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Where the Gladiator slaves and criminals fight.

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G0BL1N K1NG A sigh escaped his lips as sat shackled to a steel chair just outside the cage. "When the fuck is the fight gonna start?" Each word filled with his deep accent as he yelled out. He had been brought out into the empty arena for an unknown reason. "And where the fuck is everyone?" His eyes glanced around the large room at all the empty seats.

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Julia Rose was pushed down into a seat near the front. Her long dark brown hair was tangled and slightly frizzy. Rose sat in the seat, and someone whispered to her, "This is what will happen to you if you don't behave..." And then they laughed. Rose rolled her eyes and shivered, and looked at the main in a steel chair. She tilted her head cautiously, and heard the door slam behind whatever vampire brought her there. "Who are you?" Rose asked.

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G0BL1N K1NG "I ain't fightin no woman!" He yelled out towards the group of vampires that sat around the cage. He jerked his body to jangle the chains and shackles rather loudly. Johnny turned his head towards the woman when he heard the question. "Who am I?" He laughed a bit and shook the chains again. "I'ma man chain to a char. Who're you?"

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Julia "You aren't fighting me." Rose said, rolling her eyes. "I'm a lady. I guess..." she added. "They told me that if I kept acting up that I'd end up like you. I guess they were right. I don't want to end up like you." Rose said, rolling her eyes. She used her fingers and started combing her hair, getting rid of the tangles. "It doesn't really matter who I am... Well, not to you, anyway."

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G0BL1N K1NG "What you a breeder? Or one of those fuckers who wants to become a vamp?" He laughed a bit as he stood up slightly and leaned forward. "You shouldn't trust those vamps they'd still throw ya in here just for laughs."

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Julia "You should watch your language you know. I'm not that old. And no, I'm not a Breeder. No way. Eww..." Rose said, shaking her head. "And no, I don't trust them. But I don't trust you either. As you have given me absolutely no reason to." She huffed and calculated, out loud, quite naturally, "Accent, no manners, hatred... You're obviously a gladiator."

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G0BL1N K1NG "Ding ding ding. Ya hit the nail on the head." He laughed a bit. "oh and I have manners just not for those inside the ring." A wide grin spread across his face. With a turn of his head he stared at the vampires before looking back at the woman. "Well obviously they brought you in here for more than a scare."

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Julia "Yeah, well, I wouldn't really be surprised." Rose said, tossing back her hair, exposing the bite marks on her necks. "It wouldn't be the first time either..." she added, sighing. "So, what's your name? Mine's Rose..." she introduced herself. Seeing as they were stuck together, she may as well ask.

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G0BL1N K1NG "Johnny out of the ring, Fortune inside." He took notice of the bite marks. "Well at least I never have had the pleasure of experiencing that." He leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes.

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Julia "I see... Johnny, then." Rose said, tilting her head. She quickly flipped her hair, covering her bite marks. "It's not an experience anyone would like. Or one that I would wish upon my worst enemies. The only bright side is that I'm faster... I guess..."

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G0BL1N K1NG "Ah so you have been bitten many times." His smile faded at the thought. "Well seeing as how your not chained up mind doin me the favor of scratchin my nose." A slight smile spread on his face.

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Julia "Yeah, and it's not something to joke about." Rose said, standing up. She walked over to Johnny and scratched his nose. "There, better?" she asked sarcastically. Rose grinned back. "I behave-well, most of the time... So I'm not chained up. Nor am I a violent killer." Rose laughed slightly.

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((I am working on another Gladiator, just btw. XD))

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G0BL1N K1NG ((awesome))

"And you think since I'm chained up like this that makes me a violent killer." Johnny burst out into laughter.

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"Dammit! Don't you dare, don't you- hey! Hands off, jackass!" A thick Scottish or Irish accent laced the furious, female voice. The sound of flesh meeting flesh followed by a crack caused a sudden commotion a bit away became evident as the source of the voice. But as the red headed girl came into view of the others, she was smirking, and one of the four guys holding onto her had a bloody nose. In a few moments they had her shackled to her chair, arms crossed furiously.

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G0BL1N K1NG "OH just fuckin great. Time to fight yet again." Both chairs were pulled back to opposite corners. With a sigh Fortune raised his shackled hands as they were unlocked. The rest of his shackles came undone as he stood from the chair. Stretching his arms up he began his lengthy process of getting ready to brawl.

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"Actually, I do believe that this is going to be a bit more fun than that." The girl Irish and/or Scottish girl sighed. The instant her shackles were unlocked she yanked her hands free and lunged to her feet, recoiling from the Vampires. She nodded to the other two Gladiators on the other side of the ring, also being released. "These are always fun. Extra bloody, but fun. It's us two versus them." She explained, quickly braiding back her ginger hair.

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G0BL1N K1NG Fortune began to stretch out his legs as both the gladiators came towards him wielding weapons. With a grin he slammed his fist right into one of their heads cracking the skull. "Instant death." The gladiator fell to the floor as the other approached the female.

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Sierra was much more agile then the three guys who were in the ring with her. She ducked lightning-fast as he swung a punch at her and her leg shot out, hooking under his feet and sending him spilling to the ground. "Told ya this would be fun." She told her partner for now, then yelped as the guy she had just knocked down used his own feet to trip her and send her spilling to the ground.

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G0BL1N K1NG Running forward at alarming speed Fortune slammed his foot into the gladiator's face cracking his jaw. He turned to look at the woman and offered his hand to help her to her feet.

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"Why thank you." Sierra said politely, grinning slightly as she hopped up to her feet. She whirled around to punch one guy right in the face, wincing slightly at the crack of his nose.

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G0BL1N K1NG He grabbed the man's head and with a simple twist Fortune snapped the man's neck. The fight was over as Johnny began to laugh. "Well it seems they are trying somethin new. Who're you?"

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"Sierra Lynn Adams, at your service." Sierra smiled, giving a mocking bow. She winced slightly as she put a hand to her neck, sinking back into her chair. And shooting the Vampires a glare when they moved forward. "And you are...?" she asked politely.

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G0BL1N K1NG "Johnny Fortune." He was quickly grabbed and put into shackles yet again this time he was taken out of the cage. The vampires led him towards the cells where he was always kept.

((To the cells I guess))

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((Would you post there first? :3))

"Oh come on, really? Don't touch me- hey!" Sierra yelped as she was rather roughly yanked out of the cage and her hands were shackled again before she was led off.

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