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Brit Bad Boys

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Wide Awake Looking for some books whose Hero is a Brit. (Except JEM books---because the characters and settings were all very British, and I've already red her books)

Gaia If you are looking for a Brit Hero in Brittain (and an American girl), then you could try Raine Miller's The Blackstone Affair series.

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Michelle °O° The Unidentified Redhead

The Hero of this series is British but it all takes place in the US.

And I second the The Blackstone Affair Series. I love me some Ethan Blackstone ♥

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Bianca Irrepressible you. It's not raunchy (yay!) It's cheeky and I love the British sarcasm. Well, I love any form of sarcasm. I wouldn't necessarily call the hero a "bad boy"...

Cindy I really loved Max in Beautiful Stranger. just finished the lastest book in the series Beautiful Beginnings, Bennett and Chloe are hilarious.

Brendy mmm I remeber one : "Losing it" and "Keeping her" from Cora Carmack, but honestly it's way too soft if you compare the brit boy from these two with tataratan...MAX! but, still brit!
And yeah ! I LOVE the book , the books, the whole serie, and the future ones to come ! XD

Elena On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1) by Samantha Young Although Braden is from Scotland! But I do think that you could give it a try, he was just to die for and the heroine was American

Cindy Oh my...just finished Sweet Filthy friggin good. Ansel is French so hot...can't wait for the next book.

Wide Awake Yep. Read those 2 already but thanks! :)

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