Siege and Storm (The Shadow and Bone Trilogy, #2) Siege and Storm question

The Darkling and Alina?
Caroline Vaught Caroline Aug 02, 2014 06:55PM
Am I the only one that actually likes the thought of the Darkling and Alina together? I feel like Mal is just bringing Alina down and worries about his own problems. NOTE: I have not read the last book, so if there's something about this in the last one, I am unaware.

I love the Darkling. There's just something about the hot/evil guy characters. If you adore him definitely check out:
Shatter Me
Literally same sort of concept;)

Caroline Vaught Shatter Me is by far one of my most favourite books. Overall. I just love the story behind it and the love triangle, it's so beautiful. ...more
Sep 07, 2014 06:55PM

I like The Darkling but I have always thought Alina and Mal were perfect. Life long friends. I think in this second book he was just a bit lost as to what his place is in all this.

There is a very good reason in the last book why Mal is fated to be with Alina and not the Darkling.

I LOVE Mal and Alina together, but I don't think Mal can accept the fact that Alina is always going to be Grisha or ever get used to it. I don't like the Darkling and Alina together though because I feel like the main reason he likes her is because of her power. I suppose I could live with the Darkling and Alina being together, but I would feel really bad for Mal. I mean I almost cried after Alina left Mal for the Darkling (even though all she did was try to kill him), and she still told Mal she loved him in that scene, so if she ever left him for good I would be devastated. I think if the Darkling actually showed that he liked Alina because of who she was and not for her power, I would support them together, but I don't think he has. Basically I like Mal better.

I shipped it before Nikolai came along. I love the Darkling and I still ship them just not as much as I ship Nikolai and Alina. I don't like Mal so I would be happy if she went with either!

I do like Mal but I don't think him and Alina are good as a couple. I think there better as best friends. I think Alina and Nikolai would be a cute couple. I think he's funny. The Darkling is to dark and twisted. I would not like him and Alina to end up together..I am still reading the last book so I don't know how it ends up yet.

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