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Mila Mila Aug 02, 2014 06:49PM
So, I want to know since Sarah killed the children, who killed Sarah?

Totally missed it! And I pride myself on being a pedantic twit about that sort of thing. Thanks for bringing it up…now I've gotta check it out. Page 404 Pinkerton tells Pete, "They were executed…Everyone of them…Shot in the temple…Come see. With your own eyes." Of course, Pinkerton could have been lying to Pete in order to get him to spill the beans. There were six bodies: Sarah the mother, baby Ethan, Ruth, Esther, Paula and Jacob. On page 446, the dead children are compared to five of the Seven Dwarfs. Baby Ethan succumbs to the fever and is NOT executed. On page 448, the "first time" refers to the shooting of Esther. Then Jacob is led out followed by Ruth and Paula. The "one more shot" is the self-inflicted gunshot of the Mother into her own temple. I agree it's a little muddled but I got it the first time.

One aspect of the style of this book that I found disconcerting is that the viewpoint is that of a god or a screenwriter moving characters about and commenting on their thoughts and feelings, rather than the viewpoint of a character or characters.

On the plus side, this allows us to escape rigid judgements and misinterpretations that the characters themselves fall prey to.

Spotted it. Thought it was intentional. Great novel.

Good question. She shoots the first, then the last two kids, presumably at once, and then "there are no more shots." It doesn't explain, at least at that point, whether she managed to shoot herself and them all at once or ... but you'd think it would have specified "two more shots" if she shot herself, because it says "there was one more shot and then there were no more shots." Hmmm. It says in the following chapter, when Pete is explaining it, that she killed the children "before killing herself." I was so engrossed by this book I did not even think of this thing with the number of shots but now it is going to drive me crazy! Did the father find the situation and kill her? Or was it just a mistake or unintentional omission? Good catch.

Mila Thanks for answering the question that was driving me crazy and confirming that I'm not the only one. You've brought up points I never thought of. ...more
Aug 27, 2014 06:36PM

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