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hidden well within the low tier, his apartment consists of a small kitchen and bedroom area. Within the bedroom also consists of a couch and a small desk with two computer monitors on it, for his hacking use.

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Iris hesitated at the door to Jason's apartment. They had been talking on the servers for a while now but she was still hesitant to be meeting a stranger from online in person. She reminded herself that he was a White Hat, he couldn't possibly be too much harm. She ran her thumb over her scar on her forehead quickly - more of a reflex than a choice - and knocked on the door.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 55 comments Jason sat at his desk, furrowing his eyebrows as he studied one of the files. He was well hidden, in an apartment that was the least checked out from the others. Probably because it was in the back of Tier 1, and hidden most by shadows and moss. So, it was no surprise that the knock had startled him. Right. He had been expecting someone. Someone of his faction. It was rare for Jason to meet another White Hat. Weird, considering they were in the same faction. But he supposed they were trying to stay hidden just as well as he was from the Foremen. He lightly cleared his throat before he had approached and opened the door, instantly smiling,"Hey." Ok. If this wasn't the girl he was meeting, he was probably screwed. Meeting someone so casually. Maybe, if it wasn't her, she'd just assume he was a casual guy, in a casual abandoned apartment, and go on her way.

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Iris licked her lips and glanced around nervously as if expecting to see a Foreman jump out towards her violently. When she decided it was safe enough, she offered Jason a small smile. "Jason?" she asked. "I'm Iris." She held out a hand and tucked a strand of her dark brown hair behind one ear. She tried ignoring the way her heart was racing. It was rare for her to meet up with anyone. Truthfully, she had zero friends outside of the White Hats, but those friendships stayed in the servers.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 55 comments Jason relaxes. Good, so it was her. He nods, smiling lightly and shakes her hand,"It's nice to officially meet you, Iris." He had glanced around to make sure she wasn't followed before stepping aside, motioning for her to come inside. Jason was used to talking with others, considering he was the one in charge of recruiting people. Well, one of the ones that were. But he never really kept in contact with the initiates. He wasn't allowed to, until they became what it was they needed to become for the group. However, none of them really got in contact with Jason after. They stuck to themselves, working on what it was they needed to work on in the White Hats. Though Jason didn't really mind. He understood, after all. He'd probably be the same, if he were a different role in the group. But he was glad he wasn't. He liked being in charge of recruiting people. He shuts the door after Iris enters, and motions to the couch. It was dark, with only 2 lamps lighting up the entire apartment, along with his monitor, but they all gave off enough light to be able to see their way around.

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Iris's smile grew a little as she looked around the apartment and sat down on the couch. She kind of liked the dim lighting and how small it was. It felt comforting and safe, especially with how hidden it was. "Nice place," she said, leaning back into the couch comfortably. "Much better than mine, anyway. But anything is better than living in a random ass abandoned shed." She laughed. She watched Jason carefully for a minute as if studying him. He definitely wasn't like she imagined. She pictured him to be much older and maybe with a beer belly. He definitely did not look old or have a beer belly. She pushed the thought aside quickly.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 55 comments Jason blinks, lightly smiling and sits down beside her on the couch, though keeping a respectful distance between them. He didn't want her to feel uncomfortable. He glances around,"It helps me get by. It's secluded, so it's less likely it'll be found by Foremen." He then gazed at her at her having mentioned sleeping in a shed. A shed may of been more noticeable, but he'd imagine it'd be more comfortable than a dark place like this.
Iris wasn't what he expected either. Sure, anyone can be anyone online, but he wasn't really sure what to expect when she came. Perhaps they should of exchanged photos first. Or perhaps that did not matter. She was a beautiful girl, so at least he had gotten lucky in that part. He lightly coughs at the thought. Ok, they were not here for that, especially having just met. They were here for business, yes? He looks back at his monitors before looking back at Iris,"I'm glad you were able to find this place. I feel I should of given you better directions. Did you get lost at all?" Small talk. Nice. Was it obvious how nervous he was? Probably. Especially since he was speaking to a girl. He didn't do that often. Unless recruiting, of course. But this was different.

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Iris shook her head. "Oh, no, your directions were fine. I've explored enough of the tier to figure out what's where and how to get around," she replied cheerfully. After a second, she tore her eyes away from his to a splash of yellow paint on her jeans. She began scratching at it while looking around the apartment some more, trying to think of what to say next. "It's probably best that we met up in a secluded place that's hard to find anyway. Can't trust anyone now, talking about stuff in public places is dangerous. You never know when a Foreman is gonna pounce like the psychos they are," she laughed lightly.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 55 comments Jason nods, standing up lightly,"..Is it just me, or does feel like they're constantly watching us? If it's not them screwing us over, it's the Grey and Black Hats." He mumbles lowly. With that, he walks over and sits back at his desk,"..It's only a matter of time before they figure out ways to screw with us more. It's like, when we are close to exploiting the government, they're always one step ahead of us."

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Iris nodded enthusiastically, her dark hair spilling over her shoulders. "I totally get what you mean," she answered, "it's like there's no way for us to be completely safe. Everyone knows everything or can find a way to find out everything." She glanced nervously at his monitors, half expecting messages to start popping up from the Black or Gray Hats saying that they were able to hear everything. Then she glanced out a window to be sure that no one was standing outside. "Honestly, I always feeling someone is watching me. I've even started changing underneath blankets," she tried joking despite how true the statement actually was.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 55 comments Jason blinks, softly chuckling. He glances at her,"You know, you could always hang blankets on the windows. I do that often at nights." He stands up,"I would during the day, but it'd be noticeable." He lightly shrugs,"I figure, if they have cameras around here, it's their fault if they see something they don't want to. Doesn't bother me if they see me without clothing. It'll be their fault if they end up scarred because of it." He softly jokes back, having now moved to stand next to her to look out the window as well. He then turned to face her,"..Have you had any trouble with them lately?" He asks curiously.

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Iris grinned and laughed, she liked him already. However, she disagreed with the 'scarred' statement; she highly doubted anyone would be scarred be seeing him naked. She pushed the thought away quickly along with the others. She crossed her arms while standing beside him, watching out the window. "I'd like to save myself for someone special. Not just anyone gets the VIP ticket to see this baby." She motioned up and down her body while laughing some more. "... Not necessarily. Just the usual arguments on the servers, but since everything is anonymous they never usually leave the servers," she replied casually as if the whole situation was completely normal. It was, however, her version of normal. She felt it would be weirder to not constantly look over her shoulder and deal with online death threats for trying to make the world a better place. She would never understand the Black or Gray hats.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 55 comments Jason softly chuckles at her comment, his eyes following her hand movements. So, was she saying she didn't have someone special? Or perhaps she did, and she just wasn't ready to give herself away yet. Either way, Jason respected her for that. He looks back out the window,"..That's good. I've heard stories of things getting out of hands." He furrows his eyebrows,"..Like fighting coming from the different Hats when they actually meet in person.. I am unsure if it's true, but.. It's still something to be cautious about. The Foremen aren't our only threat, it would seem." He softly sighs,"Though, they are the biggest. Take care of them, and we'll be able to take care of the government a lot easier.." He mumbles lowly, seeming lost in thought at that.

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Iris nodded her head sadly. "It's sad, really. I bet that if all of the Hats joined together we could take down the government easily. But we're all pettily arguing with each other like babies." She rolled her eyes. "It's ridiculous, really." Already feeling slightly uncomfortable with the seriousness of the topic, she tried changing the subject by looking around the room. Coming up with nothing, she decided to ask a random question. "So, er, favorite color?" She pinched her side as punishment for asking something so stupid.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 55 comments Jason blinks lightly, softly chuckling,"Ah, we're onto the color topic now, are we? Alright." This was like the 20 questions game. Not that he minded. He used to enjoy that game when he was a child. He sits back on the couch,"Let's see.. I'd have to say White." He tilts his head curiously,"And yours?"

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Iris rose a surprised eyebrow. "White? Pff, that's not a color!" She waved him dismissively in a teasing manner. "But I suppose when you're with the White Hats it's gotta be your favorite, right? Even if it's not a real color." She winked playfully as she sat back on the couch next to him. "Mine's probably yellow."

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 55 comments Jason softly chuckles,"It's not just that. White is the color of purity and innocence. White is the color of light. It.. Gives me hope that someday we won't always be in the darkness." He nervously chuckles. He then blinks, smiling,"Yellow, huh? That's a pretty bright color. But it's alright. Some of the most beautiful flowers are yellow."

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