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KT (queenlykt) Basics
Name -
Gender -
Pack -
Rank -
Dominance - (% and what it is. EX Fear, respect, etc)

Human Look -
Face Claim-
Wolf Look -

Personality- (4+ sentences/points)


History- (4+ sentences/points)

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KT (queenlykt) Basics
Name - Enya Jetta
⤞Enya means 'Fire'
⤞Jetta translates to 'Evening star'
Gender - Female
Age- 23
Pack - Dark Moon
Rank - Alpha Female
Dominance - 90%; Fear

Human Look -

Hair- Long, thick black
Eyes- Blue
Height- 5'9
Build- Skinny and flexible

On the back of her left shoulder-


Face Claim- Megan Fox
Wolf Look -

Fur- Thick, black
Eyes- Gold
Build- Large but tall

This is a wolf known for her beauty, but also known for her cruel heart. Vicious and cruel, she will rip your throat out with out a second thought. But only if she believes you need it. She commands respect from her wolves- or atleast obedience, and will attack her own pack mate to prove a point. She's one of the longest Alphas in Dark Moon pack, mostly from fear and a few fights in which she's proved she deserves it. She's essentially an intelligent, calculating, cold-hearted murderer. She prides herself on her ability to kill, brutally, and inflict injuries upon others that they cannot deal back. What makes her truly terrifying is that she fights like she is already dead and like she has nothing to lose. She's unsettlingly violent and savage, and enjoys punishing slaves entirely too much. She'll shred you if you dare to cross her, and as such lives like a queen, with no one stopping her. She does all the pack's dirty work, as in violent dirty work. She's a little vain and doesn't like dirt, but she doesn't care if, say, blood gets all over her clothes. She's dark and slightly brooding and a little depressed.
✓Scaring others
✓Being in charge
✓Teasing people sexually
✗Being told what to do
✗Being disobeyed
She was born a seeminglynormal child, but as her ambition led her down the wrong path, her genuine charm turned into an intricate manipulation of the members of her first pack. As she aged it became apparent that she had not inherited the werewolf gene, and she didn't want it. They kept trying, and Enya had finally had enough. No one is exactly sure what this pack was. All that is known is that she completely and utterly ruined the pack when she was 16, killing them and scattering the survivors.
After she destroyed her birth pack, she disappeared for a few years. Again, her intents and whereabouts remain unknown. She surfaced just a few years ago, astonishly a werewolf herself now. She selected the pack Dark Moon, and leaped right to the Alpha position by killing the old Alphas and their kin. Now she rules by pure fear, easily fending off any attacks.
Sexuality- Bisexual
Status- Single (Flirts a hell of a lot though)
Ex-Lovers- None.
»Scaring others
»Teasing boys

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||•| Afraa Sage Harva |•||
|• It means White; Wise one; Warrior •|
|• She is normally called Afraa •|

||•| Twenty Years of Age |•||
|• Date of Birth [27.07.1994] •|
|• Time of Birth [12:15 military time] •|
|• Place of Birth [Orenda, Bratislava] •|

||•| She is a scout |•||
|• She has 49% dominance •|
|• She has gotten this dominance from respect. Many of her pack mates respect her and how well she does her job, though still many think she has the easiest job •|

||• | Dark Moon |•||
|• She is a Kappa •|

||•| Appearance |•||

(view spoiler)

|• Facial Claim [ Devon Jade ] •|
|• Scars [ On her lower back she has a jagged scar from where she lost her tail in wolf form. ] •|

|• Pelt [ Ragged white, grey, and brownish pelt ] •|
|• Eyes [ Lovely brown eyes ] •|
|• Body [ Very petite and tiny. She isn't the best fight, but her speed helps avoid conflict. She recently has lost half of her tail, for being accused of crossing the border ] •|

||•| Personality |•||
Afraa is a kindhearted she-wolf. She isn't very bloodthirsty and tends to spend most of her time alone. She hates the sight of bloodshed and always avoids getting into fights. She is honest to a fault and usually is always muttering some snarky remark under her breath. Which leads to her get an injury here or there. Despite her ignorance to keeping her mouth shut, she is also a very clever wolf. Afraa knows how to win a fight with only one attack, but because of her size, she normally can't use the move effectively.

||•| History |•||
Afraa was born to Lily and Nevio Adhip. They named her Afraa for her pure white hair and Harva in hopes that she would grow to become a strong warrior like her father. Though that never seemed to happen. From birth she was always smaller than most and it seemed like she would never grow bigger. When she first transformed she looked like a pup still. This made it very difficult for her to become anything other than a scout because she was to small to be a good warrior or hunter. Plus she wasn't very interested in being a spy.

Once Afraa became a full fledged scout, she was still the size of a juvenile. Despite her small size, Afraa is still a fierce fighter even though she rarely ever wins. On one of her more recent scouting expeditions she was accused of crossing the border. She knew that she didn't and defended herself. Though the wolf from Shaded Horizons refused to believe her. He attacked her and while defending herself she lost half of her tail. Now not only does she have half if her tail in wolf form, but also bears a ragged scar on her back.

||•| Kin |•||
Nevio Adhip
• father • 42 • warrior • (view spoiler) • open for creation
Lily Quail
• mother • 42 • hunter • (view spoiler) • open for creation
||•| Mate |•||
None, if you are interested in creating please ask first.
||•| Pups |•||

||•| Other |•||
She lost half of her tail recently.
She was given a separate alias from her parents.

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