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ella Name: River Amelia Smith
Age; 16
Year at camp: 4
Godly Parent: Apollo
Claimed: yes.


Written description: River has red hair and brown eyes. She is 5'9". She weighs 139 1/2 lbs. River has fair skin, but it tans in the summer. Also, she has freckles. ((But not in the pic but who cares?))

History; was born in Wyoming, but moved to New York when she was seven. On her twelfth birthday, River got attacked by a h***hound. Then, a satyr came and rescued her, bringing her to camp halfblood. Her mother got cancer when River was 14 and she died from it, leaving her younger sister an orphan.

Family: mother: Julia smith. (Deceased) was forty four when she died. Julia was caring kind, and extremely over protective. Sister: Rose smith. 12 years old. Shy, quiet, sad, but Rose is very happy and crazy around river.

Personality: River is very protective of her sister. She is always on guard. River is slightly sarcastic, but extremely loyal. She is also very insecure and becomes sad extremely easily. She sings almost all the time and has a beautiful voice. River pushes people away at first, but once you get to know her, she will never leave your side.

Weapon of choice: bow and arrow.

Fatal flaw: is too loyal and would do anything for someone she cares about.

The dark


Other: River has trouble falling asleep because she always has nightmares. When she was eleven she had a pet goldfish named Naomi.

Is that ok?

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ella Kk, thank you!

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