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Are there any bloggers out there interested in diversity in books? Is it difficult for readers to find characters that are more than just straight, cis-gendered white men, whom are able bodied? Would you like to receive free books like this, by authors self and traditionally published?

Were looking for dedicated book bloggers(and it doesn't matter how many followers you have, as long as you can commit to reading the book, leaving a review, if you don't like the book, simply highlighting it's blurb, and post on your scheduled day, in the tours allotted time) who are interested in books of multiple categories and genres, that have diversity in them.

Diverse Book Tours is a team of four women of color, founded by Sasha Beatty @ So Bookishly. Briana Gaitan of Books With Bree and Libertad & Guinevere Thomas of Twinja Book Reviews have also come on board, to do our part to promote and market diverse books.

We need people who are dedicated bloggers, people who can commit and be counted on. We are preparing our soft launch for August 31st, 2014 and would like to have 50 committed bloggers before we start taking clients. The more we can gain, the better, but if we can gain 40 more interested book bloggers, we can start with success.

Having a list of 50 would ensure we would be able to divide a reader's preference by their genre of preference, and guarantee clients get the most out of the blog tours!


 Bloggers must feel a need for diversity in books.
If anyone is interested, please refer to our Become a Tour Host Page

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Wanda (eggnogstic) | 3 comments This is a great idea! Would this be limited to Chick-lit, or would this also encompass other genres such as literary fiction?

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Well we have multiple genres, such as romance, sci fi and fantasy, young adult!

You only have to sign up for the tours that interest you! So if you prefer one genre over another , you don't have to feel obliged to take on that book!

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Wanda (eggnogstic) | 3 comments Thanks! One other thing I want to know: Is there a certain number of books and reviews that must be done, or is there a requirement on for how often and how long I need to review things? I just need to make sure I'm not over-committing!

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Once you sign up, you're only required to review the books that interest you.

If you fill out the tour host form, but as time goes on, a particular book doesn't interest you, you are not obliged to sign up for tours that do not peak your interest.

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So you can sign up for as many, as less, or none if they do not interest you. Does that help?

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Wanda (eggnogstic) | 3 comments Yes, thank you! I'm not sure if I will qualify, though. I've been wanting to start a book reviewing video blog series on Youtube forever, and I just thought a project like this would be a great inspiration for a start.

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Awesome @ Wanda! I hope that works out! Would definitely tune in!

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