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[ synopsis ]

The years have passed quickly since the man in red took over. Before him they say the world was dark, almost empty. Survivable land was depleting due to constant destruction and war. Greed of humans is what killed the earth, but he spoke of the gods abandoning the human race and leaving us to ruination. The people were desperate, and so they quickly rallied behind his words. They found ways to kill gods, or so they were told. In truth, no one but the man in red knows what happened to the gods. He says they're dead, and so he is believed. It has been five years since the death of gods, and now he has a new target.

Their children.

His people are taught to kill, and their bullets are laced with a poison that will kill a demigod in a matter of a day if the aim doesn't kill them first. There are two cures: the magic of a healing demigod or the water from the holy lands. There are many holy lands throughout the world that still stand, though many have been destroyed. Those left are heavily guarded, so as to capture any demigods reckless enough to make the trek.

The only hope left to restore balance to the world is to find the man in red and make him tell them what happened to the gods.

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[ the world ]

so essentially it's north america, but like 10-15 years in the future. no other countries exist. (i chose north america,,, cause i live there, so please don't give me shit.) about 50 years prior to rp the human race started dying off bc of overpopulation and pollution killing the planet (wow this sounds like fantasy not realism? lol jk we're all doomed!) and so civilizations crumbled. governments dismantled, the people were too scared to listen to them anymore. there's only about half of the earth's population left. there were about 10 dark years, where there was little to no electricity anywhere on the planet. however after that time people stopped being so scared and started working together to rebuild.

except, in north america, where the people were so caught up in prior anger that they couldn't control it. it was because of this that the man in red was able to manipulate them. his name is known to very few people, and those who know it never speak it. his message was broadcast across radio and any working television left. it carried on and kept going. the followers grew each day until virtually everyone had joined him. they rebuilt. a city made to hold all that needed it. they found usable soil, created it where they could not find it. growth and prosperity had seemingly returned. the single habitable city north america stands where new york city once was.

or at least, that's what the man in red believes. there is another, where albany once stood, however it is cloaked by magic set in place years before the gods were killed. it is a safe haven for those of magical descent. monsters, demis, you name it, it's there. the north american continent may be hunting for them, but they're hiding in plain sight.

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[ weapons ]

hunters : they are equipped with guns, knives, etc. some of the elite carry grenades. all of their weapons are laced with the toxin that kills demigods.

toxin : the toxin can kill a demigod in 24 hours or in several days. demigods that have been poisoned before have a longer chance of surviving it than those who haven't.

demigods : aside from abilities gifted to them from the gods, demigods also have specially crafted weapons made in the forge in albany. these weapons range from any type and are made out of pure energy, and can only be activated or controlled by the demigod it was made for.

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