The Handmaid's Tale (The Handmaid's Tale, #1) The Handmaid's Tale question

Is it good? Worth Reading?
Charlet Charlet Jun 29, 2018 03:08PM
I want to watch the new movie handmaids tale but first read
the book! Is it good?

Read, and then watch the series. The series goes further, so the book gives you the main story.

Definitely read the book! It was written in 1985, so the book isn't where we are technologically now, but is an excellent read.

Charlet I have hard time reading old books... is it fairly easy to get into fast paced and stuff?
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Hawaa Hi Charlet, I don't think it's fast paced, but it is really good. You might find it interesting as you read, although Atwood wrote it decades ago, you ...more
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I read it while in jail for a DWI. After being forced to read the New Testament of the Bible I was able to get a book cart and ended up chosing Handmaid's Tale over Treasure Island. I do not regret that decision at all. The DWI has since been dismissed due to a lack of incriminating evidence and this book ignited a renaissance of reading that has been over a year in the running.

acutally yes, but some parts are really frickin dull...but at the end it's okay. (sorry for bad english I didn't sleep for a long time because I am a starting indie authour with a very tight schedule)

Yes, well worth the read!! I saw the first season of the TV adaptation last year then read the book. I have to say i actually enjoyed the show as much as the book.
In her foreword M.A. says as she wrote it she made sure to keep it very true to reality, that each event would be based on a real life event and that there would be no fictional devices, futuristic inventions etc. I found that to make it all the more brutal and engaging. The power of fear exerted over the citizens of Gilead, backed up by brutal violence and religious propaganda and the responses of normal people in extraordinary circumstances makes for a gripping read.

Yes. Read the book first then watch the series. A great look into an alternate reality that seems very eerie in todays climate.

Definitely should read. Personally, I always find books much better than movie and TV adaptations. You'll probably like the book better if you read it first before you watch the Handmaid's Tale.

Oh my, yes! Read the book!!!! So good.

The book is definitely worth reading. I hope you enjoy!

Short answer: Yes.
Longer answer: Hell, yes.

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