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cosmic (erosful) | 59 comments Mod

↳ 001: all goodreads rules apply. (especially about keeping it as pg-13 as possible, despite the gory theme of the rp.)

↳ 002: with regards to plot, you can drive your own story the way you want. it's your character, you do what your heart tells you. but don't godmod and redirect others' stories. after all, we're all here to have fun, not dictate!

↳ 003: if you aren't feeling up for the rp anymore, please send me a message before you disappear! even if it's a short hiatus, i do need to know. i'll do the exact same if i'm ever busy/unavailable to play for a period of time. if you don't notify me, then expect your characters to be killed off.

↳ 004: applications are always open, and you can send in as many character sheets as you'd like. however, i'll be picking which applications to accept (based on grammar/spelling and whether the character matches the narrative), and you can only play the characters i've accepted. i'm not too picky, but please put effort into your cs and do keep it sfw (including all images used).

↳ 005: be creative with your characters. i want originality! the characters can fall into tropes (in fact, i'm a big fan of cliches), but it can't all be a generic copy of one sort of character. i understand it's hard to come up with a power based off of a death, so it's okay if more than one character has the same power.

↳ 006: when posting in an rp, no less than five lines are expected. this rp is advanced and heavily character-driven; it gets boring when posts don't convey the character's thoughts and emotions.

↳ 007: to avoid having one user claim only primordials and such, there is going to be a limit for each character claim. you may only claim 1 primordial, 2 titans, and 5 olympians. any other claim can be a minor god.

message 2: by cosmic, ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* (new)

cosmic (erosful) | 59 comments Mod

↳ important: okay, we understand that life gets in the way, to the point where you can't participate in anything roleplay-related. that's why the mods are creating a weekly activity check system. we will broadcast a message every week or so, asking if people intend on leaving the group and such.

we are giving every rper five days to make any kind of activity on this group, whether it is posting on the chat or requesting a collab, it all counts as activity. if you can't meet this criteria, then please message one of the mods.

failure to complete this results in you being kicked out of the group.

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