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Elli (The Bibliophile) (thebibliophilebooks) | 53 comments In this discussion thread, we will be looking at the third section of the novel (269-308!)

Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!

Adira (introvertinterrupted) | 391 comments Mod
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message 3: by Lynecia (last edited Aug 06, 2014 11:06AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Lynecia (luvnecia) I just finished and I feel a bit short-changed! I think this novel is a first draft of something that had the potential to be amazing. I was a bit underwhelmed at the big reveal. (view spoiler)

It also felt like Snow ended up being a side character, with no real significance. I wanted her to be downright pissed at Boy for sending her away and come back with a vengeance -- or something!

Adira (introvertinterrupted) | 391 comments Mod
Ah Lynecia! So you've made it to the end of this craptastic book have you! Smh I got to the end and was pissed. I don't know if she thought she was being "literary" with that ending or what, but that was just a hot ___ mess! I wanted so much more and couldn't figure out why everyone and there mom had to get into the car just to go confront the dad/mom. I just....smh...I just want and explanation from Oyeyemi. My feelings are all the way hurt.

message 5: by Lynecia (last edited Aug 06, 2014 11:30AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Lynecia (luvnecia) Me too! Explain yourself, Ms. Oyeyemi! What gives? What just happened? I need answers!

I gave it 3 stars because I did enjoy the writing at times, but I wasn't impressed with the story. And I'm shocked really. I WANTED TO LIKE THIS BOOK! This is one of the most celebrated young authors. Perhaps this particular book isn't for me. I still want to read "The Icarus Girl" - have you read it? Has anyone read it?
I'm so glad I'm on a no-buy right now - I'd have went and dropped $20 on this (it's still in hardcover) and would have been so pissed. Besides the reviews I seen weren't too favorable, either.

Adira (introvertinterrupted) | 391 comments Mod
Lynecia wrote: "Me too! Explain yourself, Ms. Oyeyemi! What gives? What just happened? I need answers!

I gave it 3 stars because I did enjoy the writing at times, but I wasn't impressed with the story. And I'm sh..."

Amen all around! Nope this was my first Oyeyemi book and it was a highly anticipated release for me. I'm saddened it didn't live up to the hype I gave it. I want to read Mr. Fox next. I've recently just looked up her work so I'll have to get deeper into her work to really know what I think of her.

Lynecia (luvnecia) Here's an interesting profile of Oyeyemi on NPR.org; it touches on elements of the book, but mostly on Ms. O herself and her career:

Elli (The Bibliophile) (thebibliophilebooks) | 53 comments I'm glad other people have finished so I can also weigh in on the end...I was really, really underwhelmed by the last section! I really enjoyed the book overall, but then the last section rushed through so much and then it just ended so fast!

I was wondering if you guys also found it weird how the beginning of sections started with uncapitalized first words? I didnt understand that at all...

Lynecia (luvnecia) Yea I noticed that too, re: the uncapitalized words and they were also in italics. I'm guessing it was a design element?

Adira (introvertinterrupted) | 391 comments Mod
Thanks for the link Lynecia!

I feel like this book was set up in such a way to be more "deep" than it actually was. The story suffered from poor editing in my opinion. The lower case letters at start of chapters reminded me of Assata when she kept misspelling America and using a lower case i when speaking about herself. Smh I dislike when authors use random changes to grammar or spelling it's always this random unnecessary mystery to me that feels like a gimmick to add more mystery where none was needed.

Nicole (nicolepo) I finished this evening. I was also disappointed in the ending. I really liked the first part of the book. I thought the writing was great and the author did an excellent job of building tension, but none of the tension paid off satisfactorily. The end reveal was not at all what I expected from the rat catcher's story, and wasn't what I wanted either.

I still gave the book three stars because I felt the beginning and the writing merited it, but yeah, like the rest of you I'm disappointed in the ending. I think this book could have been much better than it was.

I'm not sure what the mirrors meant at the end of the day (view spoiler)

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