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Evelina | AvalinahsBooks (avalinahsbooks) | 219 comments Mod
Hi everyone!

So I have been promising something interesting for a while, and here it is! We've got an ARC bingo. So everything is going to be a lot simpler - no more voting on themes monthly, instead we have this little bingo sheet for the rest of the year and we keep filling it out! I tried to pick topics that would be good for everyone, but if you think something is missing, just reply and we should be able to put it in the new bingo for 2019 :)

Here's more about the bingo:

You can just share your results with your monthly updates or wherever you want, so you don't need to have your own State of the ARC if you don't want to. And you can already cross something out if you happened to have read it in June :)

Have fun and happy ARC reading!

message 2: by Jordanne (new)

Jordanne (jordannedunn) I love this idea - I'll start choosing my books now!

Evelina | AvalinahsBooks (avalinahsbooks) | 219 comments Mod
I'm glad to hear it :)

message 4: by Sheila (new)

Sheila G (foalsfictionandfiligrere) Great idea!!!

message 5: by Jackie B. - (new)

Jackie B. - Death by Tsundoku (reiwing2040) This is wonderful! Thanks for putting this together for us, Evelina. I cannot wait to participate in my first bingo. :D

message 6: by Megan (new)

Megan | Bookstacks 'n Golden Moms (bookstacksngoldenmoms) | 1 comments I am SOOO behind on review books that I need to get done so this is perfect!!

Evelina | AvalinahsBooks (avalinahsbooks) | 219 comments Mod
So how did your bingo go, guys? State of the ARC is out, I've got to go check out your posts :)

message 8: by Jackie B. - (new)

Jackie B. - Death by Tsundoku (reiwing2040) I love this. It’s a good way to help motivate me to keep reading! Here’s hoping I can read another 7 books this year!

Evelina | AvalinahsBooks (avalinahsbooks) | 219 comments Mod
I'm sure you can :D

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