyal to him. Cason knew he'd follow him through thick and thin. At least he could always count on that. The thought easing his worry some as they headed to the institute that they called home that was owned by the professor.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 451 comments Matthieu chuckled and glanced over at Darrin. “When would we ever have a test? Our tests are always physical.” He grinned, turning to walk backwards so he was facing the twins.
Argent glances over her shoulder and smiled a bit. “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with studying.” She turned as well, walking backwards. “If we had a test as soon as we got back, he’d get the second highest grade. I’d have the highest.” She grinned, looking at Darrin. “Even Darrin would agree, wouldn’t you?” She teased. This was her favorite thing to do after finishing a job, tease and joke with everyone to keep things from falling into a dark and depressing place.
Elizabeth glanced at Cason and tilted her head. “What’re you thinking about?” She asked, noticing him glancing over at Argent. “Is it about what she said? About being one large group?” She raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments "You know Darrin. He thinks there's always going to be some kind of use for all that information he stores up in that head of his." Ellena playfully teases her brother. Darrin clearly ignoring her as he looks at Argent.
"I don't know. You've been more focused on fighting lately. I'd say you're more than likely a bit rusty on your knowledge." Clearly not believing for a moment that she could grade over him on any test, unless of course it was physical.
Cason shakes his head at Elizabeth's question. "It's nothing we ever actually have to worry about. I'm sure we'll get more members to our cause soon enough." He tells her, trying to sound more sure than he felt about saying so.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 451 comments Argent grinned at him. “And how would you know if I’m rusty or not? Maybe I’ve been studying every night before bed and remember everything.” She tilted her head. “Is that why you’re a little rusty on your fighting lately?” She teased again, crossing her arms.
Elizabeth sighed and raised an eyebrow at him. “You really think I believe that?” She asked. “She’s not going to back down you know, if that does happen. But she’s not going to take it away from you either. She’ll come up with different ideas on how to make it work.”
Luciano scoffed and shook his head. “What she should do is let Cason take over, she couldn’t control everyone if she wanted to.” He muttered.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments "Be fair Argent, you know my brother isn't much of a fighter. He's much more of a 'you kill it and I grab the goods' type." Ellena reminds her friend. While Darrin did do some physical training it was also very clear that it wasn't his strong suit as it was with some others on the team.

"All I'm saying is it's something we really don't have to worry about."
"Even if it's clear you do." Kruse speaks up, looking at Cason. "You're a great leader Cason. You know there's those of us that will follow you through to the end." Kruse giving Luciano a nod for his words. Muttered or not.
"There are much bigger things to be worried about that do matter." Cason points out, matter of fact. Even while Darrin and Argent seemed to be in a contest for if studying or training was more important. To which Cason thought the answer was neither. The hunting was the most important thing.

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Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 451 comments Argent nodded. "You're right. Without him we probably wouldn't be so quick to get the hearts out, or we'd forget." She smiled at Darrin. "Don't let my teasing get to you, if I didn't like you guys I wouldn't tease, I'd be more strict. My teasing is a way to keep things light and a little more cheerful." She smiled a bit at them. "Never take my teasing seriously, if I'm serious, you'll know." She turned back around, looking around as they got closer to home.
Matthieu looked at her and grinned. "Someone's getting all sappy." He elbowed her, teasing.

Elizabeth nodded. "I agree. We need to find out how the larger ones have been hiding..." She raised an eyebrow. "And why they're suddenly all coming out." She ran her fingers through her hair, looking around in case they saw one on their way home, which, even if it happened before, it wasn't very common.
Luciano grumbled. "Not to mention these bigger ones are a lot faster and harder to attack on our own."

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments "We know that." Darrin assures her. At least he did. He was sure the others did as well though. They had been around each other for quite sometime know. Though there may be some secrets they kept to themselves the more obvious emotions and quirks were easy to spot at this point. "Thanks for saying it though." Darrin says, smiling over at her.

"Here's hoping the professor might have an answer to that. He's been studying what makes them tick for some time now. If anyone would know it's him." Cason could hope at least. Glad that he had the team he did to take them down. Even if he didn't say it aloud he was glad for Argent's team as well. Looking around as Elizabeth had just for cautions sake.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 451 comments Argent smiled a bit and nodded, looking around them. She grew silent, thinking about what their training would be in the morning. After thinking over a plan of some sort, she began thinking of her last. What her parents looked like and where they were. She frowned a bit as the thoughts ran through her mind. She hated to admit it, but part of the reason she joked was to not only keep things light, but to prevent herself from thinking too much about things from her past.
Matthieu glanced over at her, noticing the look on her face. He didn’t say anything though, not wanting to disturb her when she was in such a see state of thought.

Elizabeth nodded. “Hopefully. Then we could work towards getting rid of the trigger rather than just constantly chasing the beasts.” She said softly.
Luciano nodded. “It would be better overall. Stop them all completely wouldn’t it?” He asked.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments "It would." Cason agrees with them. "I'm sure there's a way that it could be done too. Everyday it seems like the professor finds out something new about them." It certainly gave Cason hope. Sighing in relief at the sight of what they all called home. It was spacious and had plenty of room for more members should they ever find more to join them. Of course for now Cason was happy for the tight knit group. "Home sweet home." He says playfully as they enter.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 451 comments Elizabeth nodded. “Hopefully the professor will figure it out soon.” She said softly. Once she saw their home, she let out a sigh of relief.
Luciano sighed. “Finally!” He grumbled, crossing his arms. “Let’s hurry up, I want to sleep.”
Elizabeth laughed a bit. “You always want to sleep Luciano.”

Matthieu looked over at Argent and gently tapped her shoulder. “Hey, we’re home.” He told her, squinting a little at how out of it she seemed.
Argent jumped a little and blinked, looking around for a moment. “Oh...thanks..” she mumbled, shaking her head. She rubbed her eyes before walking inside. “Lets go see what the professor has to say, yea?” She told them, smiling weakly.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Darrin looked over a bit worryingly at his team leader. Her mind would get lost in the past every now and again. Darrin didn't like to think on the events that had gotten him and his sister where they were at now but he couldn't shame Argent for thinking about her past. He just wished that she would focus more on what was around her and what she had now. Spotting Cason giving her a look as well. Yet when he spotted Darrin noticing he quickly looked away from them both. All of them heading into their home and making their way to his uncle's lab.

"Congrats on another successful night!" Donfran tells them as they come in. "I take it everything went well?"
"They just seem to keep getting bigger." Cason tells him, as Darrin hands over the thing's mechanical heart.
"I feared as much." The professor admits. Immediately getting to work on analyzing the piece of the mechanical beast.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 451 comments Argent could feel eyes on her and scrunched her eyebrows. She hated the feeling she got when people stared, but said nothing. She had no reason to be upset, she knew no one was staring in a harsh or mean way. Shaking her head before they walked into the professors lab. “Have you figured out what sets them off yet Professor?” She asked.
Matthieu smiled a bit when she seemed to be back, but he could tell she was a bit distracted. He couldn’t lie and say it didn’t worry him, usually she’d be focused completely on the professor. No one really knew much about her past, he knew more than others, but it wasn’t much more.

Elizabeth looked over at Argent when she asked the question she had been wanting to know. She wanted to figure it out so they could stop the beasts, knowing that ending them completely would make people feel safer in their own town.
Luciano tapped his foot impatiently, ready to go and take a nap after all of the running they had done. Though it wasn’t uncommon for him to be so impatient when they spoke to the professor.

Anna N.~God, Keep My Head Above Water (illyria18) | 1088 comments Professor Dofran looked at the two groups happily when they came into his lab. Even the more impatient members couldn't stop him from being happy in his most recent discoveries.
"Well it would seem Argent that the reason for most of their activity being at night is because their inner mechanism has been programmed to have them awaken at the time.Of course some have been malfunctioning and coming out earlier than that, but for the most part they have been programmed to awaken at a certain time. They truly are fascinating mechanicals."

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 451 comments Argent tilted her head. "But why are there suddenly more and more coming out at night? That's the third one this week, and it's only Tuesday!" She shook her head. "It just doesn't make sense, we could've been close to almost wiping them all out and now there's more appearing at night."
Elizabeth nodded in agreement with her. "It's almost like they were in some sort of hibernation until just recently. It's really not adding up."
Luciano grumbled something about the beasts cutting into his nap time, making Matthieu chuckle quietly as the man pouted quietly.

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