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Is Black Beauty good or what?

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Kirk I read it in 3rd grade - perfect book for 9 y/o. Probably still good.

IUHoosier Was the first book I read on my own as a child. I loved it then. Enjoy!

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It wasn't the best. Nice, but I didn't get hooked or anything.

Maryclare Fawver I used to read this book all the time!!(It's been along time since I've read it)

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I never really loved it, but I understand that others would love it.

TheBohemianBookworm I couldn't stand it. I believe it was useful for showcasing animal abuse but as a story i was bored to tears.

Victoria Vane I LOVE this book. It still makes me cry!

Claire Definitely one of the best 'talking-animal books' out there, and one of the very few 'talking-animal books' to feature horses as the main characters.

Horse books are a dime a dozen, and most of them are more about the humans than the horses (The Saddle Club and pretty much anything by Marguerite Henry), with the horses just being used as props or MacGuffins. Here in Black Beauty, the humans play important roles, but the HORSES are the stars. And that's what I love about this book.

Betty Davis I do love Black Beauty even though horse books are a dime and dozen. Black Beauty is a classic. I only have a few favorites that are horse books Black,Beauty and War Horse.

Carrie I have a whole shelf dedicated to "horses". Black beauty remains one of my favs to this day. Classic.

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Renee E Claire wrote: "Definitely one of the best 'talking-animal books' out there, and one of the very few 'talking-animal books' to feature horses as the main characters...."

And Anna Sewell managed to write it so that it seemed natural, you never question that Beauty is talking. Most of the time stories that use an animal as the narrator come across . . . well, like the author really doesn't have a connection with their non-human character.

Another animal narrative that I thought met the same level of naturalness was Tailchaser's Song, but I suspect it's easier for a person to write through a cat's perspective than a horse's.

Hmmm . . . someday I may have a go at writing Thunder's story (the elderly — well over 30 — Paint I take care of for a friend) :-)

Thanks for posting this thread!

Amelia Cook Such a sweet and endearing story, a classic children's story

Betty Davis Yes I do love thus book , that's why I added it to my shelf .

Morgan Yea it's alright, I read it in 3rd grade.

Becky Plant Black Beauty was one of my very favorite books as child. I adored it.

Claire Renee wrote: "Claire wrote: "Definitely one of the best 'talking-animal books' out there, and one of the very few 'talking-animal books' to feature horses as the main characters...."

And Anna Sewell managed to ..."

Tailchaser's Song is a good one too. I also enjoyed Bambi, Watership Down, Ripple, Frost Dancers, and Fire Bringer for those very reasons. The characters are anthropomorphic animals, but the authors write them in a way that feels very natural, like animals, not people in fur coats.

Caroline My Mum hated it as it was told from the horses point of view but I loved it for that very reason. Have watched the film as well. Saw a review about it on television the other day. Made me feel like reading it again and I am much older now.

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Snow I loved it, the film was amazing as well (1994)! The guy who played Joe...(I was just like - I love you so much!)

Holly This was a childhood favorite and I still enjoy it as an adult. For other adults I would recommend Horse Heaven by Jane Smiley Horse Heaven by Jane Smiley. This book contains horse characters whose point of view is presented in a less anthropomorphic way. Absolutely wonderful!

Rewas Yes, this book is good.

Brodie Hawkins Omg yes it's good. Has anyone read the canterwood crest books ?

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Md Shadman Yes, It's really good. It's a book which in my view I had read in my childhood.

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Jade Defenitely a good read , it's one the best talking animal books .

Kelsi It's a very good book. Although it can make you cringe (and cry) at all the animal abuse in it, but, that's why the author wrote it! Anna Sewell saw that many people didn't care for horses (or any other animal) and abused them. Because the Brutes only saw animals as machines, tools, or whatever else. She wrote this book to show that animals have feelings, intelligence, and should not be mistreated! She made animal abuse real, and for that I thank her for both that and an amazing book! Anna Sewell, may you rest in peace, knowing that things are not perfect, but better. Anyways, this book is amazing and I recommend it! This book tugs hard at your heart,and is a story you will never forget! :)

Smriti Katoch Beautiful book. Good for any age .

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I loved this book. I've never read a book before with the first person being a horse! I so love animals and this book actually taught me a lot. I wish everyone that owned an animal or several animals would read this book because animal abuse would be a thing of the past. I remember from the news about someone who dyed their animal purple and let bigger animals chew and play with it. Shame on those type of people. Shame!

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