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What if you couldn't feel pain?

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You're obviously forgetting about Room 101, and what it contains. An insensitivity to pain does not entail a lack of fear -- and fear is what Room 101 operates on.

Even ignoring this, breaking the will or spirit of the individual does not require that they feel physical pain. Sleep deprivation, hunger, thirst, and psychotropic drugs could be used. Loved ones of the individual could be threatened, tortured, or killed. The individual themselves could be crippled n order to destroy their sense of independence and autonomy, or mutilated in order to generate feelings of revulsion and self-disgust.

Physical pain is just what the Party uses on their easy targets. It costs less.

But at one point in Winston's torture, he is told that the ultimate doublethink is to disbelieve (and actually not believe) while at the same time know, i.e. believe to the depth of your being that 2 + 2 = 5, but know it's actually 4. So the ultimate conversion to the doublethink mindset is to know one is in pain, but not feel it because one does not believe it hurts.

I think the Party "doctors" would be sensible enough to discern whether that is the case with anyone and the Party would most likely eliminate such threats(?).

The thing to note is, though, that for such a person life would already be a nightmare - the smallest chore requiring painstaking precautions.

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Do I not bleed?

some1 would've made me an Inner Party member.....!

they will use their fears

You'd be a perfect candidate for the Inner Party.


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